31 janeiro 2008

Pros inspect Miss Universe locale


KHANH HOA — A group of experts from the Miss Universe Organisation was at the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa’s Vinpearl Resort last week to check up on the location, structure and construction of the 7,500-seat theatre at the Crown Convention Centre to be used for this year’s contest.

The group together with Vietnamese partners also toured Nha Trang to prepare for events taking place before the final round of the contest, planned for July.

Rachel Frimer, a member of the group, expressed appreciation of the rate of construction by the Hoan Vu Joint Stock Company and said she believed the work would be complete on time and meet international standards.

"The two sides reached agreements on preparations and organisations for the contest," said Nguyen Quoc Toan, general director of Hoan Vu Joint Stock Company, "The theatre was designed by experts from the Miss Universe Organisation. After the contest, the theatre can be used for other international events."

Another delegation from the organisation will come to Viet Nam in March to examine cultural and tourist sites that can be used for advertising Viet Nam’s image during the show.

The first Miss Universe contest was organised in various states in the US between 1952 and 1971 before moving to other nations. This is the contest’s 57th year and the first time it’s being held in Viet Nam. — VNS


30 janeiro 2008

Miss Germany 2008

The 22 contestants in the Miss Germany 2
The 22 contestants in the Miss Germany 2008 beauty pageant pose during a photo opportunity in front of a Mercedes Simples dated 1902 inside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, 29 January 2005. The pageant will take place 02 February 2008 at the Europapark Rust. AFP PHOTO DDP/ MICHAEL LATZ GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read MICHAEL LATZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Miss Nevada Veronica Grabowski

New England Patriots Media Day
GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 29: Miss Nevada Veronica Grabowski poses with Brandon Meriweather #31 and Antwain Spann #28 of the New England Patriots during Patriots media day for Super Bowl XLII at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 29, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

28 janeiro 2008

Miss America Forgot to Cash the Reality Check

Kirsten Haglund at the 2008 Miss America Pageant, where she was crowned Miss America. Following the crowning, a press conference was held. Kirsten was presented with a pearl necklace, a tray of chocolates, and answered questions for the press. Photo Credit: Scott Doctor / Splash News

I have not watched the Miss America Pageant since I was about 11. I remember actually sitting on the floor a few feet away from the TV, oohing and awing over the gowns, and the talents. ("Maybe I should learn to play the xylophone!" I'd think. "It looks so glamorous!" Even at that age I had the self-awareness to know that baton twirling was absolutely out of the question.) Later on, I decided that beauty pageants weren't cool. As I developed my own style (because I was such a stylish teen, let me tell you), the overdone style of the pageant girls seemed passé, and the pageant telecast seemed cheesy and insipid. However, when Film.com asked if I'd be interested in watching and recapping it this year, I felt I might as well give it another try. (Well, that's not entirely true; I told them I would do it if I were allowed to be extra sarcastic.)

This year, the Miss America organization tried to shake things up a little bit, by introducing a newer, hipper version of the pageant. It hasn't been said explicitly, but I have to wonder if this has anything to do with the recent controversies surrounding Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe, rival pageants all involved with the Trump organization. Miss America has always been the classier pageant; it was the original and has been around since 1921, while Miss USA started in the 50's. (An interesting bit of trivia; Catalina Swimwear was originally a Miss America sponsor, but when a winner refused to pose for publicity photos in a swimsuit, they withdrew and created the Miss USA pageant.)

In addition to changes to the actual pageant, Miss America teamed up with TLC for a four-episode reality show, Miss America Reality Check during which all the contestants (52 including Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands) participated in challenges and other events aimed at updating the beauty queen image. I decided to watch in preparation for the actual pageant. Although there were plenty of typical pageant personalities, I was surprised how likeable and real many of the girls were. I was especially happy that I found my state's delegate, Miss Washington, particularly charming, and was glad to see her become one of the three winners of the Reality Check prize package. Now, here's the thing about Miss Washington, and many of the other girls. She's cute enough, but she's not perfect-looking. However, I think that the new idea of the pageant is to be about the whole package. Looks, sure, but also personality, style, and charisma.

Contestants were introduced in their groups from Reality Check, with the color-coding from that show, which is actually kind of handy. Each had to come up with a snappy way of introducing herself, with something about her state. Some had better material than others. (The Heimlich maneuver was invented in Delaware? Good to know.) It looks like many of the girls took the advice of "less is more" from the reality check, but a lot of them still look like they're wearing a pound of makeup and half a bottle of hairspray. Miss Rhode Island's roots are growing out and Miss New Jersey's false eyelashes make her look weird and squinty. And apparently "updating" the pageant didn't mean doing away with awkward choreography.

The semi-finalists chosen by the judges were Miss Michigan, Miss Iowa, Miss North Carolina, Miss Tennessee, Miss California, Miss Indiana (who I think got the most camera time of everyone on the reality show), Miss South Carolina, Miss Georgia, Miss Washington (yay!), Miss Arkansas, Miss Virginia, Miss Texas, Miss Wisconsin, Miss Florida (the girl with scars on her face), and Miss Mississippi.

The semi-finalists were really divided pretty evenly between women who got a lot of air time on Reality Check and those who didn't. Reality Check opened voting up to the public to pick a 16th semi-finalist. American voters chose Miss Utah. Not a big surprise. I wonder what they would have done if the judges had chosen her, too? Just gone to the woman who got the second-most votes. Miss Utah made a big impression because of her military service, but she's developed an irritating habit of shooting her arm up in the air to wave triumphantly to the crowd that seems a little bit arrogant. Honey, you didn't win yet.

The outgoing Miss America got to do her final spiel about the scholarships and so forth. Blah blah blah, education...whatever. I wonder if the current Miss America feels a little shafted by this whole pageant overhaul thing. Aren't they basically saying now that she won an outdated competition and by extension, that she is outdated?

Before the swimwear competition, we got to see a little blurb from Reality Check about how the girls got a walking coach and are allowed to be a little more free and less "robotic" with their walks. Apparently Misses Michigan and Tennessee took this as encouragement to prance around like strippers. I guess it doesn't help that they're all wearing clear stripper heels. (Well don't strippers wear those? I actually really don't know. The strippers on CSI seem awfully fond of them.) Oh, and it totally looks like Miss Tennessee has implants. Just sayin'. All the parents are sitting on one side of the stage. Isn't it a little uncomfortable for them to watch their daughters prance around in bikinis (Miss Utah was the only one in a one-piece) and four-inch heels, in front of a hooting auditorium? I suppose there are a lot of stage mothers in that grandstand, though. It occurs to me that if the Miss America organization really wanted to update the pageant, they might have done away with the swimsuit competition all together, rather than making it sexier.

After swimwear, six women were eliminated to narrow the pool down to 10 finalists. They were Miss Arkansas, Miss Tennessee (guess the judges didn't like her boobs, either), Miss Florida (that drew a gasp from the crowd), Miss Mississippi and Miss Utah (and again with the wave, and then she dropped for push-up, too--that chick bugs me), and Miss South Carolina.

At first, I thought the evening gown competition did show the updated look pretty well. Miss Virginia's dress was beautiful, and her hair and makeup weren't too over-the top. The last time I watched, the big puffy, sparkly sleeves and teased out to shoulder-width hair were in. But she wins the prize for unintentional comedy; she said she picked the plunging bodice of her dress because it shows off "two of [her] best assets" (she meant her chest and back). The next few dresses were glittery monstrosities, though (Miss Washington, you let me down). Miss Wisconsin's red dress with a long floaty train was stunning, but Miss Michigan's sheer panels made her look like a slutty ice-dancer gone wrong. (Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Project Runway?) Miss Indiana designed her own gown. It's a little better than the self-designed aqua thing that she brought to Reality Check, but not much. It's a nice color on her, but that's about it.

Only eight women performed in the talent competition. Miss Michigan sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Not particularly well, either. And with dorky twirling around. Isn't that song to adult beauty pageants what "Tomorrow" is to little girl pageants? Eesh. Miss California sang "The Jewel Song" (which seems to be from an opera), and she did it pretty well and in an absolutely gorgeous dress. Why didn't she wear that for the evening gown competition? Miss Indiana sang a Latin number in Spanish. At least she had some fun with it, and she has a pretty good voice. Miss Virginia did one of the dances from The Nutcracker. It's not really her fault, but this is the point at which this whole thing just started to look awfully silly to me.

