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Tara Conner: 'I'm A Lot More Wholesome Than People Think"

Posted by Jarett Wieselman at 10:23 AM on January 30, 2009

There are probably a million descriptives that run through your mind upon hearing the name Tara Conner -- disgrace, victim, liar, fall-guy -- but for the first time the former Miss USA is trying to add country music star into the mix.

The 23-year-old is throwing her cowgirl hat into the ring for season three of CMT's addictive "Gone Country," in which seven celebrities compete to release a country music song and hopefully create a whole new fanbase for themselves. For Tara, the decision to join "Gone Country" could not only jump start her career, but she might finally prove to America they totally have the wrong idea of who she is.

PopWrap: What made you want to join "Gone Country?"
Tara Conner: Because I'm a country girl at heart. I'm from Kentucky and the first Miss Kentucky to become Miss USA -- it just fit. Plus, I love singing and I've always been a performer, it's just one of my biggest fears.

PW: What is, singing?
Tara: Singing in front of a crowd. But I've always wanted to do it and this forced me to.

PW: I would have thought being Miss USA would make you comfortable in front of crowds?
Tara: Well, it's different when you're singing versus just walking [laughs].

PW: What was your reaction when you found out people like Taylor Dane, Sheila E. and Justin Guarini were your competition?
Tara: My first thought was that I had no idea who any of them were. I know that sounds bad, but I'm not good with names. One I heard them sing and realized who they were, it was scary. Like, what had I gotten myself into. But they pushed me to be better.

PW: The show is all about writing a country song -- typically those are pain-filled, right?
Tara: Yeah, it's all about the song and what we put into the song. I have so many things to pull from, so many different experiences to use in writing this song.

PW: Does it make you nervous to put yourself back out into the public eye?
Tara: I was more ready to let people see what's going on with me. I'm an open book, I have nothing to hide. I've been through my share of ups and downs, but I've grown so much from that. But I think people's perception of me is so different from who I really am. I'm a lot nicer, a lot sweeter and a lot more wholesome than people seem to think. This was a great opportunity to show off the real me.

PW: Was writing the song cathartic for you?
Tara: It was effortless. I have so much to tap into, it was therapeutic. It was beautiful. When I left the show, I felt like I was living again. It's one thing to go through an experience and feel the shame and guilt but it's even better when you get to use that and turn it into something beautiful.

PW: What is the one lesson you took away from this experience?
Tara: I need to believe in myself more. I have a habit of setting myself up to fail because of that past. I need to have a little more faith in myself now.

PW: Do you see a future for yourself in country music, regardless of how the show turns out?
Tara: I would hope that I have a long-term career. I have been working with my vocal coach and recording a couple if tracks. I'm trying to do this right, start from the ground up. I just want to jump into this because I love it -- if it works out, great. If it doesn't, at least I tried.

PW: Not only are you competing on the show, but also living with the rest of the cast -- did you all get along?
Tara: OK, here's the thing -- on the show, they end up calling me Mary bleeping Sunshine. But the truth is, I don't have a mean bone in my body. There might be some roommate drama, but it ends up being hilarious. We end up becoming like a family, with all the typical family problems.

PW: It is true that you're writing a book, too?
Tara: I was working on it, but the thing is, I'm 23 years old. I'm still growing. Ultimately I want my book to be of service to anyone because my experiences have been so crazy, but it's still a work in progress. I just hit 2 years sober, so I want to have a little more sobriety under my belt and a little more wisdom before I start saying, "here's the story of my life."

PW: This is your second reality TV experience -- after "Pageant Place" -- have you gotten used to being filmed?
Tara: With "Pageant Place" it was a pain in the rear because I wasn't used to have a camera in my face. But with this show, it isn't made to create drama. It's not built to put you down so I wasn't worried that the producers were doing things to make me look bad.

PW: So I was a "PP" watcher and I'm wondering what your relationship with Katie Blair [her former BFF and 2006's Miss Teen USA who tattled about Tara's drug and alcohol abuse] is like today?
Tara: Katie and I are friends today. She and Josh broke up

PW: Well, anyone who watched the show knew that was coming!
Tara: [laughs] Yeah. She's dating this really cute guy named Doug now and she lives near me in LA. We have such a strong connection because of everything we went through together -- so many ups and downs. She's growing and I'm growing and at the end of the day we just have to let bygones be bygones and try to coexist in the world.

