31 janeiro 2006

Beauty and Fascist Aesthetics

By: Arshad Shah

The other day I happened to see an ad for Miss Manipur on I.S.T.V. The last time I watched a beauty contest was in 1999 when I was studying at C.C. and it was a throughly enjoyable one. Seven years later when I saw the ad, the ad instantly clicked a word in my mind that I thought is quite relevant discussing here: beauty. Like the Miss universe (“beauty with a purpose”) and the Miss World (“beauty with brains”), the Miss Manipur contest should serve as a serious oportunity for young manipuri ladies to climb on to a higher level of participation in the social process. And not just as an oportunity to showcase cosmetic appearances or talk such nonsense as “My hobby is Kirket”. For these things will reduce the contest to a mere coquetish delight and the it will come to be seen as some kind of an quick admission into glam. Why even the Miss Universe and the Miss world contests are being increasingly brushed aside as mere cosmetic.

Here I am not trying to define a word philosophers over the centuries have not ended defining. i am just trying to discuss what beauty generaly is in a way I think is most suitable here: a bit didactically. Suppose, dear readers, I show you my first finger and ask you what this is in terms of significance, what will be your answer?

your probable answer will be “oneness” or “singularity”. Can you then think of a mathematical term for this “oneness” or “singularity”? The term of course in Intezar. From Intezar, what can be the word that Iam trying to get at?

That’s the word. integrity. If I pick up a stone and break it into peices, the stone loses its integrity. Further, i pick up one of the pieces and grind it to dust, the piece loses its integrity. And so on. Integrity, it generally means beauty.

Is ugly the opposite of beauty? The word ugly cannot be the opposite of beauty as is encapsulated in the age old cliche “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In other words, whar is ugly for one may be beautiful for another. Isn’t then ugly your inability to see beauty?

in 2000, Denzel Washington and Michelle Pfeiffer were chosen as the most beautiful man and woman in the world.The criterion for their being beautiful was: SYMMETRY. A perfect proportionality in their physical structures-eyes, nose, forehead, body, height, etc.

Here one must note that the colour of the skin has nothing to do with beauty. In fact, ad film maker Prahlad Kakkar refuses to do any ads for “FAIR and LOVELY” because the name is unethical considering the fact that over half of India’s opulation are dark-skinned.

Adolf Hitler in his build-up to the 1936 Munich Olympics entrusted Leni Riefenstahl, then only 17, to make a film about Germany, a Germany Adolf wanted the world to know about. Leni was of course one Hitler’s mistresses and had the full backing of the Fuhrer. She shot in Germany with 70 cameras and it culminated in two classics: Olympia and Triumph of the will.

The two documentaries projected a Germany that was splendid to the world at large, irrespective of the realities there. It was what Hitler wanted. After the war, in the early 70’s leni went to the African deserts and shot extensively the Nuba tribe. I have personally seen the photographic compilation ‘The last of the Nuba’ and I must say the photos are “mouth-watering”. So beautiful that it looks delicious. Leni of course had seen to it that the viewer should find beautiful what she thought, and projected as, beautiful.

Like before, in shooting the Nuba tribe she used only young men and women for her pictures, their bodies decorated with bright colours and paints.

Leni, it is said, used money, food and clothing to keep away the others including the old and the aged. in other words these old men and women would have ‘spoiled” the “beauty”. it was precisely for this reason that the famous expert on art Susan Sontag in her critique “Fascinating Fascism” labelled Leni’s photos as “FASCIST AESTHETICS”: You see beauty only in the way you want to. You see beauty only from a singular, rapid perspective. Beauty for others is what beauty is for you.

Tired of being labelled fascist, leni at the age of 80 learnt scuba-diving (!) and shot coral growths underneath the sea, challenging anyone to find fascism in those photos.

Both leni Riefenstahl and Susan Sontag died in 2004.
The whole point that Iam trying to make here is, if I keep saying “You are fascist”, “He is fascist” or “She is fascist”, then what do I myself become? Obviously, I myself become fascist because I keep viewing things only from this rigid, singular perspective - the “fascist” prism.

Likewise, if a Lalal or some other writers in the IFP bring forth their views only from the communal prism, what are they themselves? they themselves are communal. Iam referring to the case of IGP Thangthuam. The killing itself is condemnable, so is the people’s tendency to communalize the whole thing. If any act of any particular UG has to be associated with communalism or with a whole community at large, then where was everybody when at a time the state govt. was trying to figure out and appropiate reward for Mary Kom one particular UG group announced Rs. 1 lakh for her? I am not trying to defend the UGs. i am just trying to get readers to see things from a variety of angles, and not just from one inflexible (“fascist”) perspective - the communal prism in the present case.
It’s absolutely sickening that in this age our people’s intellect level should be so low as to interpret everything only on the basis of one word called communalism.

Refer to Lalal’s letter in the January 10 issue of the IFP. I don’t know what the guy was trying to discuss -whether it was the killing, whether it was the landmines or whether it was simply a ventilation of a hatred he had accumulated over the years. Otherwise where was the need for him to write under a pseudonym?
However one Sonnalal deserves credit for his letter dated january 13. he discussed the landmine issue in the right perspective-without any shades, tints or hues.


30 janeiro 2006

Mariángel Ruiz y el "Potro" dieron el sí

Atamaica Nazoa / noticias@laverdad.com

Tal y como estaba previsto, este sábado se casaron por la iglesia la ex Miss Venezuela y conductora del programa Portada´s, Mariángel Ruiz y el jardinero de los Tiburones de La Guaira, Antonio "Potro" Álvarez.

Desde tempranas horas los alrededores de la iglesia de la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre se colmaron de curiosos, fotógrafos e invitados en espera de los populares novios. Pasadas las siete de la noche, hora fijada para la ceremonia llegó el novio a bordo de un Rolls Royce de color negro, acompañado de su madre.

Minutos más tarde vimos llegar a la novia en un vehículo del mismo modelo, pero en color blanco y acompañada de su padre; Ernesto Luis Ruiz. La novia estaba radiante, con el traje creado por su diseñador favorito, Justo Gómez, quien tiene su atelier en Valencia y desde los 15 años Mariángel ha sido una de sus modelos favoritas.

El traje de líneas muy sencillas, resaltaban la belleza de la novia, confeccionado en raso de seda blanco, bordado con diminutas flores de tela y cristales de swarosky. En la cabeza un velo estilo mantilla española, bordado con las mismas diminutas flores del vestido y los cristales.

El tocado, una obra de orfebrería de George Wittells una malla de metal muy sutil que repetía la piedras de swarosky, y en su mano un delicado buqué de rosas blancas y corales en contraste con los trajes de las damas del cortejo.

Por su parte, el novio iba elegantísimo con un modelo de Giovanny Scutaro.

La ceremonia se prolongó por casi dos horas (misa de velaciones) y pasadas la 9.00 de la noche salieron de la iglesia los flamantes esposos ante Dios, para festejar en el salón Naiguatá del Hotel Tamanaco.

Cabe destacar que Mariángel Ruiz tiene ya dos meses de embarazo.

La feliz pareja vivirá en un hermoso pent house que comprara el novio en la Urbanización Campo Alegre, en Caracas.

Sábado Sensacional transmitirá los detalles de la boda y la fiesta el próximo sábado 4 de febrero, por cuya exclusividad pagó 50 millones de bolívares.


Denise Quiñones . Miss Universo 2001

“Miss Padania” verso la Finalissima 2006

Data di pubblicazione: 30/01/2006 “Miss Padania” verso la Finalissima 2006

La presentazione ufficiale delle 48 finaliste alla stampa avverrà martedì 31 gennaio alle ore 22.30 alla discoteca Hollywood, corso Como 15, Milano.

Ospiti della serata in discoteca, oltre alle partecipanti al concorso, saranno dj Ringo, la madrina della Finalissima Elenoire Casalegno, i giurati e svariati ospiti dell’evento tra cui Omar Pedrini, Sergio Volpini, Valerio Merola e Francesco Gaiardelli.
La Finalissima si svolgerà alle ore 21 di sabato 4 febbraio presso il Mazda Palace di Milano in via Sant’Elia 33.

A condurre l’ottava edizione del concorso saranno Emanuela Folliero e dj Ringo.

48 ragazze, provenienti da Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia, Triveneto, Liguria, Emilia Romagna e Toscana si contenderanno i titoli di Miss Padania, Miss Sole delle Alpi e Miss Camicia Verde e altre fasce in palio.

Le finaliste dell’edizione 2006 sono state scelte da una giuria competente durante la prefinale svoltasi a Courmayeur dal 16 al 18 dicembre 2005.

La Finalissima sarà trasmessa in seconda serata su Rete4 domenica 5 febbraio, mentre la prefinale di Courmayeur andrà in onda, sempre su Rete4, sabato 4 febbraio alle ore 16.

Nella foto la Miss 2005 Laura Albertin con Ringo e la Folliero

Fonte Francesca Sommovigo

Trina Chakravarty crowned Miss India Worldwide 2006

Mumbai, Jan 29: Trina Chakravarty of USA was crowned the Miss India worldwide 2006 in the one of its kind beauty pageant of non-resident Indians of various countries held here.

Trina was selected out of the 21 contestants shortlisted for the title last night.

Nikki Rana of United Kingdom was adjudged the first runner-up while Charlene Asgarali of Netherlands stood was the second runner-up in the event.