Then they called Miss Iowa as the first contestant to be eliminated before she could do her talent, and she had to do the walk of shame across the stage to sit with the rest of the losers. That sucks! She's the one who hasn't been able to stop talking about her talent. They let her get a couple of baton-twirls in, though. Miss Washington sang "Angels." If she's a Jessica Simpson fan, that definitely takes away some cool points. Miss Texas did Fosse-esque dance (I didn't even know there was such a thing as "jazz en pointe"). Miss Wisconsin played the violin, and then they made Miss Georgia and Miss North Carolina stand up to see which one of them would get to perform. Miss Georgia got the boot, and North Carolina performed a ballet to a stupid modern rendition of Vivaldi.

For the interview portion, they took man-on-the-street questions from people in Las Vegas. Can you even imagine some of the questions they got from people on the strip? The first question was from a lady who sounded British, who wanted to know how to improve America's image internationally. Miss Wisconsin got it, and didn't do so hot, I thought. She cited our educational system, apparently unaware that we rank shockingly low among other countries. Miss Michigan got a question about whether it's obligatory to tell a partner or spouse about an STD. She answered yes. Duh! That's a low ball. Miss Virginia defended the freedom of celebrities like Tom Cruise to evangelize for their chosen religions. Miss Washington said that lots of young people don't vote because they feel disconnected from the political process. Miss California got in an awkward plug for the Miss America Organization revamp from a question about why Paris Hilton is famous. Miss Texas said that binge drinkers like Lindsay Lohan set a bad example for kids (doy!), then Miss North Carolina said people think America is headed in the wrong direction because of media coverage of people like Lindsay. Way to piggyback on the other contestant, Miss NC. Miss Indiana went last, and was asked whether Jamie Lynn spears should be fired because she's pregnant. She said no; she made a bad decision but she deserves a second chance.

Time to announce the winner (finally!). Miss North Carolina was fourth runner-up, third runner-up was Miss Virginia, second runner-up was Miss Washington, and first runner-up and (say it with me now) the one who will take the crown if Miss America is unable to perform her duties was Miss Indiana (I really thought she would win). And the winner is...Miss Michigan. What? Honestly, what the hell are they judging? She didn't excel in talent or interview, and she wore the tackiest dress. I give up. I just give up. Michael Urie must be so disappointed. And now for the crying and the roses, and the old Miss America bobby pinning the crown on. Whatever: they even still played the same old arrangement of the "Here she comes..." song.


Nova Miss América teve anorexia na adolescência

'Me sentia exausta após subir seis degraus', disse Kirsten Haglund.
Durante seu 'reinado', ela pretende alertar para os perigos da desordem alimentar.


Kirsten Haglund acena após ser coroada como a nova Miss América. (Foto: Steve Marcus/Reuters)

Apenas três anos atrás, a nova Miss América Kirsten Haglund comia porções tão pequenas e se tornou tão magra que seus parentes, preocupados, “me arrastaram para o médico”, relatou ela.

Kirsten foi diagnosticada com anorexia, e a falta de nutrição fez com que suas costelas se tornassem aparentes, seu ritmo de batimentos cardíacos diminuísse e seus relacionamentos passassem por uma séria crise.

“Eu me sentia exausta após subir seis degraus de uma escada”, disse a modelo de 19 anos no domingo (27), um dia após ser coroada Miss América 2008. “Eu era uma pessoa completamente diferente. Não era algo bonito de ser ver”.

Segundo Kirsten, ela planeja passar seu ano de reinado alertando para os perigos da desordem alimentar, enquanto mantém um estilo de vida saudável.

Para ganhar o concurso, ela apostou em suas curvas. Segundo ela, em um desfile desse tipo “você não pode se parecer com uma modelo magérrima”.

A aspirante à Broadway até mesmo comeu as medalhas de chocolate deixadas no travesseiro de seu quarto de hotel. “Sim, meu Deus, sim. Eu amo chocolate. É o melhor amigo das garotas”.

A nova Miss América não revela o seu peso para evitar estabelecer padrões para adolescentes obcecados em ficarem mais magros.

Ela disse que parou de perseguir seu sonho de se tornar bailarina profissional para escapar de um meio onde ela seria recompensada por estar magra e de uma indústria que, segundo ela, joga o problema da desordem alimentar para baixo do tapete.

A Associação Nacional de Desordens Alimentares estima que o problema afeta 10 milhões de mulheres e 1 milhão de homens nos Estados Unidos.

Embora Kirsten diga que não pretenda exagerar, ela afirma que não evitará nenhuma comida ao longo de seu reinado. “Vou aproveitar minhas refeições”, conclui.

27 janeiro 2008

Universitária de Michigan vence Miss América 2008

A Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund, 19, foi coroada a Miss América 2008 neste domingo, na final do concurso de beleza em Las Vegas, no Estado de Nevada (EUA).

Haglung, que é de Farming Hills, em Michigan, cantou a música "Over the Rainbow" e desfilou em um biquíni preto e dourado para a platéia do hotel cassino Planet Hollywood.

Isaac Brekken/AP
Kirsten Haglund, 19, foi coroada a Miss América 2008 neste domingo, em Las Vegas (EUA)
Kirsten Haglund, 19, foi coroada a Miss América 2008 neste domingo, em Las Vegas

Haglund, que estuda música na Universidade de Cincinnati, ganhou uma bolsa de estudos de US$ 50 mil e um ano de viajem ao redor do país para promover a coroa.

A disputa pelo título envolveu 52 finalistas, cada uma representando um estado americano. Na final do concurso, Haglung derrotou a Miss Indiana, Nicole Elizabeth Rash, e a Miss Washignton, Elyse Umemoto.

"As únicas palavras que vêem a minha mente é que isto é um sonho que se tornou realidade, não apenas para mim, mas para minha família também ", disse Haglund. "Eu não chegaria aqui sozinha", declarou a Miss, que sonha ser atriz da Broadway.

Com Associated Press


Miss Natália Guimarães descarta usar fio-dental no Carnaval

A miss Brasil 2007, Natália Guimarães, não vai usar fio-dental no desfile de Carnaval do Rio deste ano. "Avisei que não quero nada [do corpo] de fora", afirmou ela à coluna de Mônica Bergamo na Folha de S.Paulo de hoje (íntegra exclusiva para assinantes do UOL e do jornal).

Miss está fazendo aulas de samba para o desfile; traje não será "careta"
Miss está fazendo aulas de samba; ela diz que traje não será "careta"

Ela, que será rainha da bateria da Unidos de Vila Isabel, tem feito aulas de samba. "É na base da porrada. A professora bate na perna da gente, dá uns soquinhos no quadril pra remexer", diz. Sobre os trajes para o evento, ela revela: "Não vai ter fio-dental, mas não será careta".

Para este ano, o desfile da Unidos de Vila Isabel terá como enredo o tema "Trabalhadores do Brasil". A agremiação vai desfilar no dia 4 de fevereiro, segunda-feira, entre 0h15 e 1h.

De acordo com o site da escola, o enredo tem o objetivo de pôr fim ao "mito da indolência nacional, segundo o qual o brasileiro é um sujeito preguiçoso, indolente e avesso ao trabalho".

"O trabalhador brasileiro será visto no enredo como sujeito ativo da sua própria história, não como um sofredor, um 'pobre coitado', um sujeito pacífico que a tudo aceita passivamente", diz escola.


2008 Miss America Pageant

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 26: Kirsten Haglund, Miss Michigan, reacts after being crowned Miss America during the 2008 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino January 26, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund Wins 2008 Miss America Live!

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund from Farmington Hills, Michigan was crowned Miss America 2008 tonight at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The final night of Miss America Live! was broadcast from Las Vegas on TLC.

Kirsten's triumphant walk across the stage was just the beginning of a journey that will take her to every corner of the country during her year of service as Miss America 2008. She will travel approximately 20,000 miles each month speaking to audiences about her platform of Raising Awareness of Eating Disorders and acting as the official National Goodwill Ambassador for Children's Miracle Network. Children's Miracle Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children's hospitals, is the national platform partner of the Miss America Organization.

Kirsten is a student at University of Cincinnati. Her scholastic ambition is to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre and she ultimately hopes to become a Broadway performer. Along with the title of Miss America 2008, Kirsten won a $50,000 scholarship to continue her education. For the talent portion of the competition, Kirsten sang "Over the Rainbow."

The first runner-up was Miss Indiana Nicole Elizabeth Rash who earned a $25,000 scholarship. Her talent performance was the vocal, Bandido and her personal platform is Get on the L.-B.U.S. to break language barriers in the U.S.

Second runner-up honors and a $20,000 scholarship were awarded to Miss Washington Elyse Umemoto. Her talent was also a vocal performance, Angels, and her personal platform is Embracing Diversity, Empowering Women.

Miss Utah Jill Stevens was the winner of TLC's America's Choice, an online competition where viewers got the opportunity to vote for their favorite Miss America contestant. The contestant was announced at the beginning of the Miss America Live! broadcast and became the 16th Finalist to compete in the live finale.