"Gone Country" airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on CMT.

Miss Sinaloa sale de la cárcel

La fiscalía mexicana no encuentra elementos que vinculen a Laura Elena Zúñiga con el crimen organizado
EFE - México - 31/01/2009

La modelo mexicana Laura Elena Zúñiga cambió el pasado diciembre su banda de reina de la belleza de Sinaloa por la prisión. Ahora, la fiscalía ordena su liberación al no encontrar elementos que la vinculen con el crimen organizado.

Laura Zúñiga- REUTERS

La Procuraduría General de la República solicita en un comunicado "el levantamiento de arraigo [la detención preventiva] a favor de Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar, toda vez que derivado de las investigaciones practicadas, no se desprendieron datos que la relacionen con actividad criminal alguna".

La ex Miss Sinaloa, de 23 años, fue detenida el pasado 23 de diciembre en el municipio de Zapopan, en el estado de Jalisco, al oeste del país, junto a siete narcotraficantes y un arsenal que incluía dos rifles de asalto AR-15, 600 cartuchos y tres pistolas.

Los detenidos, presuntos miembros del cartel de Juárez, a quienes se les incautó durante su arresto armas de alto poder y miles de dólares y a quienes se investiga por delitos de delincuencia organizada, narcotráfico, operaciones con recursos de procedencia ilícita y violación a la ley federal de armas de fuego, seguirán en detención preventiva durante otros 38 días.


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Zagreb may host the Miss Universe 2009 competition in May. Deputy Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic reportedly support Zagreb as the venue for the event, but a final decision on formally submitting a bid to host it has not yet been made.

Vladimir Kraljevic, the head of the organisation Miss Universe Croatia, said: "We will need to send a bid to America in two weeks. The organisers, including Donald Trump, are really interested in having the contest in Croatia this year. Now, with newly-built Zagreb Arena, we are ready to host it, and I believe we should wait no longer."

He said organizers who had already visited Croatia had been thrilled by what they had seen. The Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Great Britain and Macau have already submitted bids to host the pageant. The event could also be held in other Croatian cities such as Split, Pula and Osijek.

Source: Croatiantimes.com


Miss USA 2006

Former Miss USA Tara Conner speaks at a news conference to announce MTV's new show 'The Girls of Hedsor Hall' on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009. The new reality show will focus on 12 American girls shipped off to England to attend a proper English finishing school. Connor will serve as a visiting American instructor. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Executive Producer Donald J. Trump, left, listens to Former Miss USA Tara Conner speak at a news conference to announce MTV's new show 'The Girls of Hedsor Hall' on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009. The new reality show will focus on 12 American girls shipped off to England to attend a proper English finishing school. Connor will serve as a visiting American instructor. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Disciplinarian Rosemary Shrager, left, Executive Producer Donald J. Trump, second left, former Miss USA Tara Conner and headmistress Gill Harbord, right, attend a news conference announcing MTV's new show 'The Girls of Hedsor Hall' on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009. The new reality show will focus on 12 American girls shipped off to England to attend a proper English finishing school under Shrager and Harbord. Connor will serve as a visiting American instructor. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Courtesy of Yahoo News.

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani : "J'ai eu des tendances boulimiques"

Les révélations des Miss France se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas. Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Miss France 2007, confie au magazine Closer qu'elle a souffert de boulimie lors de son règne.
Rachel Legrain Trapani

Être Miss France, ça n'est pas que du bonheur, contrairement à ce que l'on pourrait s'imaginer. En tout cas, pour Rachel Legrain-Trapani, la pression subie pendant son règne a été très difficile à supporter.

La jeune femme, aujourd'hui radieuse, raconte à Closer qu'elle a souffert de troubles du comportement alimentaire. "J'ai été tellement mise sous pression pendant un an que je suis devenue boulimique. Je m’en suis sortie seule, avec l’aide de mes proches. (...) J'étais stressée et j'ai pris dix kilos en deux mois."

Rachel Legrain-Trapani est désormais totalement guérie et affirme être en parfait accord avec son corps "J'ai une bonne hygiène de vie. Je fais 1,73m pour 59 kg. J'ai des rondeurs, je suis une fille normale. J'assume mon corps." Décomplexée, elle a donc posé pour Entrevue sans tabous et ne comprend pas pourquoi Sylvie Tellier s'en prend à elle après avoir défendu bec et ongle Valérie Bègue. "Pourquoi descendre mes photos, qui ne sont ni vulgaires, ni blasphématoires ? "

Même dans le monde merveilleux de Miss France, il semblerait que l'injustice soit reine.