The judges included former Miss India Universe Amrita Thapar, ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas, producer-director Deepak Tijori, actress Suman Ranganathan and television anchor Shweta Kawatra among others.

The event had representation from countries as far as Mozambique, South Africa and Canada.

Event organiser, New York-based NRI Dharmatma Saran said that "this was the 15th worldwide contest and probably the biggest ethnic pageant to be conducted at an international level." zeenews.com

Bureau Report

29 janeiro 2006

Miss Mato Grosso do Sul 2006

Porto Murtinho: mulher mais bonita do Estado é de Amambaí

Cerca de 5.000 pessoas assistiram o concurso Miss MS realizado na noite ontem, no município de Porto Murtinho. O evento contou com a participação de 25 candidatas de várias regiões do Estado, que deram um show de beleza e desenvoltura na passarela. A festa foi transmitida ao vivo pela TVE Regional.Este fato deu a oportunidade para que a população do MS assistisse ao vivo o concurso que elegeu a mais bela sul-matogrossense. A apresentação esteve a cargo da jornalista e apresentadora de TV, Marisa Machado.

O resultado foi anunciado após duas horas e quarenta minutos após do inicio do certame, e concedeu o titulo de Miss MS, a Raissa Espindola, 18 anos, residente no município de Amambaí. A segunda colocada foi Terezinha Alves Lima do município de Três Lagoas, que também levou o titulo de Miss Fotogenia, e o 3º lugar ficou com Leontina Rafaela de Souza Neta, de Paranaíba.

A região do bolsão sul-mato-grossense brilhou no Miss MS ficando com 2ª e o 3ª lugares no evento que apontou a mulher mais bonita do Estado. O evento contou com apoio total da Prefeitura Municipal de Porto Murtinho, dentro do projeto do prefeito Nelson Cintra em transformar a cidade na Capital dos eventos.

Fonte: www.aquidauananews.com

Wendy on the record

Wendy Fitzwilliam refers, in conversation, to what was, up to now,

the watershed experience of her life as "Universe"

Q: Congratulations. How has your pregnancy changed your life?

A: Unbelievably, and in the most positive way. I've not been sick so far. [Giggles] I take this humongous responsibility very seriously. I won't do anything more significant. Unlike most other things you do, there's no second chance. When you find out you've failed [chuckles] it's a little too late.

You see your kid on the ID

Under attack for the first time, former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam, speaks to Sunday Express correspondent BC Pires in a wide-ranging interview.

parade or the stripper's pole?

[Laughing] Exactly! You don't get a second choice.

It would be disingenuous to say you're glowing because you were before; you must be spontaneously combusting?

[Laughing] Thank you! I'm very pleased. I'm not a child. These are choices I've made, to have a baby now, to do so in Trinidad, to not get married, fully aware of what the consequences would be. My travel manager during Universe, Linda, when I was really nervous about being able to live up to the pedestal Trinidadians had put me on, said, "Wendy, being you got you here! Being you is going to have to take you through the rest of your life!" So that's my guiding principle.

There are aspects of me some people will love and things about me a few won't. I hope we can respect and move on. Trinidadians are brutally honest in their opinions and that's something I appreciate.

It informs who I am and who Trinidadians are. That is part of what makes [us] special.

You weren't that careful about when and where you made the announcement itself though?

Yes. I chose very deliberately to disclose my pregnancy though not to Corpus Christi College specifically. I made it very clear to the Guardian that I would inform Trinidad and Tobago that I was expecting my first child. I honestly don't feel responsible to adult Trinidad and Tobago for anything. The life of a celebrity for adults is primarily for entertainment. This week people enjoy talking about Wendy, Brian, Brad-gelina [giggling]. With young people, you do have some influence. I have always felt a responsibility to young people and that's why I chose that forum.

Still, is a girls' Catholic school really a good place for an unwed mother to be talking about condoms?

Yes! Have you any idea of how many young unwed mothers come out of a Catholic school? [Laughs] I'm a practising Catholic

You don't seem to have got the hang of some bits?

[Laughs] I take my faith seriously. I agree with many things the church stands for but there are also things that I do not agree with.

I have never made a secret of that. I've always been very frank in my position, if you go back to reels of the Paul & Nikki Show, about responsible sexual behaviour. There was one thing I thought I was slightly misquoted on in my presentation at Corpus Christi College and that was my position on marriage. While, in theory, I think marriage is an absolutely beautiful institution, in practice, [chuckling] I've not seen that. I know of only one truly successful union where both parties respect each other. I'm not saying my decision is right for anybody else. I'm at a stage in my life where I can, if need be, give my child the kind of attention, support, love, on my own. Divorce isn't rampant now; in my mind, divorce always happened: the man separated from the wife in the home. The pressure to not respect the institution of marriage is tremendous. A horn is a horn only if you take it orn. You see where I'm coming from? I want to get married but will not for any other reason than I feel I've stood the test of time in a relationship. My partner is a wonderful human being, has all of the right qualities. But this is Wendy's I'm not sure if "insecurities" is the right word or "jaded" either. I'm just cautious. I'm the product of a broken home, which was very traumatic for my sister and me. My parents' divorce was enough! I'm not living through that again.

I don't want to be insensitive but the Express carried a report that your partner has a child with a former Miss Jamaica?

Um-hum. To whom he was married.

Do we see a pattern emerging here?

[Laughing delightedly] Yes and no. [Chuckling] That says to me that he has good taste. Additionally, I've learnt to focus on how you treat me! I was never a trophy woman before so, yes, I'll admit, after Universe, it was exceptionally difficult dealing with trophy girl status. If I'm on a date and the phone rings and my date says into the phone, "Oh, I'm having dinner with Wendy Fitzwilliam", that's the last date! [Chuckles] The example [my partner] has given thus far says totally differently to me. He's not the first guy I've dated who's dated a former beauty queen. In fact, it's hard, when you get to my age to find a man who has not dated a beauty queen or model. Even if it's Miss Strawberry Patch in Arkansas!

You played your Miss Universe success well because you're

sensible but are beauty pageants good for most women?

Yes, in moderation. They really do train young women in many of the social graces that get you ahead, whether it's a job interview, a relationship. You really do [become] a little more worldly. It is the equivalent of a finishing school for the elite. BC, before I got into [it], not in a million years did I think I would be either Miss Trinidad & Tobago or Miss Universe. In fact, when they tried to introduce Miss Cave Hill at the UWI, my girlfriend and I, who had been nominated to represent the faculty of law, derailed pageants completely. I felt, very much like most people, that they were demeaning and archaic. There is entertainment and there's a very shallow side: it's all about YOU! You being gorgeous, fabulous, fake.

Pageants can emphasise what is ugly about being a woman: the super vanity, the cattiness. But the flip side is, it does open up a world of opportunity. Warner Brothers signed me to a development deal off of two lines I sang at Miss Universe. It took Alicia Keys seven years and she's a real super-musician.

There are advantages to

be had but that was true of

slavery; are beauty pageants good for women?

Yes! I think so. Not if you start too early. From age three your mother's dragging you to pageants and the family is obsessed with spending all their money to make sure you're cute. My experience has been really, really good. This is someone who came from the position that, "No way! Intelligent people don't do that! " I understood there was much more to pageantry than standing up on stage in a swimsuit or pretty dress. It is definitely a way to jump-start careers. The women at Universe recognise that. The prize package is nice, yes, but it's the start of. India is a country of one point something billion.

If a Bollywood producer has an open call for a movie part, there will be 60,000 applicants. That's the average! What are your chances if you are just Lara Dutta? But if you are Lara Dutta, Miss Universe 2000, scripts will be coming at you! Pageants, at least the ones worth their salt, have evolved.

It remains important, then, having been Miss Universe?

To me? Not really. Actually, it is. It's an experience I'll never be able to live down, so I don't try to. If I discover the cure for Aids tomorrow as Dr Wendy Fitzwilliam, it will be reported as, [chuckling] "Former Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam " [Laughs] I treat it as a great temporary job that created opportunities I would not otherwise have had but that's all it is. There is a very clear line between that experience and who I am. Unfortunately, some title- holders see it as the be all and end all, the ultimate achievement.

No, no, no. That's the start of. Nelson Mandela didn't stop at getting out of jail and becoming the president of South Africa. He is still doing his bit.

You know you're giving me

a special delight: the beauty queen mentioning Nelson Mandela; it's like, "Who is your favourite man but you can't say, 'Nelson Mandela'?

[Laughing] Well, yes, he is! What is remarkable about him is he is so humble. I find most truly successful people are. I met him in '99, during Universe. He was campaigning heavily for the ANC and he made time to visit with me all afternoon, ask about the West Indies cricket team, he'd read up on my family, wanted to know more about Mummy and Daddy. Obviously, somebody prepared a brief for him but the point is, during that time, I met so many world leaders and you get a handshake, take a pretty picture and move on. He took on Aids when it was wildly unpopular to even discuss. Bill Gates could be a ruthless businessman I'm sure but, again, another humble human being.

You've chosen to be a good role model?

By being me! That's why I disclosed my pregnancy. I could have done what so many Trinidadian women who want to have kids do: take a leave of absence and gone off to Los Angeles and come back with a cute kid.