As the world's largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women and one of the nation's leading achievement programs, the Miss America Organization last year made available more than $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance. The Miss America Organization provides young women with a vehicle to further their personal and professional goals and instills a spirit of community service through a variety of nationwide community-based programs.

Additional information about the Miss America Organization can be found at www.MissAmerica.org.

For up-to-the-minute competition news and information, as well as downloadable high-resolution images of Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund and the 2008 contestants, visit the 24-hour online pressroom at www.MissAmericaPressRoom.com.

To download photos of tonight's crowning moment, go to www.missamerica.org.


26 janeiro 2008

Miss America gets real



To boost sagging interest, the traditional pageant is out. A 21st century look is in.


IF you're an American over 40 whose mental frequency can still tune in to Bert Parks crooning, "There she is . . . Miss America!," you may have been dismayed to learn that the organizers this year turned the once-august pageant into a reality TV show, complete with makeover consultants, videotaped "confessionals" and an Italianate mansion as posh backdrop.

At one time, news of this sort might have sparked street riots and food rationing. Prior to, say, the 1980s, the Miss America pageant was an extremely big deal, a bedrock of heartland patriotism, socioeconomic aspiration and gender-role mythology. But its cultural star has dimmed over the years, and officials are struggling to reinvent the pageant for the 21st century.

Viewers can judge the results for themselves tonight, when TLC airs "Miss America Live," which included as buildup four one-hour episodes of "Miss America: Reality Check," an unscripted series that borrowed liberally from shows like "What Not to Wear," "America's Next Top Model" and "The Bachelor," while still trying to keep the contestants' fabled purity intact (read: no VH1-style hookups allowed!).

TLC's version of the pageant itself will sorely test Miss America traditionalists, provided they still exist. The 36 contestants who don't make it as finalists, for example, will not be ushered away but will instead watch from the "American Idol"-like stage -- with the semifinalists' parents, no less -- as their former rivals jockey for the crown. (Warning: Priceless reaction shots ahead.) And one of the 16 semifinalists will be chosen by viewers of the reality show.

Heresy? Maybe, but Sam Haskell said something had to be done to rescue the Las Vegas pageant from irrelevance.

"People used to know who Miss America was," Haskell, a former top William Morris TV agent and chairman of the Miss America Organization, said in an interview earlier this month. "There are going to be a lot of people who'll think we're denigrating the pageant. I don't think we are. I think we're making it more relatable. And I pray that I'm right."

In many ways, Haskell's bet sounds logical. After all, televised pageants are reality shows. Like "Top Model," Miss America has always had a competitive structure, a merciless winnowing process and a panel of judges. The connection is so obvious that the rival Miss USA pageant, owned by Donald Trump, is famous for the dozens of contestants who've graduated to that weird brand of fame reality TV affords, on "The Amazing Race," "Fear Factor," "The Bachelor" and many other shows.

But Miss America? Can a young scholarship recipient who supposedly sums up all that's ennobling about America somehow emerge from a reality show without tarnishing her crown? As Haskell tells it, even devotees were skeptical.

"A lot of the states were very nervous about it, [saying], 'What are you going to be doing, eating bugs?' " he said of the local organizers who send contestants to the national pageant. But producers were charged with keeping the series respectable: "They wouldn't put the girls in a position where they would have to do anything that wasn't classy."

And some say that's exactly the problem. With the push into reality TV, Miss America is maybe entering an arena where she can't win. Recapping "Reality Check" earlier this month, a writer for TVGasm.com wrote: "I've decided that TLC makes the most boring reality shows ever. Take some pointers from VH1, then call me."

As Tom Weeks, vice president and entertainment director at Chicago ad firm Starcom USA, more kindly put it: "You don't watch reality programming for safe content. You watch for 'Celebrity Rehab' and other train wrecks."

Weeks said that the explosion of media in recent years has simply diluted the cultural importance of the Miss America competition. "I don't think reality programming is the answer," he said, adding that officials should "refocus and get back to the basics."

Early ratings would seem to validate that view. The first episode of "Reality Check" this month logged a respectable 1.4 million viewers, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research. But subsequent airings were not as impressive, and the show hung on to only about two-thirds of the viewers from its lead-in, "What Not to Wear."

But it'd be a mistake to write off Haskell, who knows pageants almost as well as he does TV. The native of Amory, Miss., about 30 miles from Elvis Presley's hometown of Tupelo, ran the local pageant at Ole Miss and married his college sweetheart, Mary Donnelly, who was crowned Miss Mississippi in 1977.

The couple moved to Los Angeles, where Haskell began a successful 27-year career at William Morris, eventually overseeing the TV department and representing Bill Cosby, Ray Romano and other A-list clients. But he kept a close friendship with Al Marks, then Miss America's top official, and even served as a pageant judge during the 1980s.

Shortly after he exited the agency in early 2005, Haskell said, he began hearing from board members who were concerned that the pageant was losing its way. Television ratings had declined for years. Gloria Steinem and other feminist critics had made a cottage industry out of attacking the pageant as demeaning to women. And NBC had signed a long-term deal to telecast the rival Miss USA. ABC had decided to dump the Miss America telecast, and the other broadcasters were not interested in picking the show up.

"What I think what they were really unhappy about was the regime in charge was completely resistant to any kind of change," said Haskell, now 52. Officials clung to "this whole idea of presenting Miss America as this perfect Barbie doll, America's princess."

Haskell joined the board and later became chairman. He works for no salary and insisted the nonprofit organization get lean, slicing the staff from 25 to 12. More important, he helped negotiate the deals that would protect Miss America's all-important TV platform: First on CMT, Viacom's country-music network, and then, starting this year, on Discovery Networks' TLC.

"The television show is the Miss America pageant," Haskell said in his Southern drawl. "It's the only reason people know it's still around."

But he and other officials also realized that they had to find a way to reconnect with younger viewers. "One of the reasons Miss America started to fall is because we lost the younger kids," Haskell said. "They obviously are watching the other pageants. But I don't know why they didn't watch Miss America. Maybe they thought it was their parents' pageant."

If the reality show has done nothing else, some say, at least it has exposed contestants to another way of thinking about beauty and image.

During the makeover segments, consultants encouraged the women to rethink the traditional pageant reliance on heavy makeup and gigantic hairstyles.

"The girls really had to get away from that," said Rachael Scholten, a former Miss Ohio contestant who now works with Weeks at Starcom.

That kind of reaction is what gives Haskell hope that his experiment will ultimately succeed. He reasons that the organization has a chance "to rebrand Miss America, to create an alternative to Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

"Little girls today want to know what kind of shoes they're wearing, what kind of bag they're carrying, what kind of dress they're wearing, what kind of car they're driving," he said. "Why can't that be Miss America, someone with a positive image?"

The Channel Island column usually runs on Mondays. Contact Scott Collins at scott.collins@latimes.com


Larissa Berti é eleita miss Sinop 2008

25 de janeiro de 2008 - 20h55

A universitária Larissa Berti, 21 anos, foi escolhida miss Sinop, nesta sexta-feira à noite. Larissa desfilou com outras oito jovens nos trajes esporte, fitness e banho, e ganhou a preferência dos jurados nos quesitos beleza plástica, simpatia e desenvoltura na passarela. Ela recebeu a faixa e a coroa de mulher mais bela de Sinop, e representará o município no concurso Miss Mato Grosso 2008, no dia 1º de março.

Após o desfile, o prefeito Nilson Leitão lançou oficialmente o concurso Miss Mato Grosso, que será realizado em Sinop. No ano passado, a sinopense Juliana Simon recebeu a coroa de mulher mais bela do Estado.


25 janeiro 2008

'Miss America' gets some TLC


Friday, January 25th 2008, 4:00 AM

Can TLC, the network that has aired programming to help homeowners and the homely, save Miss America?

Viewers will answer that question tomorrow night at 8 when TLC debuts a remodeled "Miss America Pageant" - the latest in multiple makeovers to the show in recent years, all in an effort to save the storied ceremony.

"We're trying to make the contestants real, and relatable, and make their style and fashion more relatable to younger viewers," said Brent Zacky, TLC's vice president of programming.

TLC will produce the pageant in Hi-Def for the first time, and, in another twist to get viewers involved, they've added to the mix a 16th finalist to be selected by the home audience.

TLC picked up the rights to the show last year after CMT bailed early on a multiyear contract to carry the pageant. The CMT deal came after "Miss America" was not televised in 2005 and after the organizers had trouble finding a home when ABC, the last broadcast network to carry the event, passed as well.

CMT moved the show from its longtime home in Atlantic City to Las Vegas, where it will be held tomorrow night.

TLC has been promoting the show with the tag line "The Pageant ... like you've never seen it before."