Concurso Miss Ceará abre inscrições para 2009

Divulgação Vanessa Vidal, nossa Miss Ceará 2008, fico no 2º lugar no Miss Brasil e foi disputar concurso internacional

dência em âmbito internacional quando, em uma atitude pioneira, deu oportunidade a uma bela jovem deficiente auditiva participar do Miss Brasil. Vanessa Vidal representou o Ceará e levou o nome do Estado e dos parceiros para o maior concurso de beleza do País, sendo notícia nos mais importantes jornais, revistas, e sites do Brasil.

A Miss Ceará é Vice Miss Brasil, e conquistou o título de Miss Brasil Beleza Internacional, colocando o Estado mais uma vez dentro da grande disputa do Miss Brasil. Em 2009 o Ceará tem a grande oportunidade de iniciar uma nova fase de sucesso tanto no concurso Estadual quanto no Nacional, e lutar para conquistar o Miss Universo 2009.

Para quem deseja ser Miss, as inscrições estão abertas para o Miss Clube do Diários e o Miss Fortaleza. As inscrições para o Miss Clube dos Diários segue até o dia 03 de fevereiro. O evento acontece no dia 14 de fevereiro às 21 horas, no Clube dos Diários, contando como atração musical Fonseca Jr e Banda Carnavalesca. Durante o Baile “Verde e Branco – Tradição a 50 anos”, acontece a escolha da Miss Clube dos Diários, onde a vencedora representa o Clube no Miss Ceará 2009. É neste evento que a Miss Ceará 2008, Vanessa Vidal, eleita Miss Clube dos Diários 2008, irá entregar a faixa para sua sucessora. As inscrições podem ser feitas na Agência Book. O contato é 3246.2422.

Já para quem deseja representar a capital cearense no Miss Ceará 2009, as inscrições para o Miss Fortaleza 2009 estão abertas e vão até o dia 20 de fevereiro. O Miss Fortaleza 2009 acontece no dia 04 de março, às 20 horas, no Vila Galé Hotel. A vencedora desta etapa irá representar a capital e mais de três milhões de fortalezenses no Miss Ceará 2009. Estarão presentes no Miss Fortaleza 2009, a Miss Ceará 2008, Vanessa Vidal, e a Miss Beleza Ceará 2008, Lillyan Di Carlly. O concurso é realizado pela Lelf Oficina de Idéias e Agência Book. Para mais informações falar com Eduardo (85) 9601.8423 ou Jorlene (85)3246.2422.

O Miss Ceará 2009, acontece no dia 21 de março, às 21 horas, no Vila Galé Hotel. O evento é aberto ao público, e irá contar com a presença do Diretor Nacional do Miss Brasil, Boanerges Gaeta Jr, e da Miss Brasil 2008, a gaúcha Natalia Anderle.
Outras informações podem ser obtidas no novo site do Miss Ceará, o www.misscearaoficial.com.br

Reina Hispanoamericana

Vivian Noronha posa com a coroa de Miss Hispano-americana em Santa Cruz, na Bolívia, em imagem divulgada pela agência Promociones Gloria. A modelo brasileira ganhou a coroa na terça-feira (27) após a vencedora do concurso de beleza, a mexicana Laura Zuniga, ter sido detida pela polícia de seu país acusada de posse de drogas e armas (Foto: Limberg Ibanez/AP)

Em dezembro de 2008, Laura Zuniga, de 23 anos, foi presa no México com sete homens armados.

Com eles, os policiais apreenderam dois fuzis de assalto, três pistolas, 633 balas, 16 celulares e cerca de US$ 100 mil em dinheiro


Privilegiada de poder tener bigote

Dayanara Torres es la nueva imagen de la campaña “Got milk?”. (Suministrada)

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Dayanara Torres ahora tiene bigote, pero de leche. Se trata de la nueva campaña “Got milk?” en la que fue seleccionada como la imagen principal para el mercado latino.

La puertorriqueña es una de las más de 250 caras famosas que han prestado su labio superior en apoyo al consumo de la leche.

La nueva iniciativa se presentó ayer, en Miami, con la presencia de la ex Miss Universo.