That's not me. My public persona reflects who I am. Maybe now my weakness will be highlighted. If I get angry when someone cuts me off on the highway, maybe they'll quickly call you and say, "BC, Wendy just fingered me". I hope I don't project anything other than who I am. All my life I've been the smiley-smiley type. That's my nature.

I like being nice. It takes way too much energy to be ugly. I went through a phase, when my parents were getting a divorce, when I [alternately] loved or couldn't stand [my parents], particularly my father. And I just made up my mind that I couldn't be constantly angry at him. It used up too much energy. That's just not my personality. Don't be Whitney Houston pre-Bobby when you've always been Whitney post-. This is not the product of a media/PR machine.

This is the product of Judy & Noel Fitzwilliam.

Still there will be those who will

say you shouldn't set the example of having a baby outside marriage?

I can't live the rest of my life trying to please 1.3 million people.

It's a very lonely place to be. Talk to Hasely, Brian, Ato. I am now 33 and am finally in a decent relationship. I'm not going to compromise that because 300,000 nationals have a problem with the choices my partner and I make. It's important to be honest with young people.

When I was in form three, Errol Fabien visited St Joseph's Convent.

He was brutally honest about his drug problem. How low he had gone.

He started on the top of the world and actually became a vagrant in San Fernando before he was able to pull himself out. That seriously impacted all of us. When I moved to Los Angeles, you'd walk into a home and there'd be a stack of mirrors and hundred dollar bills and all the cocaine you could consume. The people you grew up admiring on television are the ones doing it. They're not hard-up crackheads.

Errol's sharing definitely informed who I am. So I have a responsibility to give some of that back.


Leave Wendy Alone!!!

Wendy Fitzwilliam

Some Trinidadians, apparently, salivate over the paper and slobber over the radio, waiting to wash their mouths on the news. And if that news has to do with sex, unwed women and babies, well well well, they will have a time. A bullet riddled teen mother and former Miss Universe make for refreshing lagniappe.

Perhaps I'm being unfair. That may not be it at all. Perhaps there lives among us a sheltered bunch. They've marched along the straight and narrow all their lives, chins up and blinkers in place, never tottering off the edge or wandering onto back streets. So they really don't know that 13-year-olds get pregnant in this country all the time and they really can't fathom that beauty queens, too, have sex. How unfortunate. For the rest of us.

Last week I listened with interest as Trinidad got up in arms about 15-year-old Kadeisha Mitchell. She was gravely injured when gun men sprayed her house with bullets on Sunday night. And she is now warded in hospital, reportedly asking for her 15-month-old daughter. Who is dead.

The nation was properly shook up. Not because of how indiscriminate gunmen have become. (We quickly got over that after the Simple Song Panyard shooting, ent?) And it wasn't that the most innocent of innocents had her life snuffed out. It was that her mother was just 15. So they flip out their cantakerous calculators.

"But she had to be about 13 or so when she get pregnant! Lord oy!"

We then wonder aloud about what kind of parents she had. Why they didn't report the man. What she doing having sex and making chile when she should be studying books. One set of old talk. And the essence of it all is that I am better than you, we are different from them, here is better than there.

Because if we were sincere about helping people avoid and deal with difficult situations, we'd stop bashing parents and offer them the support they need. If we met Kadeisha pre-Sunday night shooting we'd ask how we could help, not act astounded when we see her with baby in arms. We wouldn't joke and tell poor mothers-of-many: "forget about sex, nah. Watch TV until you fall asleep. Heh heh heh." And we wouldn't be satisfied with just having abstinence clubs in schools for the good, god-fearing girls. We would press our government to ensure that all children had access to the health and family life education that would equip them for often difficult realities.

We act as though the extent of adult responsibility and civic mindedness is throwing a statutory rapist in jail. What about addressing the reasons why 13-year-olds in T&T are ushered into sexual activity? Why 9-year-olds are whored? Why pre teen boys are on the street? How come nobody rings up Umbala or (gag) the Gladiator to talk about that?

Then there's Wendy. It is a separate issue in that here we have a professional, responsible woman in her thirties no less, who is happy to nurture her unborn child and excited to welcome him or her into the world. But some of use decide to treat Wendy in precisely the way that we treated Kadeisha. Speculate. Whisper. Judge. Point. They find all kind of thing to say. That she isn't married... I suppose it would be more honourable to call a fast wedding and hope people don't calculate so accurately. A couple years ago Jamie Lee Loy, the current residency coordinator at Caribbean Contemporary Arts, produced a documentary "Pro-test: Young Mothers Speak Out". It was about society's double messages. The way they berate women who choose to have terminations, then turn around and lambaste the ones who decide to have their babies. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Damned because we hold women to ridiculous standards.

Nobody raised a stink when Brian Lara had a child out of wedlock. Or when Dwight Yorke did. Or when countless others have children of the extra-marital variety. It's not an issue. We expect that of our men. (For some weird reason Ato Boldon didn't speak up about his child for fear of condemnation. Ato, meh boy, you exempt.)

But a grown woman has a child with a man she loves and the ruckus begins. I even heard some people complaining "but why she announce the pregnancy in a Catholic school?" As though she's no longer a good enough role model for young RC girls. May I submit that there are far more qualities that we should want our young women to emulate than sporting wedding rings and tiaras.

Intelligence. Empathy. Generosity. Ambition. Those are the qualities that make a good woman, and they go a long way in making a good mother as well.

On behalf of all sensible Trinis, Wendy, accept our congratulations. Kadeisha, accept our condolences. And both of you, accept our apologies. You know how they does get on.


28 janeiro 2006

Miss MS será hoje em Murtinho com transmissão pela TVE

O município de Porto Murtinho vive clima de festa jamais visto em sua história com a realização do 1º Encontro das Artes iniciado na última quarta-feira. A população flutuante durante esse período é estimada em, pelo menos 3 mil pessoas tendo a sua maioria prestigiado os eventos que ocorrem diariamente tanto na Praça de Eventos como em diversos outros locais do centro urbano e em colônias como é o caso da Cachoeira – no Brasil, e Carmelo Peralta – no Paraguai.

O ponto alto da promoção considerada a maior já ocorrida no município fronteiriço acontece hoje à noite com a realização do concurso Miss Mato Grosso do Sul que escolherá a representante do Estado no certame de Miss Brasil previsto para o mês de abril próximo.

Para se ter idéia da importância que está sendo dada ao evento, a TVE Regional transmitirá o concurso direto e na íntegra, dando oportunidade para todo o Estado acompanhar a disputa que conta com candidatas do mais alto nível. A apresentação estará a cargo da jornalista e apresentadora de TV, Marisa Machado.

Para se ter idéia do interesse que o Encontro das Artes está despertando em todos os setores da sociedade sul-mato-grossenses, bastas acompanhar a cobertura dada, diariamente, pelos melhores órgãos de comunicação de Mato Grosso do Sul e de outros estados, que têm dedicado amplo espaço para mostrar o que vem ocorrendo em Porto Murtinho. A grande quantidade de eventos que, certamente, é inédito em nível de Estado.

Fonte: www.aquidauananews.com

27 janeiro 2006

Policía de Cuba detiene la Miss República Checa de 1999

Policía de Cuba detiene a una modelo por fotografiar chicos pobres

La Miss República Checa de 1999 y una psicóloga amiga padecieron en carne propia la irracionalidad del régimen de Fidel Castro. Viajó a la isla para ver cómo su fundación podía ayudar a los niños cubanos pobres. La odisea que pasaron estas dos mujeres

La supermodelo Helena Houdova (Ver más imágenes), ex Miss República Checa 1999, y su amiga psicóloga Mariana Kroftova, sufrieron en carne propia las limitaciones a las que día a día los cubanos y extranjeros son sometidos.

La policía secreta cubana las arrestó en La Habana cuando sacaban fotografías de “niños pobres” en el barrio La Guinera.

En declaraciones que reproduce el Herald Sun de Australia, la modelo dijo que las “mantuvieron en custodia cautelar durante 11 horas, nos gritaban, nos llamaban terroristas y no nos permitieron contactar a la embajada".

"Temíamos las consecuencias que pudiera tener nuestro arresto para el guía cubano que nos acompañaba. Ambas crecimos con el comunismo y conocemos lo que es", agregó Houdova. “Algo tiene que cambiar acá”, remató.

La modelo de 25 años conduce en Nueva York una fundación que se ocupa de cuidar niños pobres y con discapacidades en nueve países del mundo. Irónicamente, viajó a Cuba para ver qué ayuda podía brindar a los niños cubanos.

Durante su detención, la policía le secuestró una cámara de video, pero la modelo logró guardar una tarjeta de memoria en su corpiño.

Luego de las 11 horas de detención, las mujeres fueron obligadas a firmar una declaración de compromiso donde se negaban a participar de alguna "actividad de contrarrevolución" en el futuro. Recién el domingo podrán abandonar La Habana y no antes ya que sus pasajes de regreso son para ese día.

Fonte: http://www.infobae.com/

25 janeiro 2006

Sorprendida Cynthia Olavarría con fiesta de cumpleaños

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2005 sopló la vela, mas no reveló el deseo. (PRIMERA HORA / Juan Luis Martínez)

Cynthia Olavarría celebró por anticipado su cumpleaños número 24, tras ser sorprendida por el elenco de "No te duermas" (Telemundo).