The network started a run-up to the awards four weeks ago with a series, "Miss America Reality Check," designed to get viewers closer to the contestants, or to make the "Pageant Patties," as one woman on the show called them, look real.

"The tradition of Miss America is very important," Zacky said.

The reality show had the women going through a boot camp of sorts, and getting beauty and style advice while bonding.

"Our viewers have gotten to know these women for four straight weeks," Zacky said. "They've gotten to know them in a much more personal way, in a format that appeals to a much younger audience."

How much of that audience follows along is the big question. "Miss America Reality Check" averaged 1.35 million viewers in its first telecast Jan. 4, and last week averaged 989,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research figures obtained by the Daily News. Of course, those figures do not account for repeat telecasts - a big factor in the cable world.

TLC's Miss America pageant also comes at a time when ratings for the show - and all pageants - have dropped. Last year, the show averaged 1.64 million viewers. In 2004, it averaged 7 million on ABC. And in 1997, it averaged 12.2 million. For comparison, NBC's "Miss Teen" last year averaged 4.31 million viewers, "Miss Universe" 7.23 million and "Miss USA" 7.39 million.

Clearly, "Miss America" has been hit the hardest, and given the trend, the folks at TLC have their work cut out for them.

TLC's Zacky said he doesn't feel like the future of the show is riding on his shoulders.

"The future of the program," he said, "is bigger than any one person."


Presentan candidatas a Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico

Aixa Sepúlveda Morales/ Primera Hora

Las 33 puertorriqueñas que aspiran a representar a la Isla en el certamen de belleza Miss Mundo Internacional 2008 fueron presentadas formalmente esta tarde en uno de los estudios principales de Telemundo.

Las delegadas desfilaron en trajes rojos cortos y fueron presentadas individualmente por la actual reina, Jennifer Guevara.

Wilnelia Merced, única boricua en conquistar el título internacional en el 1975, destacó que el grupo es muy fuerte y que espera que en él se halle la segunda puertorriqueña que se lleve la corona de Miss Mundo Internacional.

Se anunció, además, que este año habrá seis mini concursos y las ganadoras de cada uno de ellos tendrán su pase directo a la ronda semifinal del concurso. Las competencias son deporte, talento, favorita del público mediante mensaje de texto de la compañía Centennial, belleza con propósito, mejor figura y top model. Este último renglón se añadió este año, luego que Jennifer Guevara lograra convertirse en la primera finalista de este mini concurso en China.

Los detalles de estas pequeñas competiciones serán anunciadas más adelante.

A estas seis ganadoras se añadirán seis más que serán elegidas por el panel de jueces, armando así a las 12 finalistas de la gala final.

La nueva reina representará a Puerto Rico en Ucrania el próximo mes de octubre.

El certamen Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico 2008 será el jueves 27 de marzo a las 8:00 de la noche en el Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas. Será emitido en directo por Telemundo.


Miss Teen USA 2008 could be an Indian

Lalit K Jha

Thursday, January 24, 2008: (New York):

Come August, the 2008 edition of Miss Teen USA, which is the most popular American pageant after Miss USA, would create history.

The bad news is that for the first time in its 26 years history, Miss Teen USA pageant would not be televised as the organisers, Miss Universe Organisation, and its broadcast partner NBC have failed to renew their contract.

Never mind, the large Indian American community this year has a lot to cheer than any time in the past; even if they do not get a chance to watch it live. For the first time in the history of this pageant, after it was started in 1983, an Indian-American has managed to reach the finals of Miss
Teen USA 2008.

Meet Sana Idnani, 17, whose parents coming from middle-class conservative family in Lucknow migrated to the US in 1977.

As Miss Teen New York 2008, Sana would compete along with 49 other finalist from different US States for the coveted Miss Teen USA 2008 in August - which is most likely to be held in Florida or California. She is the first Indian American to have won the Miss Teen New York title.

After her initial celebrations running through the Christmas and New Year vacation, Sana, who is a senior at the Herrick's High School, is gearing up for the toughest competition of her life so far. "I would start formal preparation from February," Sana told NDTV in an interview.

"This (Miss Teen New York 2008) is a great accomplishment. I am really proud that I am the first Indian American to reach the finals. I would like to take it a step further by winning the title," said Sana, who as a hobby spends time with senior citizens of the area. "I love spending time with them. You learn a lot," she added.

Sana had tried her luck in the competition last year, when she ended being the runner up; a good show many would think given that she was nervous in doing many things like wearing a bikini. "This (runner up) really motivated me that I can do it. I practiced a lot this time," she said, adding "determination" and "confidence" are the two biggest factors for her success.

Planning to be a Communication Major when she attends college in fall, Sana said, "I want to be a television anchor woman." However, she would not mind if she gets attractive offer from the Bollywood when she is in her 20s. Never mind, she had not had a chance to visit India so far after she was born here. "I want to go to India soon," said Sana, who is very active in the local Indian-American community. Sana said she loves participating in fashion shows. And being an athlete, she is in the school track team.

Though initially a little bit reluctant, Sana's parents are now proud of her accomplishments and are providing every possible help in her run up to the Miss Teen USA 2008. "We are proud of Sana," father Jagdish Idnani said.


24 janeiro 2008

Miss Earth Australia

IT TOOK more than glitz and glamour to get two Macarthur women on top of the world.

Alison Carlsen and Adriana Franco are finalists in the Miss Earth Australia competition that will be held in Sydney.
The contest promotes environmental awareness.
Those who are competing must demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.
Ms Carlsen, who lives in St Andrews, and Ms Franco, of Narellan, will be among other state finalists in May.
Ms Carlsen, 24, who's a teacher at Greenway Park Public, said she won the state finals because of her modelling and interview performance.

Contest: Alison Carlsen, 24 (above), a school teacher from St Andrews, and Adriana Franco, 18 (below), a makeup artist of Narellan, are vying to be be Miss Earth Australia.

"Personally, I believe actions speak more than words and therefore as adults and teachers we need to consider the messages we send out to children," she said.
"It's not only about promoting environmental issues, but also being an active participant in our day-to-day lives."
Ms Carlen said that being in the competition was good role modelling for her year 1 pupils.
Ms Franco, who's a makeup artist and who's 18, said she was "very passionate" about the environment.
"I feel it's important to promote awareness," she said.

"I think the promotion of environmental issues through a beauty pageant is a fantastic way to get people's attention."


Jay Chou offre à Miss Monde un billet pour son concert

Lors d'une conférence de presse pour son concert « Un monde, un rêve » à Beijing, Jay Chou a offert le premier billet à Zhang Zilin, Miss Monde et ambassadrice d'image des volontaires olympiques de l'Université des sciences et technologies de Beijing.

Le gymnase de l'Université des sciences et technologies de Beijing accueillera les compétitions de judo, de taekwondo, de basket-ball en fauteuil roulant et de rugby en fauteuil roulant pendant les Jeux olympiques et paralympiques de Beijing 2008. L'année dernière, Zhang Zilin, une ancienne étudiante de cette université, est devenue la première Miss Monde chinoise. Elle a été invitée ensuite à jouer le rôle d'ambassadrice d'image des volontaires olympiques de son école-mère.


Miss Jamaica Universe search on at jazz festival

Zahra Redwood, Miss Jamaica Universe 2007. - contributed

Undoubtedly, Jamaica has produced some of the most intoxicating rhythm-driven beats, world- class athletes and beautiful women. There is, indeed, a certain charm, a swivel in the hip, a unique warmness and distinctive sexiness about our exquisite 'daughtas, empresses and young women'.

As Zahra Redwood, Miss Jamaica Universe 2007 prepares to hand over the crown, the search for the most beautiful young women to compete in the Miss Jamaica Universe 2008 Beauty Pageant is on in earnest with a stop at this weekend's Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

All eyes on her in 2007, Zahra Redwood did the isle proud as she journeyed to Mexico City as the first Rastafarian beauty queen to appear in a major international pageant. The 5'8" biochemist was strongly highlighted and heavily praised for her individualism, beauty, eloquence and intelligence.

Great sponsors this year

Sponsored by several service providers, World Wise in association with the Hilton Kingston, CVM TV and The Gleaner, the 2008 staging of the Jamaica preliminary to the Miss Universe pageant promises to be the best yet. The planned prize package will help to increase the event's attractiveness to Jamaica's best talent.

The Pulse scouts will be out in full force at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival this week as the rest of Jamaica descends on to the second city, to find the best young women between ages 18-26, to compete for the most prestigious beauty title in the Universe.

A Miss Jamaica Universe booth will be mounted and interested applicants may visit the booth while enjoying the best of the music beginning on Thursday. The current Miss Jamaica Universe Zahra Redwood and a number of other fashion and beauty celebrities will be on hand to meet and greet the public.