La ex reina de belleza tiene preparada una fiesta de cumpleaños para esta noche, en el club Brava del hotel El San Juan & Casino, en Isla Verde, pero la primera canción de cumpleaños la recibió de la orquesta del merenguero Joseph Fonseca, quien participó en la grabación del programa nocturno de ayer, martes.

"¡Qué sorpresa!", dijo Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2005 al ser recibida por los animadores del espacio televisivo, Antonio Sánchez "El Gángster" y Laura Hernández.

De inmediato, sopló la vela de cumpleaños y pidió un deseo que prefirió no revelar. La también modelo fue agasajada con los trucos del mago Isra.

Cynthia Olavarría cumplirá 24 años el 28 de enero, día que reserva con celo para compartir con sus padres en su hogar.

"Ese día me voy a reunir con mi familia inmediata y vamos a tener un bizcocho. Voy a comer lasaña de carne y pastelillos de carne y queso que me prepara mi mamá", contó.

La fiesta que la modelo ha planificado para esta noche tiene un propósito adicional. "Es también una forma de agradecer a las personas que me han ayudado durante todo este tiempo y con quienes no había tenido oportunidad de compartir", apuntó la primera finalista del certamen Miss Universe 2005.

La ex reina de belleza espera que a su fiesta lleguen unos 300 invitados, que incluyen familiares, amigos de la infancia y ex compañeros de escuela elemental, intermedia y superior, grupo al que se unirán las personas que ha conocido a través de sus años en el modelaje y como soberana.

Espera que también asistan Miss Islas Vírgenes, Tricia Homer, y Miss República Dominicana, Renata Soñé, con quienes se relacionó estrechamente durante la competencia Miss Universe 2005, que se celebró en Tailandia.

Otra de sus amigas, Miss Costa Rica, Johanna Fernández, no podrá asistir por encontrarse en medio de los preparativos de la entrega de su corona.


24 janeiro 2006

Miss Francia gana una batalla judicial sobre sus derechos de imagen

La Justicia francesa ha reconocido que Miss Francia 2006, Alexandra Rosenfeld, es dueña de sus derechos de imagen, al término de una batalla judicial sobre los mismos. Estudiante de Turismo de 19 años, Alexandra ganó el concurso en diciembre. Su ascensión al trono de la belleza fue alterado por una compañía francesa 'Groupe Podium', que reclamó ante un tribunal de Nanterre la exclusividad de los derechos fotográficos de Rosenfeld, y alegaba un contrato que había firmado hace tiempo la madre de la miss cuando ésta era todavía menor de edad.


23 janeiro 2006

Luo Ying, Miss Global China

BEIJING - JANUARY 21: Luo Ying (front), 22, celebrates winning the final competition in Beijing region of 2006 Miss Global China Pageant on January 21, 2006 in Beijing, China. More than 600 beauties take part in the competition. (Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images)

Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss França 2006

CANNES, France: Miss France 2006 Alexandra Rosenfeld poses as she arrives at the Palais des Festival in Cannes, southern France, 21 January 2006 to attend the 2006 NRJ Music Awards. AFP PHOTO/PASCAL GUYOT (Photo credit should read PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images)

Nancy Randall fica em 2o. lugar no Miss Louisiana 2006

Christina Cuenca, Miss Lousiana USA 2006

The state has a two new ambassadors after judges crowned a new Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA Sunday night.

A packed audience at the Heymann Performing Arts Center eagerly watched as judges crowned Christina Cuenca of Arabi the 2006 Miss Louisiana USA and Kelsey Lawson of Denham Springs the 2006 Miss Louisiana Teen USA.

Cuenca beat out 44 other competitors for the honor and replaces Candice Stewart, the 2005 Miss Louisiana. Cuenca now will compete in the Miss USA competition.


22 janeiro 2006

Señorita Oklahoma gana Miss América en Las Vega


Por JOHN CURRAN / Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Una estudiante de pedagogía de Oklahoma fue coronada Miss América el sábado por la noche, la primera vez que el concurso se realiza fuera de Atlantic City.

Jennifer Berry, de 22 años y estudiante de la Universidad de Oklahoma, venció a otras 51 beldades para convertirse en Miss América 2006, con lo cual obtuvo una beca universitaria de 30.000 dólares y una gira promocional de un año.

La Señorita Georgia, Mónica Pang, quedó en segundo lugar y la Señorita Alabama, Alexa Jones, en tercero. En cuarto y quinto lugar finalizaron la Señorita Virginia, Kristi Lauren Glakas, y la Señorita Distrito de Columbia, Shannon Schambeau. La Señorita Hawaii, Malika Dudley, ganó el título Señorita Simpatía.

Berry, partidaria de la prevención del manejo en estado de ebriedad, convenció a los jueces al bailar ballet durante la competencia de talento. Ella sucede a Miss America 2005, Deidre Downs, quien acabó usando la corona 16 meses, pues el concurso de este año fue postergado cuatro meses.

La nueva Miss América compitió durante cinco años en el concurso de belleza de Oklahoma, y terminó en tercer lugar dos veces antes de ganar el año pasado y así aspirar a la corona nacional.

"Este es un honor, esto es surrealista", dijo. "No puedo creerlo. Espero se asiente, quizás mañana. Es un sueño hecho realidad, pero más importante que eso es un trabajo del que estoy orgullosa".

Realizado en Atlantic City durante 85 años, el evento se mudó este año de Nueva Jersey a Las Vegas a fin de volver a captar interés. Sin el respaldo de la cobertura de una gran cadena televisiva por primera vez desde 1954, en esta ocasión fue transmitido por el Country Music Television.

El concurso, que en años recientes comenzó a usar técnicas de programas de realidad simulada para volver a atraer a los televidentes, tuvo un formato más a la antigua esta vez, pese al cambio a Las Vegas.

Se transmitieron vídeo clips de concursantes previas y se volvieron a adoptar dos partes tradicionales que se abandonaron en la década de 1980: Las bellezas lucieron bandas con el nombre de sus estados y eligieron a una Señorita Simpatía.


LAS VEGAS – Jennifer Berry remembers being a frizzy-haired, 5-foot-8 sixth-grader teased by a girl for wearing "horrid" glasses.

Safe to say, whoever made that comment never imagined Berry's once-awkward head gracefully sporting a rhinestone tiara.

Berry, a ballerina, aspiring elementary school teacher and Miss Oklahoma, was crowned Miss America 2006 in Las Vegas on Saturday, the first winner in the 85-year history of the world's most famous beauty pageant to receive the honor outside Atlantic City, N.J.

She got her chance after competing in Oklahoma's state pageant five times, finishing as third runner-up twice in a row.

"I had some hard times to go through. I've obviously come through," the 22-year-old told reporters moments after her win.

As a child, she started dancing, an art form suited to her sinewy limbs and long neck. Her dancing shoes served her well Saturday night at the Aladdin Resort & Casino, where she spun a blur of white and blue across the stage to new age pianist William Joseph's "Within."

Associated Press
The 2006 Miss America, Jennifer Berry, from Tulsa, Okla., competes in the swimsuit competition.
Berry beat out runner-up Miss Georgia Monica Pang and second runner-up Miss Alabama Alexa Jones.

"This is an honor. This is surreal. I don't believe it right now. Hopefully, it will sink in, maybe tomorrow. It's a dream come true but more importantly it's a job that I'm honored to have."

The first thing she wanted after winning the crown was her favorite high-fat snack – French fries dipped in ranch dressing. Pageant organizers delivered.

An Atlantic City institution for 85 years, the pageant traded the Boardwalk for the Strip this year in a bid to revive interest. Without coverage from a major television network for the first time since 1954, it aired on Country Music Television.

The pageant, which dabbled in reality TV-style gimmicks in recent years as it tried to lure viewers back, struck a more old-fashioned theme this time out, despite the move to Sin City.

Video clips from old pageants were aired on the telecast, and two traditions that had been absent since the 1980s were revived: The women wore sashes naming their states and elected a Miss Congeniality.

Associated Press
Jennifer Berry takes a bite of french fries and ranch dressing during her post-pageant press conference. Berry told pageant host James Denton that she couldn't wait to eat the dish once the pageant was over.
And when it came time for "There She Is, Miss America," it was a real flashback – a recording of late Miss America host Bert Parks singing it. He emceed the show for 25 years before being replaced. James Denton from ABC's "Desperate Housewives" handled the duties Saturday night.

For problem-plagued Miss America, the proceedings at the Aladdin Resort & Casino were a high-stakes affair.

Spurned by network television because of declining ratings, the pageant announced plans in August to move out of Atlantic City. Normally held in September, the event was postponed as organizers scrambled for a new TV outlet, ultimately settling on Country Music Television, a cable outlet with some 78 million subscribers.

Women have paraded at the pageant – wearing swimsuits and smiles – since a 16-year-old girl from Washington, D.C., won an eight-way bathing beauty revue in 1921.

The hokey seaside publicity stunt blossomed into an American icon, its Cinderella trappings and girl-next-door appeal becoming a television staple

But its luster has been fading for years, the result of fragmented viewership and its airing on Saturday nights, historically a date-night dead zone for television.

The pageant was jettisoned by ABC after the 2004 crowning of Deidre Downs was watched by 9.8 million – 500,000 fewer than tuned in the year before. The move literally pulled the runway out from under Miss America and led to a cascade of problems threatening its future.

The loss of revenue from the TV rights contributed to a $1.7 million deficit for the Miss America Organization, a nonprofit charity that runs the pageant.

Gambling that a move from Atlantic City would help revive interest, pageant organizers cast their lot with Las Vegas, no stranger to pretty faces and glitzy stage shows.


Miss América 2006 - Jennifer Berry (Oklahoma)

Fotos: Yahoo News

20 janeiro 2006

Rumbo a Miss Nicaragua 2006

* La belleza cuesta y las dieciséis jovencitas que compitan por la corona de Miss Nicaragua 2006 lo saben. Aquí una pequeña muestra de lo que ellas hacen para mantenerse lindas

Óscar Sánchez / END.- Las dieciséis candidatas a Miss Nicaragua 2006.

Cuerpos esbeltos, cabellos fabulosos e imagen radiante son las principales características que tienen que presentar las dieciséis candidatas en el certamen Miss Nicaragua 2006, que se realizará este próximo mes de marzo.

Estas lindas jovencitas ya están preparándose, durante tiempo completo, para lograrlo. Hoy te damos una muestra del arduo trabajo que están realizando para impactar a los jueces y lograr ganar la preciada corona.

Las dieciséis candidatas visitan diariamente el centro Weight Control Clinic para realizarse tratamientos corporales y mejorar la silueta, eliminar celulitis, flacidez y llevar un control de peso. “Nosotros vamos a trabajar con las candidatas antes del certamen y después con la ganadora, llevamos años trabajando con la organización de Miss Nicaragua y para este año tenemos un plan fuerte de tres meses de entrenamiento antes de la elección”, afirmó Abit Antonio Alemán, Director de Weight Control Center

Tratamientos completos

Las beldades tienen que asistir regularmente para poder recibir los tratamientos completos que comprende el aspecto estético, asistencia nutricional y combatir el estrés. Cada una de las muchachas fue evaluada por una experta del centro, quien verificó peso, estatura y el tipo de alimentación que está teniendo. Después de obtener los datos se les orienta que tratamientos debe de tomar cada una.

Entre los tratamientos que se aplicarán está el masaje relajante que les ayudará a mantenerse tranquilas y frescas durante el día, “con todas las actividades que realizan, estas jovencitas se ponen estresadas y nerviosas, nosotros con el masaje tratamos de mantenerlas equilibradas y relajadas”, afirmó Alemán.

También se aplicarán el tratamiento Termoslin que les ayuda a quemar la toxina del cuerpo, a través del sudor.

La Pressoterapia que les reducirá las celulitis, el drenaje linfático se les aplicará en puntos estratégicos del cuerpo como los pies, muslos, piernas, tobillos, abdomen y brazos que les ayudará a eliminar grasa, a través de la orina.

También se les realizará los masajes reductores que les servirá para eliminar los cúmulos de grasa, sin producirles flacidez. Otro tratamiento que está en el paquete es el Slim- Fast que les disminuirá la temperatura corporal, eliminará celulitis y reducirá medidas. Estos métodos los aplicaran durante tres meses y las muchachas lograrán una belleza estética, glamorosa y desbordante.

Las muchachas están cumpliendo los tratamientos con disciplina y orden, unos cuantas horas diarias en el local es parte de la preparación que están realizando para presentarse en el certamen Miss Nicaragua 2006.

Queen of the desert _ Miss America pageant settles in Las Vegas

Associated Press Writer

January 19, 2006, 7:26 PM EST

LAS VEGAS -- Back home, Miss America had an ocean. Here, she's queen of the desert.

Gone are the traditions that once defined her _ the beach photo shoots, the Boardwalk parades, the morning-after Atlantic Ocean frolic by the newly crowned Miss.

In their place: A visit to "The Tonight Show," a red-carpet arrival ceremony, hitting the casino showrooms and a new home _ for now, anyway _ in a city surrounded by sand but no waves lapping at it.

Transplanted to Las Vegas, the Atlantic City, N.J., beauty contest has traded in some of its most cherished traditions in hopes that the change in scenery can turn its luck and revive ratings.

Viewers who tune into this year's show (8 p.m. EST Saturday, Country Music Television) may not notice the differences, but in the world of Miss America, the new locale represents a sea change of sorts.

"It's always going to be a part of the pageant," said Ric Ferentz, the Miss America Organization's pageant historian, referring to the ocean tradition. "It's not like we're erasing that. But now we're sharing the pageant with the rest of the country."

In Atlantic City, the annual pageant was run principally by volunteers, many of them second- and third-generation "hostesses" who chaperoned the women around town and made sure no one went astray.

When the Miss America contestants arrived each Labor Day, they were welcomed by a squad of Atlantic City Beach Patrol lifeguards, oars in hand, and introduced in a ceremony next to the beach.

When they got dolled up in lavish state-themed costumes for the annual Miss America parade, they rode down the oceanfront Boardwalk in open convertibles, cheered by thousands of people.

"We had hundreds of volunteers, and the thing worked like clockwork," said Art McMaster, chief executive of the Miss America Organization.

In Las Vegas, it's been a more professional affair. Twenty-four pageant hostesses and volunteers are here, but most of the people running the Miss America operation have either been hired for the occasion or are affiliated with Country Music Television or the host Aladdin Resort & Casino.

No new traditions are replacing the old ones, although Las Vegas and the host casino have rolled out the welcome mat.

The image of reigning winner Deidre Downs peers down from billboards. And at the Aladdin, the card-style hotel room keys have her photograph emblazoned on them.

Other casinos have asked to get involved, too.

"I'm getting all these calls from casinos asking `Are you locked in?" said Phyllis George, the former Miss America-turned-sportscaster, now a member of the pageant's board of directors. "Barry Manilow was all over us, inviting the girls to the show, but we couldn't fit it into the schedule."

But on Friday night, there'll be no parade. And on Sunday, the new Miss America will check out of her hotel and hit the road, with no ceremony _ ocean dip or otherwise _ to mark the occasion.

"I'm very sad about the parade," said Miss New Jersey Julie Robenhymer. "But if I win, I'm inviting all 51 of the other contestants to come back to Atlantic City and have a parade with me for my homecoming," said Robenhymer, 24, of Moorestown.

Some traditions, meanwhile, are coming back.

Miss Congeniality, an award given to the contestant most popular with her peers, is returning _ for the first time since 1974. And the sashes that contestants wore for decades, which were jettisoned in the '80s as Miss America tried to downplay her beauty queen image in favor of down-to-earth role model, are back, too.

Back in Atlantic City, former pageant volunteers left behind by the move plan viewing parties. And at least one Miss America tradition will go on.

The Miss'd America Pageant, a spoof held at a gay nightclub _ featuring drag queens competing in talent and evening wear _ will resume this year, albeit in September.

"We'll be the only pageant in town," organizer John Schultz said.

On the Net: Miss America Organization Web site: http://www.missamerica.org/

Le public contribuera à élire la plus belle de la région

MISS MONTREUX RIVIERA-CHABLAIS Les organisateurs ont présenté, hier, les douze finalistes de la deuxième édition du concours.

Publié le 19 janvier 2006

Photo Chantal Dervey
Lors de la finale du 18 février, Katia Rickli remettra son diadème à l’une des douze prétendantes. / Photo Chantal Dervey

» Les organisateurs de la deuxième édition de Miss Montreux Riviera-Chablais ont présenté, hier, les douze finalistes du concours de beauté. Cette fois, le public fait partie intégrante du jury. Il s'exprimera par internet ou par SMS.

Elles s'appellent Sara, Nathalie, Olivia, Aurélie, Kristel, Joëlle, Marie-Laurence, Bintou, Céline, Linda, Aline et Léticia. Ce sont les douze finalistes de Miss Montreux Riviera-Chablais. Seule l'une d'elles aura le privilège de porter le titre de plus belle jeune femme de la région, jusqu'ici tenu par Katia Rickli. Verdict dans un mois.

Les élections de Miss ont la vie dure. Mais cela ne démonte pas les instigateurs du projet, soucieux de mettre en avant la région. «Nous désirons démontrer que de telles élections peuvent se faire dans le respect total des candidates», explique Dominique Lachat, l'organisatrice.

Un vœu pourtant entaché d'un nouveau précédent: le concours n'a toujours pas honoré le prix remis en 2004 à Eloïse Vodoz. Reste que le succès de la démarche ne se dément pas. Les organisateurs ont reçu une quarantaine de dossiers, plus que leurs homologues de Miss Lausanne.

Pour coller à l'air du temps, les organisateurs ont décidé de faire participer le public à l'élection. Que ce soit par internet ou par SMS, au prix usuel. «Nous avons déjà eu plus de 1000 votes ainsi que près de 200 SMS», explique Jean-Claude Durgnat, responsable du site. Inutile de tenter de multiplier les votes, ils ne seront pris en compte qu'une fois.

La soirée de l'élection payante aura lieu le 18 février. Un jury de sept personnes (y compris la voix du public) désignera la gagnante et ses deux dauphines. Parmi les animations programmées figure Icaro, ex-membre à la Star Ac'.