Following the jazz festival, the Pulse team will continue its quest for the most attractive and articulate young women across Jamaica. As the excitement builds for the grand coronation show, a series of road shows are in the works for Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Portmore and Kingston.

Jamaica has had significant success at the Miss Universe pageant claiming four top ten finishes - Sandra Foster, Nicole Haughton, Christine Straw and Kimberley Mais. Viewed by close to a billion viewers around the world, the glamorous live event features some of the world's most beautiful women from approximately 85 countries.

Airing from the Crown Convention Center, on NBC and Telemundo this summer from Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, Japan native, Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 will crown her successor at the conclusion of the telecast.


23 janeiro 2008

THE Northern Marianas will not participate in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam.

By Moneth G. Deposa
Variety News Staff

THE Northern Marianas will not participate in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam.
Stellar Marianas president Laila Y. Boyer said there was no Miss Marianas Universe competition held last year as there were not enough local candidates.
The last time the CNMI participated in the international pageant was in 2006 when it sent Shequitta Bennett to be its representative.
“Miss Universe requires us to have at least 10 contestants in order to crown a delegate for the Miss Universe pageant,” Boyer said. “But we’re going to work it out this year to send our representative for the 2009 competition.”
So far, Boyer said, Stellar Marianas has five contestants for the local pageant and will finalize details after the Miss Teen Marianas pageant slated for March 8.
“There’s no reigning Miss Marianas Universe right now but we’re excited to crown a new queen to participate in the 2009 prestigious competition,” she said.

Sending a delegate cost the CNMI $6,000 two years ago.

“And every year that fee increases so it takes a little over $10,000 in total to be able to send a delegate,” Boyer said, adding that the nonprofit group will seek the community and business sector’s support to raise the needed funding.
According to a Web site, Miss Universe 2008 will be held at the Diamond Bay Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 15.
Over 80 contestants are expected to arrive in Vietnam.
This year’s winner will star in season two of the reality show “Pageant Place” which currently stars Riyo Mori, Rachel Smith, and Hilary Cruz.
The pageant will be broadcast to over 180 countries.


22 janeiro 2008

Ex Miss Universo venezolana Alicia Machado estaría esperando su primer hijo

22 de enero de 2008.-

La ex Miss Universo venezolana Alicia Machado, estaría embarazada de su primer hijo, según informó un programa de espectáculos de la televisión azteca. Aunque no se sabe quién sería el padre, se presume que pudiera ser el cantante mexicano José Manuel Figueroa, último novio de la diva criolla.

Machado, famosa por sus escándalos, protagonizó en 2005 un sonado video de sexo explícito mientras participaba en el reality show español "La Granja". La venezolana también ha sido portada de la revista para caballeros "Playboy".


Começam seletivas municipais para o concurso Miss Piauí 2008

Um grande evento irá marcar a realização do certame este ano, que será transmitido ao vivo pela TV Cidade Verde.

Fotos: Cidadeverde.com

Amadeu Campos recebeu a produção do concurso no Jornal do Piauí

Toda mulher já sonhou um dia em ser miss. Esse sonho pode está perto de ser realizado para algumas mulheres, que já estão inscritas no Concurso Miss Piauí 2008. O evento está causando o maior frisson em todos os municípios do Estado e será realizado no dia 26 de março.
Coordenado pelo colunista Nelito Marques, este ano o evento tem a parceria da TV Cidade Verde, que fará a transmissão ao vivo o certame, e promete resgatar o glamour do concurso.
Para isso, a produção do concurso já trabalha a todo vapor realizando as seletivas nos municípios. “A idéia é fazer essa integração entre os municípios do Estado”, destaca a coordenadora do programa, Virgínia Fabris.
Gizela Falcão e Virgínia Fabris
O concurso Miss Piauí foi tema de debate hoje no Jornal do Piauí, que convidou quatro profissionais para discutir sobre o certame. Participaram do debate a consultora de moda Gizela Falcão, o coreógrafo Roberto Freitas, a apresentadora Virgínia Fabris e o arquiteto Gualberto Júnior, que será o responsável pelo cenário do programa especial.
Gizela Falcão explica que serão trabalhados temas como etiqueta contemporânea entre as candidatas. “Além de estilo, essas mulheres precisam ter noção do que está acontecendo e saber que comportamento devem ter. Todo esse treinamento a gente irá fazer com as candidatas”, explica.
A apresentadora Virgínia Fabris ressaltou que uma das vantagens de participar do evento este ano é que o processo irá marcar a vida das candidatas. “Essas meninas chegarão de um jeito e sairão de outro, mesmo que não ganhem o título”, destaca.
Roberto Freitas e Gualberto Júnior
De acordo com o arquiteto Gualberto Souza, que ficará responsável pelo cenário do evento, a idéia é fazer algo diferente e ao mesmo tempo contemporâneo. Ele, que já tem experiência na criação de ambientes para vários tipos de eventos, promete criar um palco grandioso, que marque o evento numa sincronia perfeita. “Vai ser algo bem diferente e que aponte para o glamour. Para isso, pretendo usar muita luz e recursos contemporâneos, que já são marcas dos programas especiais realizados pela TV Cidade Verde”, diz.
Segundo especialistas no assunto, a postura é algo tão importante para uma candidata a miss quanto a beleza. Pensando nisso é que o evento este ano contará com a consultoria do coreógrafo Roberto Freitas e da booker Ludmila Ollicar, que irão realizar um trabalho fundamental com as candidatas ao titulo de Miss Piauí 2008.

“Beleza hoje não é o mais importante. A candidata é observada também por sua postura e atitude, daí a importância de se trabalhar isso com cada umas das pretendentes”, comenta Roberto Freitas.
As inscrições para o Concurso Miss Piauí 2008 podem ser feitas pelo cidadeverde.com, que disponibiliza o edital do Concurso.
Mais informações: 3131-1750 ou 9995-7507

Péricles Mendel


Miss USA Rachel Smith

Around Park City - 2008 Sundance Film Festival Day 5
PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 21: Miss USA Rachel Smith poses outside during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2008 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

21 janeiro 2008

Miss USA - Miss Illinois USA

Gibson Guitar Hospitality Lounge
- 2008 Sundance Film Festival Day 2
PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 20: Miss USA Rachel Smith poses with the Descente display at the Gibson Guitar celebrity hospitality lounge held at the Miners Club during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2008 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for KC Events)

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
CHICAGO - JANUARY 19: Chicago Bulls Luvabulls dance team member and Miss Illinois USA Shanon Lersch is introduced to the crowd during the NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls at the United Center January 19, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Lersch will represent Illinois in the Miss USA Pageant later this year. (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images)

20 janeiro 2008

Miss España 2008

Todo está listo para la nueva edición del certamen de 2008 que tendrá lugar el próximo 2 de marzo

Comienza la cuenta atrás para la celebración de la 48ª edición del Certamen de Miss España 2008. Los candidatos de las diferentes provincias españolas ya han sido elegidos. Las 52 representantes viajarán hasta Republica Dominicana el próximo 7 de febrero y se hospedarán en Boca Chica, considerado uno de los enclaves más bellos del país. Durante una semana, las candidatas visitarán los lugares más emblemáticos de la capital dominicana.

Las Misses tendrán la oportunidad de conocer el arrecife de coral protegido más grande todo el mar Caribe y podrán contemplar los más hermosos parajes de la zona. Además, serán recibidas por las autoridades de la República Dominicana y realizarán nuemerosas actividades. Pero no todo será trabajo. Las chicas podrán disfrutar de las espectaculares playas de Boca Chica, tomar el sol y nadar.

Tras haber convivido juntas durante una semana y haber realizado los posados, las modelos regresarán a España. Como viene siendo tradición desde hace seis años, las candidatas partirán a Marina D´Or, en Oropesa del Mar, Castellón. Será allí donde tendrán lugar las Pregalas y Galas de Miss y Mister España que se celebrarán los días 28 y 29 de febrero y 2 de marzo, respectivamente.

Un certamen con algunas novedades
Este año, el nuevo certamen de Miss y Mister España trae consigo algunas novedades. Tras la polémica suscitada el año pasado cuando una de las candidatas tuvo que abandonar tras conocerse que era madre, las bases han cambiado. En esta edición, Paula Sánchez y Sandra Veiga, que representan a Salamanca y Cantabria, respectivamente, son las primeras concursantes oficiales que tienen un hijo.