» Rens.: www.concours-miss.ch

Miss MS: candidatas de 35 cidades já confirmaram presença

Quinta-feira, dia 19 de Janeiro de 2006 às 18:00hs

O concurso Miss Mato Grosso do Sul que será realizado dia 28 próximo em Porto Murtinho já conta com adesão de pelo menos 35 dos 78 municípios. O coordenador do concurso o produtor de eventos Ney Amaral informou que 35 municípios já confirmaram que vão mandar representantes para o concurso.
O evento faz parte do 1º Encontro das Artes que será realizado no município no período de 25 a 29 de janeiro, o concurso será realizado na Praça de Eventos no centro da cidade. Toda a estrutura está sendo providenciado pelo município que terá sua candidata para concorrer no Miss Mato Grosso do Sul.
O produtor Ney Amaral coordenou a escolha da Miss Porto Murtinho que foi um sucesso de público e de belezas femininas que faz horas que o município não via, cerca de três mil pessoas prestigiaram o Miss Porto Murtinho, cujo resultado foi justo, os jurados escolheram a mais bela de Murtinho a jovem de 18 anos Marluce Miriane Ocampo que arrebatou o título. Ney espera um público superior a seis mil pessoas no dia da escolha da mais bela de Mato Grosso do Sul que segundo ele, será muito difícil para os jurados escolher porque em Murtinho aportará a mais bela de cada município.


19 janeiro 2006

Miss America Finds More Glitz, Less Dough

From ABC 7 Wednesday January 18, 2006 10:58pm

LAS VEGAS (AP) - There may be more glitz for Miss America this year, but there's less dough. After losing its network television contract, moving to Las Vegas in search of a new glamorous look and turning to former winners for financial help, the Miss America Organization has reduced the amount of scholarship money it awards its winners.

Miss America 2006 will receive a crown Saturday night but $20,000 less for school than her predecessor. And the total amount of scholarship prize money for the 52 contestants will drop this year by about 44 percent to $292,500. For the past four years, the pageant handed out about $528,500 at the national level through awards given to Miss America, the runners-up and the winners of other prizes for community service, talent and swimsuit, according to pageant officials.

"In the process of putting together our budget, we realized we needed to invest in rebranding and redistribute the funding," said Art McMaster, the CEO of the Atlantic City, N.J.-based Miss America Organization.

The scholarship reductions are one of several recent moves McMaster has made in an attempt to keep the 85-year-old pageant afloat. The organization lost $1.7 million in 2004, due largely to a drop in television revenue from ABC, which later jettisoned the pageant from its lineup.

Cable outlet Country Music Television picked up Miss America, but the broadcast rights are believed to be far less than before.

McMaster cited the financial troubles in explaining his decision to move the pageant from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, a city with less expensive production costs and a built-in media buzz.

This fall, the pageant turned to former winners for help, asking them to underwrite in part what since 2000 had been a $50,000 scholarship for the winner. This year that scholarship is $30,000.

"It's too bad that the young lady won't be able to benefit as much as we did," said Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap, who plans to use her scholarship for law school and promotion of an upcoming country music album.

The Miss America Organization bills itself as the world's leading provider of scholarships to young women. Along with a network of state, county and city pageants, it says it makes $45 million in scholarship aid available annually.

With less television revenue flowing in, McMaster said the not-for-profit organization has had to start focusing on fundraising.

At the pageant's first preliminary competition Tuesday at the Aladdin Resort & Casino, vendors sold Miss America T-shirts and baby pajamas before the show.

Also, the lobby was scented with perfume that will be sold for $49.95 a bottle at national and local pageants, with a certain percentage of the profits going to the Miss America Organization.

Poland to host Miss World 2006 final

www.chinaview.cn 2006-01-19 03:49:44

WARSAW, Jan. 18 (Xinhuanet) -- The final of the Miss World 2006 beauty contest would take place in Poland on Sept. 30, Witold Asminowicz, a spokesman for the Miss Polonia organization, announced here Wednesday.

The announcement was confirmed by Miss World organization on its official webside where Poland was described as "a heart of Central Europe".

"Poland is an ideal place for Miss World final. The Poles are warm-hearted people, very proud of their country", said Julia Morley, the president of Miss World organization, who visited Poland in mid-January.

Since 2003 Miss World finals were held in Sanya, China in December. Birna Vilhjalmsdottir, a 21-year-old student from Rejkjavik in Iceland, won the 2005 contest.

This year the most beautiful ladies from 120 countries will spend a month in Poland preparing for the competition and sightseeing. "We will show them the most beautiful Polish cities," promised Witold Asminowicz. Enditem

50 Finalists from Various Regions of the Province to Vie for the Miss Universe Québec Crown

MONTREAL, Jan. 18 /CNW Telbec/ - The names of the 50 finalists to be
competing for the Miss Universe Québec title have now been unveiled. While the
majority of the young women originate from Québec's most populated regions -
Québec City, the Montérégie and Greater Montréal - the organizers of the event
are pleased to see that virtually all corners of the province will be
represented. The Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue, for example, each have
two of their natives competing, while Beauce, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean,
Gaspésie and Cantons-de-l'est (Estrie) are sending one representative each.
The Miss Universe Québec competition will be held this coming
January 25-28 at the Casino de Montréal, during which time 12 young ladies
from among the 50 contestants will be selected to represent Québec at the Miss
Universe Canada Pageant (R), also to be held at the Montréal gaming house this
coming March. The Casino will be paying the registration fees ($750) for these
12 beauty queens to compete in Miss Universe Canada (R).
Whoever will be crowned the Canadian Miss Universe will then go on to
represent her country at the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant (R) in Bangkok,
Thailand. Last year, Miss Universe Canada, Natalie Glebova, was awarded the
prestigious, internationally coveted crown.
At 3:00 P.M. on Thursday, January 26, the Miss Universe Québec
contestants will be officially presented to the media at Cours Mont-Royal in
downtown Montréal. Journalists who wish to conduct interviews with the
finalists are asked to contact Casino de Montréal Communications Director,
Anne Roy.
Those interested in attending the grand finale of the 2006 Miss Universe
Québec Pageant starting at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, January 28, 2006 can reserve
tickets through the Admission network by calling 1 800


17 janeiro 2006

Se afianza Denise en la TV americana

Por: Eiezer Ríos Camacho

La participación de Denise Quiñones, Miss Universe 2001, en la serie de televisión "Smallville" ha creado tanta expectativa que los productores de la misma han incluido en la página de internet del canal WB un afiche que muestra a la actriz puertorriqueña en su papel de "Maya" junto al protagonista del programa, Tom Welling, quien encarna al joven "Clark Kent".

Tal y como adelantara ayer ESCENARIO, el personaje de Quiñones es una especie de angel vengador, que llega a "Smallville" a complicar la existencia de sus habitantes. El capítulo se transmitirá el jueves 2 de febrero a las 9:00 p.m. por el canal 26 de Adelphia.

Sin embargo, ésta no es la única aparición de Denise en la pantalla chica estadounidense, ya que durante este mes de enero podrá ser vista en tres episodios de la serie "Freddie", protagonizada por el actor Freddie Prinze Jr., que transmite ABC, los miércoles a las 9:30 p.m. Esta comedia gira en torno a una familia latina radicada en Chicago. Estos compromisos mantienen a Denise viajando continuamente de Nueva York a Los Angeles, ya que en la Ciudad de los Rascacielos se mantiene como parte del elenco de la compañía teatral Repertorio Español.


16 janeiro 2006

Concurso de Miss reúne 3 mil pessoas em Porto Murtinho

Domingo, 15 de Janeiro de 2006 13:05
Marina Miranda

Pelo menos três mil pessoas prestigiaram o ‘Miss Porto Murtinho’, na cidade homônima, localizada a 431 quilômetros de Campo Grande. A ganhadora foi Marluce Ocampos, 18 anos. Ela ficou cinco pontos acima da segunda colocada - Aline Acunha, também de 18 anos. Ao todo dez candidatas disputaram o título.
Marluce representará o município no concurso Miss Mato Grosso do Sul, dia 28 de janeiro. A seleção deu ainda a faixa de Miss Simpatia à jovem Aparecida da Silva, de 19 anos.
O corpo de jurados foi composto por profissionais de imprensa da região sudoeste. O concurso foi organizado pela prefeitura, através da secretaria municipal de Meio Ambiente, gerência municipal de Cultura e gerencia municipal de Turismo. (Colaborou Toninho Ruiz, de Ponta Porã).


15 janeiro 2006

Bellas en competencia

Nicaragua busca a su nueva reina de belleza, este año son dieciséis las jóvenes que aspiran ser coronadas como la mujer más bella del país
Edith Pineda

Arrancó la competencia. Las dieciséis candidatas a Miss Nicaragua 2006 fueron presentadas oficialmente. Ahora ellas tendrán que cumplir con una apretada agenda, la cual incluye visitas a diferentes sitios del país y una preparación física e intelectual fuerte.

La novedad de este año es que los nicaragüenses podrán acompañarlas en esta experiencia a través de la pantalla de televisión, pues durante la gala de presentación de las candidatas, Alejandro Sacasa, Gerente General de Canal 2, anunció el inicio del reality show “Miss Nicaragua al descubierto”.

El programa, el cual será presentado por la Chica Paraíso, Maricela Rivas, se transmitirá a las 5:30 p.m. a partir del domingo 29 de enero. Serán cinco programas, en los cuales la gente podrá conocer los pormenores de Miss Nicaragua 2006. La idea es involucrar más a los nacionales en la elección de su reina. Que las conozcan, las apoyen y vivan de alguna manera el sueño en el que se han aventurado estas muchachas.