Concurso Miss Transex acontece na terça em São Paulo

Cristina Christiano, Diário de S. Paulo

SÃO PAULO - Beldades com idades entre 20 e 28 anos, representando oito países, disputarão o título de Miss World Transex 2008, na próxima terça-feira, no Teatro Bibi Ferreira, em São Paulo. O concurso será um espetáculo de beleza, elegância, sofisticação e sensualidade, onde não faltarão cultura e criatividade. Como nos anos anteriores, a organizadora, Bianca di Capri, do Grupo Unificado de Travestis e Transexuais, realizou tudo sem patrocínio. Para ela, uma das maiores dificuldades para obter apoio, principalmente de grandes empresas ligadas à beleza, é a falta de conhecimento e o preconceito.

- Existe um muro de Berlim entre os transexuais e o resto da sociedade. As pessoas sequer imaginam que também somos seres com cultura, inteligência e capacidade de vender seus produtos - lamenta.

Para Bianca, o concurso é uma oportunidade de visibilidade para transexuais e travestis e de levar um pouco de sua história à sociedade. Ela afirma que foi graças a esses concursos que, lá fora, as pessoas descobriram o potencial dos brasileiros e passaram a valorizá-los.

Neste ano, o concurso será precedido de seminário, que acontece na segunda-feira, na Coordenadoria de Diversidade Sexual da Prefeitura. Nele serão discutidas questões relacionadas à comunidade transexual, à sua história, à cultura e elaborada cartilha com código de ética. Na terça-feira, as candidatas passarão por tratamento de beleza, massagem e relaxamento.

Manto e coroa

Tornar-se símbolo de beleza e receber o manto vermelho e a coroa é o sonho da maioria das candidatas. Para não fazer feio na passarela, elas se prepararam com dieta balanceada e muita atividade física. Além disso, cada uma elaborou e bancou os trajes do desfile. Ao contrário de outros concursos de miss, no World Transex há equilíbrio entre candidatas solteiras e casadas. No time das que carregam o companheiro a tiracolo estão as misses Itália, Camila Prins, de 24 anos; Egito, Bruna Martinelli, de 24; Brasil, Carla Renata Ferraz, de 22, e Espanha, Wanessa Bysmark, de 24. Já as solteiras são a da Grecia, Raphaela Faria, de 28 anos; Tailândia, Vanessa Meclayne, de 22; Rússia, Carla Novaes, de 20, e Estados Unidos, Evelyn Soares, de 22.

A vencedora ganhará uma cirurgia plástica da Modelo Corpu's Dr. Paulino; dois peelings faciais a laser da clínica Edy Guimarães, clareamento dentário da clínica Doutor Júnior; um ano de tratamento de beleza para eventos da Lakan Estética Center, e depilação a laser da Lallá Constellatos. O empresário Carlos Alberto Silva doou o teatro.


A cabeleireira Monique Andry, de 25 anos, eleita Miss Transex 2007, afirma que conseguiu realizar todos os seus sonhos durante o reinado. Mas o mais importante, para ela, foi ter feito a cirurgia para mudança de sexo, em outubro.

- Era um sonho que guardava desde criança. Queria ser completa como mulher, porque na minha cabeça sempre tive o sexo feminino. Aos 4 anos, já calçava os sapatos de salto alto da minha mãe. Fiz vários testes comprovando a feminilidade no meu cérebro e, agora, estou lutando para trocar de nome - diz.

Monique está namorando há sete meses com um gerente de comércio de São Paulo, mas acha que ainda é cedo para casar. Antes, quer conhecer bem seu companheiro para não cometer enganos mais tarde. Para ela, ter sido eleita miss, foi a uma das melhores coisas de sua vida.

- Sou um exemplo de perseverança, porque nunda desisti dos meus sonhos. Já havia participado de vários concursos, mas sempre ficava em segundo ou terceiro lugar - afirma.


19 janeiro 2008

Miss Uberaba quer o título estadual

Nova Miss Uberaba, Mariângela Barbosa, não esconde a satisfação com a conquista, mas já mira um novo objetivo. A loira de 23 anos quer surpreender e ser escolhida Miss Minas Gerais, em setembro.
Miss Uberaba quer o título estadual
Por Fernando Natálio

Nova Miss Uberaba, Mariângela Barbosa, não esconde a satisfação com a conquista, mas já mira um novo objetivo. A loira de 23 anos quer surpreender e ser escolhida Miss Minas Gerais, em setembro.

Ela recebeu a faixa de Polliana Santos, Miss Uberaba 2007, na noite do dia 18, no salão do restaurante Solar 17, e afirmou que será um prazer muito grande representar a cidade na disputa estadual. "Foi muito bom. É uma experiência indescritível. Afinal, tem tantas mulheres bonitas em Uberaba e, mesmo assim, fui eleita", observa, acrescentando que pretende trazer muitas alegrias para o povo dessa cidade e, quem sabe, a coroa de Miss Minas Gerais.

Enquanto isso, sua antecessora faz planos para o futuro. Polliana Santos, 20, quer seguir na área e alçar vôos maiores. Ela almeja até internacionalizar sua carreira. "Meu objetivo é não parar por aqui. Vou disputar e tentar vencer novos concursos. Quero melhorar meu desempenho e aprimorar o inglês. Gostei de ser Miss e, por isso, pretendo buscar novos desafios neste ramo. Tenho a intenção de participar de novas disputas até fora do país", revela.

Também presente no evento, Marina Oliveira Marques, Miss Minas Gerais 2008, é outra que está otimista quanto ao seu futuro. Ela quer brilhar no concurso Miss Brasil, previsto para ser realizado no dia 13 de abril, em São Paulo. "Estou animada. A expectativa para esta disputa é grande. Só de falar nisso já dá um friozinho na barriga. Mas, estou motivada e acho que posso me sair bem. Por enquanto, estou me dedicando somente a esse evento", afirmou a morena de 19 anos.

Rayanne Moraes, Miss Brasil Universitária, também apoiou a nova Miss Uberaba. A representante brasileira, de 19 anos, chegou a disputar a eleição mundial de sua categoria, na Coréia do Sul, e ficou na quarta colocação, além de faturar três premiações por rosto mais bonito, corpo harmonioso e comunicação. "Vim aqui conhecer essa belezinha que vai representar Uberaba no Miss Minas Gerais. E também sigo me preparando para ir além".

Alemã vence Top Model of the World e gera críticas de adversárias

Hurgada (Egito), 19 jan (EFE).- A jovem alemã Alesandra Alores venceu hoje o concurso de beleza Top Model of the World, realizado na cidade litorânea egípcia de Hurghada, resultado que gerou o protesto das outras participantes.

Alores, de 24 anos e com 1,72 metro de altura, convenceu o júri, mas foi alvo de críticas de muitas de suas 40 rivais no concurso, que asseguraram que ela não cumpre os requisitos para ser uma supermodel.

"Não estamos satisfeitas porque ela (Alores) não é 'a top model'", disse à Agência Efe a representante espanhola, Carlota Tabarini, que afirmou que a alemã "não é um modelo" de supermodel e não se esforçou durante os ensaios do concurso.

A candidata britânica, Nicola Moriarty, também não poupou críticas à escolha.

"Não é justo, ela é muito baixa, chegava tarde e bêbada aos ensaios, e enquanto o resto de nós dividia os quartos, ela tinha um só para ela, porque sabia que ia vencer", desabafou.

Apesar dos protestos, Alores não esconde sua felicidade pelo prêmio e contou à Efe que recebeu como um "choque" a notícia de que era a vencedora do concurso.

"Foi uma surpresa, porque eu era a mais baixa das finalistas, mas já era a hora de uma baixinha vencer", afirmou a vencedora alemã, que não quis comentar as acusações de suas adversárias.

O diretor-gerente na Europa da World Beauty Organization (Organização Mundial da Beleza), o alemão Detlef Tursies, que é um dos organizadores do evento, minimizou as críticas e disse à Efe que "os concursos de beleza são como partidas de futebol, em que cada um tem o seu favorito e sempre há controvérsia".

"Além disso, nós, os alemães, não somos muito patriotas", disse Tursies, em referência ao fato de vários membros do júri ser dessa nacionalidade.

A bielo-russa Alena Aladka e a egípcia Lobna Amin foram escolhidas primeira e segunda dama de honra, respectivamente.

O concurso Top Model of the World é uma competição para escolher a candidata com mais talento para se transformar na maior supermodel do mundo.


Miss France attaque en justice Ardisson

Dans le cadre de l’émission "La Méthode Cauet " sur TF1, Miss France 2008, Valérie Bègue a confirmé qu’elle avait l’intention de poursuivre en justice, l’animateur Thierry Ardisson pour insultes.