Karen Celebertti, Directora de la Organización Miss Nicaragua, dijo que este año el reinado de belleza será dedicado a la Isla de Ometepe y al municipio de San Jorge, Rivas. El objetivo es sumarse a la estrategia de promoción turística que impulsa el Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo.

Dentro del calendario de actividades está programada una visita de las candidatas a ambos lugares
Los premios
La joven que el próximo 4 de marzo sea coronada Miss Nicaragua 2006, además de la tarea de representar al país en el certamen de belleza más importante del mundo, recibirá premios de los patrocinadores, entre los que se cuentan: beca de estudios de postgrado en la Universidad Católica, lote de 450 varas cuadradas de urbanización Las Brumas, joya oficial del evento de Joyería Garzón, asesoría técnica en imagen por un año, 1,800 dólares en efectivo, certificados de regalo de productos de belleza, joyas artesanales D´Santos, membresía en gimnasio, entre otros.

Adiós a la corona
Daniela Clerk, Miss Nicaragua 2005, en una de sus últimas presentaciones antes de entregar la corona, aprovechó para agradecer el apoyo recibido por parte de la organización del certamen. Dijo sentirse satisfecha y orgullosa de ser la embajadora de la belleza nacional. También aconsejó a las candidatas a gozar el momento: “Disfruten este momento, vivan al máximo día a día esta experiencia”, fueron sus palabras.


The Five: Why Guys Love Beauty Pageants

Posted Jan 14th 2006 6:06PM by Jonathan Toomey
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Miss America 2005 Deidre DownsI think it's time that someone with hair on his chest stepped up and said what needs to be said: guys love beauty pageants. The female camaraderie, the laughter, the glitter! Earlier today Anna mentioned that there are a lot of changes in store for this year's Miss America pageant starting with James Denton hosting the show, which airs on CMT. Ratings have been non-existent for years now and no major broadcast network wanted it. But that's because no one watches it live. If you're like me, you taped it and kept the VHS to watch by yourself anytime you want. But Miss Congeniality taught me that beauty pageants are more than just exploding tiaras. Heck, I can think of lots of reasons why guys love a good pageant.

1. Guys like things that move: You know what I mean. Things like football, going hunting and waiting for that damn pheasant to twitch, staring at the flame from a Zippo lighter...and women walking around in bikinis on TV.
2. Guy are born competitors: And what does competition breed? Gambling. I've already parlayed Miss Minnesota winning it all along with Miss Tennessee tripping during the swimsuit competition.
3. Guys have USA pride: And once they see who wins this contest, they'll know exactly who to root for during the Miss Universe Competition. Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Finland don't stand a chance... amateurs.
4. Guys need balance in their lives: So naturally they're going to watch something that both they and their wife can agree on. I mean whose wife doesn't love watching extremely gorgeous woman on TV with their husband?
5. Guys hate watching the news: And after seeing the pageant, they won't need to watch their local evening newscast because they've already met the future movers and shakers. These 50 women are going to cure cancer, stop world hunger, eliminate war as a means of persuasion, and still bake a kick-ass pan of brownies. 50 guys would never accomplish all that... I mean c'mon, the Superbowl is in three weeks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for next week's pageant. I just need to dig out that tape of last year's competition.


13 janeiro 2006

Concurso Miss America llega a Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Ellas bailan tap, cantan y se deslizan por el escenario. Portan vestidos deslumbrantes, visten trajes de baño y sonrisas brillantes en una búsqueda de grandes sumas de dinero y una oportunidad de ver su nombre en luces fluorescentes.
Pero no las llamen coristas.

El sábado, 52 bellezas jóvenes llegarán a Las Vegas para comenzar el concurso Miss America. La final será televisada el 21 de enero a las 8:00 p.m. hora del este.

Será la primera ocasión en el concurso de 85 años de existencia en que la ganadora será coronada fuera de Atlantic City, Nueva Jersey, una medida diseñada para utilizar la sensualidad de la Ciudad del Pecado para repuntar su índice de audiencia y recuperar su popularidad.

Es también la primera ocasión en que el programa será transmitido en el canal de cable Country Music Television, de la cadena MTV.

Además, en lugar del típico conductor de un programa de entrevistas, este año el anfitrión del concurso será James Denton, galán de la exitosa serie de televisión "Desperate Housewives".

Art McMaster, director ejecutivo de la Organización Miss America, con sede en Atlantic City, señaló que el grupo no lucrativo entró a un acuerdo multianual con CMT con el que se espera atraer nuevos televidentes y establecer nuevas expectativas _ más bajas _ de audiencia.

"¿Tendremos alguna vez nuevamente 20 millones de televidentes? Usted sabe y yo sé que eso no va a ocurrir nunca", aseveró. "Pero mientras tengamos mirando el concurso a los viejos seguidores, estaremos operando otros 85 años".

En un intento por satisfacer a sus resistentes seguidores, los productores dijeron que planean recuperar la antigua gloria del programa con un concurso de preguntas y una competencia de ropa casual, elementos tomados recientemente de la televisión de realidad simulada y de los programas de concurso para hacer ver a Miss America más actualizada.

En 2004, sólo 9,8 millones de televidentes _ cifra récord de menor audiencia _ miraron el programa en la cadena ABC, lo que representó una disminución de 20% desde 2000 y casi la mitad de telespectadores con respecto a 1984.

"Valores básicos y tradición, eso es lo que trajimos nuevamente al programa", dijo McMaster.

La Organización Miss America y sus afiliados otorgan anualmente 45 millones de dólares en becas para mujeres, incluidos 50.000 dólares para la ganadora de su concurso.


Miss República Tcheca no Ceará?

TV Verdes Mares - 12/01/2006 - 11:15

Eles vieram gravar a "Etapa Maiô" do concurso.
TV Verdes Mares
Tchecas trocaram o frio europeu pelo calor cearense.

Doze candidatas ao título de mulher mais bonita da República Tcheca, um país europeu, estão no Ceará gravando clips e desfiles para o concurso de miss. As belezas das praias nordestinas são o cenário paradisíaco para gravar a "etapa maiô" do concurso. A equipe de reportagem da TV Verdes Mares foi até Morro Branco, conferir essas 'belezas' bem de perto.

As praias do Nordeste estão ainda mais atraentes. As 12 mulheres mais bonitas de um pequeno País do leste da Europa estão passando uma temporada no Ceará. Elas são finalistas do concurso "Miss República Tcheca", escolhidas entre duas mil candidatas.

A diretora da agência de modelos que organiza o concurso, David Benchitrit, explica que a etapa do desfile de biquíni será feita na América Latina porque agora é inverno por lá, com temperaturas abaixo de zero... Muito frio para pouca roupa.

O fotógrafo aprovou o cenário. Segundo ele, Beberibe, a 60 km de Fortaleza, tem luz e paisagem perfeitas para o catálogo de fotos das finalistas.

Junto com as candidatas, veio uma equipe de televisão. O concurso, que vai ser no mês que vem, sempre é transmitido ao vivo. E é o público que escolhe a miss República Tcheca, pelo telefone ou pela internet. Para saber bem em quem eles estão votando, vão ser exibidas as imagens gravadas no Ceará.

No ano passado, o programa teve 2,7 milhões telespectadores. Mais de um quarto da população do País – de 10 milhões de habitantes. Durante a gravação, as candidatas não mostraram nervosismo: já adotaram a descontração cearense.

Tereza diz que se encantou com a cor do mar. Sárka contou que foi uma ótima surpresa quando descobriram que viajariam para o Brasil. Até a sessão de fotos nas dunas virou brincaderia. O trabalho lá é como um passeio, com emoção.

Veronika diz que só gritou porque foi a primeira vez, mas ela e as amigas gostaram da novidade. Quando voltarem para a República Tcheca, as 12 finalistas serão competidoras, e o clima pode esfriar entre elas. Mas, lá no Ceará, elas se divertem até com a atenção que despertaram na cidade.

José também ficou de olho, como bom vigia de hotel. Ele tem uma favorita, mas diz que, para não influenciar no resultado, prefere manter o nome em segredo.


12 janeiro 2006

Dayanara quiere triunfar en Hollywood

12 de enero de 2006

El Universal-AEE

LOS ÁNGELES, CALIFORNIA.- Después de cambiar su residencia de Miami a Los Ángeles, California, Dayanara Torres ahora quiere triunfar en la meca de cine de Hollywood.

La ex Miss Universo y ex esposa de Marc Anthony afirmó que el cambio de ciudad le agradó ya que aquí tiene mas trabajo y libertad para vivir una vida mejor.


11 janeiro 2006

Presentan Presentan primeras candidatas a Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Primeras aspirantes a concurso playero

(RPP Noticias) Las primeras 11 candidatas de un total de 50 que participarán en el certamen Miss Hawaiian Tropic Perú 2006 se presentaron oficialmente de la mano de Duilio Sanguinetti que dirige la agencia internacional de modelo Valentino Bookings y que posee la franquicia de este concurso internacional.

De acuerdo a lo que dijo Sanguinetti, la convocatoria al concurso correspondiente a este año se inició tan pronto concluyó la temporada veraniega del año pasado, continuó a lo largo de 2005 e incluso continúa abierta. “Las aspirantes tienen que demostrar frescura, excelente figura, ser extrovertidas, muy guapas, buena onda y puntuales. Esta ultima es una de las razones por las que la convocatoria permanece abierta y es porque hay algunas chicas que siempre llegan tarde a los eventos o simplemente no asisten y al final no queda más que descalificarlas”, señaló.