Miss France insulté par Thierry Ardisson

Miss France attaque Thierry Ardisson en justice

Yves Jaeglé


«QUELLE PUTE, hein ! » Il l'a dit avec un sourire complice et gourmand. Thierry Ardisson parlait de Valérie Bègue, miss France 2008, lors d'un dialogue avec Geneviève de Fontenay, samedi dernier, dans son émission « Salut les Terriens ! » sur Canal +. La dame au chapeau venait présenter sa miss à elle, la deuxième dauphine Laura Tanguy, qui représentera la France dans les concours internationaux et l'accompagnera lors des galas régionaux.

Miss France n'a pas tardé à répliquer. Son avocat, M e Iqbal Akoun, nous a confirmé hier qu'il allait attaquer en justice l'animateur, sa société de production Téléparis et le diffuseur Canal +. Motifs : l'insulte « grave », et le fait que Thierry Ardisson ait montré à l'écran les photos controversées, alors que la justice a déjà condamné le magazine « Entrevue » pour les avoir publiées de manière « frauduleuse ».

Canal + défend totalement son animateur. « C'est du second degré, de l'humour, de l'impertinence, l'esprit Canal. Mais on adore miss France et on va l'appeler pour le lui dire », assure-t-on à la direction de la chaîne. Au-delà de l'incident, la guerre des miss risque de faire rage toute l'année. Ardisson a présenté Laura Tanguy comme « miss France bis ». L'expression ne déplaît pas à Geneviève de Fontenay. « Elle l'est un peu, de fait. Cette année, nous avons une miss France à deux têtes. Je ferai mon chemin parallèle, je n'emmènerai Valérie Bègue nulle part. Elle est rayée. Je désavoue le mot employé par Thierry Ardisson, mais voilà ce que ces images vont susciter. »

Problème : dans son contrat, la sanction indique que l'élue des téléspectateurs de TF 1 est interdite de galas régionaux pour un temps donné - non précisé - mais pas pour toute la durée de son élection. « Pour moi, il n'y a qu'une miss France et c'est Valérie », précise Sylvie Tellier, directrice générale de la Société miss France. Les élections régionales commencent en avril. Geneviève de Fontenay - qui étrille aussi Valérie Bègue dans un « Paris croisière » diffusé prochainement sur Paris Première - n'assistant pas à la totalité des 36 défilés, il est plus que probable que les deux ennemies ne s'y croiseront jamais.


Miss Atlántico Internacional

Son 16 chicas que buscarán la corona

Promociones Gloria
Miss Argentina, Alejandra Bernal lista para concursar.
Roxana Navarro, Univision Online

El próximo 26 de enero se llevará a cabo el certamen Miss Atlántico Internacional 2008, en la paradisiaca ciudad de Punta del Este, Uruguay. Una de las 16 aspirantes se alzará con la corona que el año pasado fue para Soraya Bohl de Argentina.

Las bellas reinas ya se encuentran concentradas en el hotel sede donde han realizado varias actividades, así como pasatiempos recreativos.

Bello destino turistico

La primera edición de Miss Atlántico Internacional se realizó en 1987 en Uruguay, con el objetivo de difundir la historia, cultura y el turismo del país sudamericano.

Desde ese día hasta hoy el concurso ha tomado gran fuerza e importancia y cada vez son más los patrocinadores que se interesan en tener un espacio dentro del certamen.

Así que este 2008, la organización dirigida por Heber I. Barrios, celebrarán su aniversario número 21 con una gran fiesta y la coronación de la nueva soberana en el complejo Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa.

Los países que este año se inscribieron son: Argentina, representando por Alejandra Bernal, quien participó en Miss Mundo 2007. También están, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Estonia, Haiti, Honduras, México.

Reinas de Paraguay, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, y Uruguay, buscarán coronarse como la nueva soberana. Por parte de Venezuela, está Claudia Suárez, quien también estuvo en el concurso Miss Mundo y es una de las favoritas para ganar.


Miss California Teen USa - Miss America

Disney Premiere Of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus - Arrivals
HOLLYWOOD - JANUARY 17: Taylor Atkins, Miss California Teen USA attends the 'Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus' film premiere at the El Capitan Theatre on January 17, 2008 in Hollywood, California (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Palazzo Las Vegas Grand Opening Weekend
LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 17: LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 17: Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson arrives at The Grand Opening weekend of The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino on January 17, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images) (Photo by Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images)

16 janeiro 2008

Muslim plays Anne Frank in Germany

Published: 01/16/2008
Asli Bayram, pictures of the model and actress
Asli Bayram, Short Cut to Hollywood. Photo by Stefan Falke

A Muslim former beauty queen is playing Anne Frank in a new stage production in Germany.

Asli Bayram, a daughter of Turkish immigrants who won Germany's national beauty pageant in 2005, has since turned to acting and plays Anne Frank in a one-woman show that opened this week in Frankfurt.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot, the tale of the Jewish teenager who documented her family's doomed efforts to hide from the Nazis during World War II holds special resonance for Bayram: Her father was shot dead by a German right-wing extremist when she was 14, an attack that she witnessed and which left her seriously wounded.

"By means of my work I want to prevent such terrible things, and to act against extremist ideology," Yediot quoted Bayram, now 26 and also a law-school graduate, as saying.

"People must always be reminded that they have to keep an eye on what goes on around them, to prevent such phenomena," she added.

Bayram's portrayal of Anne Frank has been received warmly by Germany's Jewish community as well as professional drama critics, Yediot reported.


15 janeiro 2008

Miss Black USA 2007 Kalilah Allen-Harris

The 2008 Trumpet Awards
ATLANTA - JANUARY 13: Miss Black USA 2007 Kalilah Allen-Harris poses on the red carpet before entering the 2008 Trumpet Awards at the Atlanta Civic Center on January 13, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Gavin Averill/Getty Images)

Natália Guimarães fotografa como Maria Madalena

Regina Rito

Natália Guimarães fez fotos, neste domingo, em um estúdio em Botafogo como Maria Madalena para a Paixão de Cristo de Nova Jerusalém, em Pernambuco.

"Sou religiosa e no dia que recebi o convite fiquei muito feliz. Durante a prova do figurino, a emoção bateu mais forte ainda. Essa personagem foi um presente de Deus. Será uma experiência única na minha vida e que vou guardar para sempre. Já comecei a estudar o texto e estou me dedicando muito", disse a miss em conversa.

Natália chegou ao estúdio de chinelo, porque, de tanto ensaiar para o Carnaval, está com os pés cortados.

Thiago Lacerda será Jesus; Surama de Castro, Maria, e Werner Schunemann, Herodes. Tarcísio Filho viveria Pilatos, mas precisou cancelar a participação por conta das gravações da minissérie Queridos Amigos, de Maria Adelaide Amaral. No lugar, ficou Floriano Peixoto.


14 janeiro 2008

“En Miss Universo quieren a una joven líder”

La reina nacional de la belleza visitó Manizales con motivo 37º Reinado Internacional del Café. Sigue trabajando por su fundación San Vicente de Paul, creada cuando fue elegida Señorita Magdalena. Vivencias.

FOTOS/MARTHA HELENA MONROY/LA PATRIA -- Los compromisos de Taliana María Vargas Carrillo como Señorita Colombia no la han alejado de la fundación que formó para Santa Marta, luego de ser elegida Señorita Magdalena, para luchar contra el analfabetismo.

Redacción/LA PATRIA


Se aplica poco maquillaje y prefiere hacerlo ella misma. Este es uno de los rasgos que muestra la sencillez y seguridad en sí misma de la Señorita Colombia, Taliana María Vargas Carrillo, quien estuvo en la recta final del 37º Reinado Internacional del Café, efectuado en Manizales.

En diálogo con LA PATRIA se mostró optimista con su próxima participación en Miss Universo, del que confirmó que será hacia junio en Hanoi, capital de Vietnam, y en donde, dijo, su prioridad será mostrar la calidad humana de los colombianos.


¿Cómo ha cambiado su vida desde que se convirtió en Señorita Colombia?

Ha dado un giro de 180 grados y positivo para mi vida. Ahora tengo un trabajo que requiere mucha responsabilidad, y a veces para una jovencita de 20 años es un poco difícil de afrontar, porque hay que rendirle cuentas a todo un país. Pero, poco a poco uno se va acostumbrando y eso ayuda a que uno madure.

Con lo que ha conocido de Colombia desde que fue elegida ¿ha cambiado su visión sobre el país?

Sí, cada vez que uno viaja se da cuenta de la verdadera situación. Uno quiere ayudar más en la vida de muchas personas, luchar contra el analfabetismo, y todo el tiempo analiza cómo puede ayudar a los más necesitados.

¿Ya tiene algo en mente para cumplir ese propósito?

Sí, siendo Señorita Magdalena comencé la fundación San Vicente de Paul, ayudamos a 200 niños, les damos comida a diario, son desplazados por la violencia en la zona bananera, y les prodigamos la palabra de Dios para que crezcan con paz y alegría en sus corazones. Ahora, queremos crear una escuelita que llevará mi nombre, donde se podrán educar no solo niños, sino también los ancianos que no saben ni leer ni escribir.