El director del concurso señaló que su empresa se encargará de seleccionar a diez ganadoras de la versión del concurso de este año, las mismas que viajarán a diversos certámenes que se realizan en exóticos destinos como Atenas y Mykonos en Gracia, Budapest en Hungría, Moscú y San Petersburgo en Rusia, Bahamas, Miami, Las Vegas y Hawai en los Estados Unidos, Cancún en México, Roma y Milán en Italia, Hong Kong y Pekín en China, Belgrado en Yugoeslavia, Punta del Este en Uruguay y los balnearios de Colombia.

Las concursantes no necesariamente tiene que ser solteras y tampoco tienen que ser peruanas pero deben acreditar que viven en Perú. La elección de las ganadoras se realizará en Asia el primer sábado de marzo. Las dos primeras ganadoras nos representarán en la Gran Final de Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2006, que se realizará el 3 de mayo en las instalaciones del famoso Hotel y Casino Treasure Island de Las Vegas”, explicó.

Leia mais em http://www.rpp.com.pe/portada/entretenimiento/28971_1.php

Miss Várzea Grande arrecada alimentos para ação social

Várzea Grande, 10/01/2006 - 18:27.

Da Redação

Mais uma ação de solidariedade vai movimentar Várzea Grande logo no início de 2006. Trata-se do concurso Miss Várzea Grande 2006 que será realizado no dia 28 de janeiro, no Várzea Grande Tênis Club. Para prestigiar o evento, basta doar dois quilos de alimento não perecível. A arrecadação será encaminhada à Secretaria de Promoção e Assistência Social de Várzea Grande.

O organizador do concurso Miss Várzea Grande e do Miss Mato Grosso, Warner Willon, disse que a opção pela festa beneficente foi por causa do momento. “Tem muita gente que não tem o que comer e não podemos ficar de braços cruzados. Então, nós que trabalhamos com entretenimento, beleza e diversão não podemos esquecer dos nossos irmãos mais necessitados”, explicou.

Segundo Warner, os concursos para escolher a representante de cada município devem acontecer até o mês de março. No dia onze do mesmo mês, será realizado o Miss Mato Grosso 2006. O organizador enumera os quesitos que a candidata deve preencher. “Ela deve ter entre 17 a 25 anos, ser brasileira, bonita, simpática, idônea, desinibida e comunicativa, tem que ser estudante e nunca ter posado nua”.

Para abrilhantar ainda mais a festa, está confirmada a presença do modelo Gustavo Gianetti, Mister Brasil 2004 e Mister Mundo 2005, Fernanda Frasson, Miss Mato Grosso 2005 e da Miss Brasil 2005, Carine Beduschi.

As inscrições podem ser feitas na Consultoria de Beleza Eliene Oliveira, a avenida Arthur Bernardes, no bairro Ipase, em Várzea Grande. Mais informações nos telefones 3686-6532 ou 9972-3068.

Foto: Fernanda Frasson, Miss Mato Grosso 2005


10 janeiro 2006

Miss America past its prime (time)

Before Survivor, The Apprentice and Fear Factor, only two elimination contests mattered to America. One gave us a president, and the other gave us Miss America.

At the climax of the second, the winner — inevitably shedding tears of happiness — walked on a raised runway wearing her glittering crown while Bert Parks sang, "There she is, Miss America ..."

And so she was, unequivocally, a reigning beauty, queen of an envious court, each member of whom had risen through a series of local, county and state contests to make it to pulchritude's perilous peak.

But that was decidedly then; this is implacably now. There is an overabundance of "Miss" contests today, including Miss World, Miss Universe, and even, of late, Miss Fear Factor.

There was a time when seeing pretty young women walk, stop and twirl in one-piece bathing suits and high heels was enough to raise the collective pulses of all the men in the audience.

But in this age of maximum exposure, when practice may still get you to Carnegie Hall but modesty will not get you on MTV, the swimsuit competition long ago began to seem as staid as a Pillsbury Bake-Off.

The venerable Miss America contest is up against it when young women in bikinis are ready to eat bugs and grubs for fame and TV ratings.

Things have gotten so glum that ABC-TV has dropped covering the Miss America Pageant due to a drastically diminished audience. The Country Music Channel plans to broadcast the contest — from Las Vegas, not Atlantic City — on Jan. 21. This sideways slippage from network to cable, and from the seaside to the Strip, while not fatal to our national fairy tale, seems ominous.

The first television broadcast in 1954 brought winner Lee Meriwether to fame, but after half a century, longtime fans may find Miss America missing in action.

Recognizing the decline, National Museum of American History curator David Shayt thought the Smithsonian should acquire an artifact from this dowager of beauty pageants. "We figured there'd be lots of clothes," Shayt tells Smithsonian magazine, "but clothes come with conservation problems, so early on we decided to try for a distinctive, hard artifact."

Shayt headed for New Jersey, where, at the Sheraton Atlantic City on Miss America Way, a collection of gowns, crowns and a bronze statue of Bert Parks remains on permanent display.

"They didn't want to offer the kind of thing we were after," Shayt recalls, "so we asked them to send a letter from us to winners we thought might want to donate their crowns."

Twenty winners responded. "They were willing to lend, but not to donate," Shayt says.

Then, 1951's Miss America, Yolande Betbeze Fox, contacted the museum and offered not only her crown but also her scepter and Miss America sash.

Fox may have been the most unconventional Miss America ever. Born Yolande Betbeze in Mobile in 1930, she comes from Basque ancestry, and her dark, exotic looks were hardly typical of beauty contestants in the '50s. But her magnetism, and a well-trained operatic voice, focused the judges' attention.

Betbeze wore the fabled crown uneasily. In 1969, she recalled to the Washington Post that she had been too much of a nonconformist to do the bidding of the pageant's sponsors.

One of her first acts was to inform the Catalina bathing suit company that she would not appear in a swimsuit in public unless she were going swimming. Spurned, Catalina broke with the Miss America Pageant and started Miss Universe.

When Betbeze's yearlong reign came to an end, she studied philosophy at New York's New School of Social Research. She continued to sing, appearing with the Mobile Opera Guild in The Tales of Hoffmann.

In 1954 she married Matthew Fox, a businessman and movie producer, and began mounting plays in an off-Broadway theater she helped found. Today, Fox, a widow, lives much of the year in a Washington, D.C., house once owned by Jackie Kennedy.

Luckily for the Smithsonian, says Shayt, she admits to being a "bit of a pack rat," so, though she eschewed the pomp (and circumstances) of her Miss America victory, she never relinquished her crown, now part of America's cultural heritage.

Foto> Miss Américac1963 Jacquelyn Mayer


Reina Internacional del Café

La nueva soberana internacional del café tiene origen europeo. Además de la norteamericana, al grupo de las cinco finalistas entró una europea y tres suramericanas. Elección.

Juan Carlos Unda

Redactor/LA PATRIA


Canadá vuelve a ponerse de moda en los certámenes de belleza, el año pasado fue con la Miss Universo 2005 elegida en Tailandia, y ahora es con Alice Panikian, quien fue elegida anoche en Los Fundadores, de Manizales, como la nueva Reina Internacional del Café 2006.

"Elegimos a la representante del Canadá porque tiene porte, inteligencia y además reunió la mayoría de cualidades a la hora de tomar la decisión", indicó Luis Fernando Echeverri Pérez, uno de los integrantes del jurado calificador, después de haber dado el veredicto.

La nueva soberana internacional del café nació en Sofía (Bulgaria) hace 20 años, sin embargo, desde hace 15 reside en Canadá, país donde obtuvo la nacionalidad.

"Además del café quiero promocionar mi país y el de Colombia, debido a que me voy muy impresionada y agradecida por la forma como me trataron en esta ciudad", manifestó Alice Panikian, en el escenario de Los Fundadores, después de que los presentadores de la noche, Felipe Arias y Beatriz Helena Arias, proclamaron su nombre y su país, como la candidata elegida.

Show de coronación

La velada de elección y coronación de la Reina Internacional del Café 2006 fue más extensa, que en años anteriores, debido a que la producción del espectáculo presentó varios segmentos de pregrabados con las participantes en los diferentes escenarios de la ciudad, que visitaron durante la agenda "real".

En un escenografía que le hizo honor al agua como recurso natural y patrimonio de los manizaleños, las 22 candidatas hicieron dos presentaciones en el escenario, una en traje de baño, y otra en vestido de gala, en el que salieron a la pasarela acompañadas de manolitas manizaleñas.

Los asistentes a Los Fundadores también se contagiaron de la euforia de las barras, que conformaron con jóvenes de las diferentes casas de la cultura de la ciudad, mientras que el grupo Zíngaro Jazz, interpretó al paso de cada candidata una melodía representativa de su país de origen.

La cuota artística de la jornada estuvo a cargo de la antioqueña, Gina, y del grupo Enigma, finalistas de Factor X, como antesala al acto final en que el se proclamó otra soberana encargada de promover el café colombiano en el mundo.


- Reina: Canadá, Alice Panikian
- Virreina: Argentina, Evangelina García
- Primera Princesa: Venezuela, Liliana Campa
- Segunda Princesa: España, Rocío Guerrero Bobadilla
- Tercera Princesa: Colombia, María Leonor Duque Trujillo.



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