En su año de reinado y como la representación bonita de nuestro país, debe tener un objetivo principal ¿Cuál es?

Vine con un objetivo. Vivo en el exterior hace varios años con mi familia y decidí regresar a mi patria querida para ayudar a cambiar la imagen de Colombia en el mundo, que no es justa con el país. Colombia no solo tiene los paisajes, el café, sino personas emprendedoras, valores de casa que ninguna otra cultura posee. Eso es lo primordial para dar a conocer en Miss Universo.

Miss Universo

¿Cómo se prepara para este concurso, cuándo es, cuándo viaja?

Se realizará alrededor de junio, las fechas todavía no están establecidas por Miss Universo, pero ya sabemos que será en Hanoi, la capital de Vietnam. Estaremos un mes en el sur de Asia, normalmente asisten entre 70 y 80 niñas. Con el favor de Dios nos irá muy bien.

¿Por qué el país no ha podido recuperar la corona en ese concurso, lograda hace 50 años?

Depende de qué buscan los jurados. En los últimos años vemos que en Miss Universo quieren a una joven líder, con sueños y metas, con los pies en la tierra, que sepa lo que quiere y sea auténticas, que marque la diferencia entre tantas mujeres lindas. Espero que este año sea de nosotros.

¿Cómo se sintió en Manizales?

Estoy enamorada de Manizales. La Señorita Caldas, Valentina Llano, me habían hablado muy bien de la ciudad en el Concurso Nacional de Belleza, en Cartagena, pero no había tenido la oportunidad de venir y me encantó. La gente es muy cordial, el Reinado Internacional del Café y las ferias están muy organizadas, en otras partes del país no se dan de esa manera. La ciudad y sus paisajes son bellísimos.

Realidades y proyectos

Sobre su reinado y sus proyectos a largo plazo, la Señorita Colombia, Taliana María Vargas Carrillo, expresó:

* “He cambiado solo en cuanto a ser más disciplinada, estar siempre puntual, que es la cortesía de la reina y que me costaba antes. Pero sigue el mismo humor, la misma escencia, la misma mujer tranquila y carismática”.

* “Lo más difícil de ser Señorita Colombia ha sido acostumbrarme al maquillaje diario y a los tacones. Antes no me bajaba de tenis y jeans, era una niña de universidad, común”.

* “Estoy enfocada en mi trabajo, en dar lo mejor de mí, tanto que mi familia con una llamada diaria o cosas así, pequeñas, me llena”.

* “Mi gran meta es terminar mi carrera, que es Comunicación e Idiomas en Estados Unidos; pero tengo que aprovechar este momento, estoy aquí por razones de Dios. Vamos a ver que sale después de Miss Colombia”.

* “Quiero ser doctora en Comunicación para el Desarrollo y ayudarle a comunidades vulnerables en el mundo entero, por medio de sus culturas. Por eso me gusta estudiar sus idiomas, su comportamiento”.


13 janeiro 2008

Nueva Miss para la 'nació catalana'

  • El certamen ha elegido a una representante que competirá en Miss Europa Latina
  • Algunas de las concursantes dicen que 'nunca' se presentarían a Miss España
  • Ésta es la segunda vez que se celebra este particular concurso
Los ganadores del certamen 'Miss y Mister Nació Catalana 2007': (Foto: Antonio Moreno)
Ampliar foto

Los ganadores del certamen 'Miss y Mister Nació Catalana 2007': (Foto: Antonio Moreno)

Actualizado domingo 13/01/2008 13:51


CASTELLDEFELS (BARCELONA).- Faltaba poco para que la representante del Barcelonès fuera coronada Miss Nació catalana 2008 -un concurso que sólo se había celebrado una vez antes y que permite acudir con representación propia al certamen Miss Europa Latina-, y su rostro rezumaba concentración.

Patricia Ruiz, estudiante de tercer curso de Ingeniería aeronáutica en la UPC, premiaba su nuevo peinado, el quinto de la noche, con una sincera sonrisa a su peluquera. La joven de Sarrià, 22 años de belleza y simpatía, se sabía ganadora, y asumía con elegancia la distancia sobre el resto. Cataluña tiene una nueva 'pubilla' que de mayor quiere ser astronauta.

A las puertas del éxito quedaron las representantes de El Garraf (Jana Pérez), Ribera d'Ebre (Sandra Avila) y el Baix Llobregat (Verónica Barrones). A pesar de que Cataluña cuenta con 41 comarcas, sólo 26 chicas, con poca experiencia, tomaron parte del concurso.

En contra de lo anunciado, la clase política apenas ha estado representada por una concejal convergente del Ayuntamiento de Castelldefels, localidad que ha acogido una gala falta de ritmo y cuya presentación ha rayado la vulgaridad.

En hombres, Gerard Téllez, preparador físico barcelonés de 26 años, es el nuevo guaperas de Cataluña. "El único que nos llevaríamos", ha sentenciado un representante de Mister España presente en el acto.

¿Y cómo es la catalana de 2008? "Somos guapas por nuestra naturalidad; dulces pero estamos prevenidas; sacrificadas", definía Cristina, representante del Vallès Occidental. "Somos finas, sensuales, sencillas y elegantes; nada que ver con la chica sexy latina", apostilla Alba Mestre, candidata del Vallès Oriental, estudiante de arquitectura.

Dos de los participantes posa en el desfile en ropa interior, con unos calzoncillos con la 'senyera'. (Foto: Antonio Moreno)
Ampliar foto

Dos de los participantes posa en el desfile en ropa interior, con unos calzoncillos con la 'senyera'. (Foto: Antonio Moreno)

Ha sido un concurso catalán -aunque no nacionalista, según el organizador, Alberto Márquez- en el que se hablaba mucho en castellano. Al menos en los camerinos. "Claro que me gustaría ser Mister España", exclama Cristian, un joven búlgaro representante de la Vall d'Aran.

Sin embargo, unas pocas chicas "nunca" se presentarían a Miss España: "A pesar de que tiene mayor proyección, no iría porque no me siento española", afirma Sara Vila, representante del Alt Empordà. "No tengo nada que ver con la belleza de las andaluzas o las madrileñas", abundaba Cristina, quien quería "representar a mi país" porque "debe una sentirse identificada con Cataluña" para participar en este concurso. "Y eso no ha pasado".

Mientras, dos participantes de origen rumano bromeaban en el camerino."¿Por qué no puede ser Miss Cataluña una rumana?", reivindicaba Alina, 19 años, representante de la comarca de El Montsià


Miss Nicaragua 2008

Tania Trejos
END - 22:42 - 11/01/2008

Anoche las quince candidatas a Miss Nicaragua 2008 se presentaron oficialmente ante los medios de comunicación y toda Nicaragua, frente a barras efusivas que apoyaban a la candidata de su preferencia.

Una noche de glamour, colorido y mucho brillo envolvió la sala donde se realizó este espectáculo de belleza.

Las beldades iniciaron su presentación con una pasarela interactiva donde lucían antifaces y vestuario de color plateado ajustado a sus hermosas figuras.

Luego realizaron su presentación oficial, donde dieron a conocer al público su filosofía de vida. Cada una de ellas lució hermosos vestidos de noche y en diferentes tonalidades que resaltaban sus bien moldeadas siluetas.

Este año el certamen Miss Nicaragua 2008 está dedicado a la ciudad de Matagalpa; el concurso se centrará en destacar las bondades de este bello departamento, las bellezas visitarán esta hermosa ciudad para conocer su historia, su gente y atractivos turísticos.

Las participantes son Geisell Gabriela Reyes, de 21 años, de Masaya; Sonia Barba Fiallos, 21 años, de Sébaco; Paola Úbeda Farrach, 19 años de Managua; Jassel Jiménez Artola, 21 años, de Matagalpa; Blanca García Hernández, 19 años, de Managua; Ligia María Largaespada Bello, 23 años, de Granada; Igni Lilka Espinoza, 23 años, de Puerto Cabezas; Alexandra Castillo Aguilar, 23 años, de Managua; Gwuendolyne García, 21 años, de Managua; Karina Gordon, 18 años, de Bluefields; Nydia Blandino Orochena, 20 años, de Managua; Thelma Rodríguez, 18 años, de Chinandega; Belkis Gabriela Figueroa, 21 años, de Estelí; Cinthya Vega García, 20 años, de Managua, y Amalia Palacios Gutiérrez, 23 años, de Managua.

El evento final de Miss Nicaragua 2008 será el 23 de febrero, en el Teatro Nacional “Rubén Darío”, a partir de las 7:30 de la noche.




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