“Yo me siento privilegiada por poder llegar a todas las madres hispanas y hablarles del rol que la leche puede jugar en el bienestar de sus familias. Entiendo que no hay nada más importante para nosotras como mamás y nada más crítico que el bienestar de nuestros hijos”, dijo Dayanara.

En el anuncio, que aparecerá en varias revistas que se distribuyen en Estados Unidos, Torres da testimonio de los beneficios de este líquido.

En “Esta noche tu night”

Por otro lado, Dayanara y su hermana Jeannette serán las invitadas especiales del programa de Mega TV (canal 30) “Esta noche tu night”, conducido por Alexis Valdés, y que irá al aire hoy a las 10:00 de la noche.

La modelo hablará sobre su libro “Casada conmigo”, que escribió con la ayuda de su hermana, donde detalla cómo logró superar su divorcio de Marc Anthony.


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Miss America's stumbles

As the pageant struggles to regain its popularity, it overlooks its talent.

In case you missed it . ... Miss Indiana, Katie Stam, wins the crown Saturday on TLC.
BRIAN JONES / Las Vegas News

Elwood Watson and Darcy Martinvare professors of historyvand women's studies, respectively, at East Tennessee State University

Over the last few years, the Miss America Pageant has remade its image many times over in an effort to regain the kind of popularity it enjoyed in the mid-20th century. This year's edition culminated last weekend after following contestants for weeks in a "countdown" special that mimicked popular reality shows.

The pageant has survived a series of threats to its existence, including the Great Depression, World War II, the modern women's movement, and the Vanessa Williams/Penthouse magazine scandal. Unfortunately, though, its recent efforts to become culturally relevant to 21st-century America have done no more than provide ammunition to critics (and there are a number) who charge that the pageant is an outmoded relic resorting to desperate attempts to survive.

In 2006, the pageant changed networks from ABC to Country Music Television and moved its broadcast date from two weeks after Labor Day to late January. CMT moved the pageant westward from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and then dropped it after two years. The pageant signed with TLC in 2007.

In its attempts to become relevant again, the pageant also has added all sorts of gimmicks, such as a Miss America Quiz, a "contemporary activewear" segment that was reminiscent of a Gap commercial, runner-up contestants from ABC's The Bachelor and American Idol, and other reality-show antics. By 2005, the pageant had discontinued the quiz and activewear segments.

This year, the pageant aired its latest effort to "modernize" with the three-week special Miss America: Countdown to the Crown. This program put contestants in pairs to engage in gossip, chatter, and, in a few cases, derogatory comments about one another.

There have been a few admirable additions to the pageant during the last two decades, such as encouraging each winner to have a public-service platform during her reign and beyond it. The pageant also has sought out a more diverse pool of contestants.

But the pageant has regressed on a number of fronts, the most notable being the talent segment. Since the late 1990s, the talent portion of the pageant has shrunk to the point that it counts for only 30 percent of the contestants' scores. Rumor had it that the mediocre talents of the 2004 contestants prompted pageant officials to have only the top two compete for the crown at the end of the program.

We would argue that the talent segment of the pageant is among its most crucial elements. It is the vital ingredient that has distinguished the Miss America Pageant from its competitors and imitators, such as Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, etc.

Although the swimsuit competition may be more popular, the talent competition is the force that affords the pageant real legitimacy. Despite the claims of some detractors, the fact remains that, throughout the pageant's long history, contestants have displayed considerable talent in a variety of fields.

The pageant has featured a number of memorable performances. Many pageant watchers remember the sultry version of "Happy Days Are Here Again" sung by Vanessa Williams, who became the first black woman to win the crown in 1984. Or there was Miss America 1993 Leanza Cornett's show-stopping version of "A New Life." In 1995, Heather Whitestone - the first hearing-impaired Miss America - performed a flawless dance to "Via Dolorosa," a song she was unable to hear. This was great television.

By refocusing its efforts on enhancing the talent competition, the pageant can reclaim and maintain its distinctiveness as an enduring icon.

The Miss America Pageant was "reality television" before the genre existed. Now it must decide what it is going to be - a question it has struggled with in recent years. One thing is certain, though: Going the tawdry, sordid and garish route of modern reality programming will only speed the pageant's path into oblivion.


Is Miss America still relevant?

by Jerilyn Dufresne, Chicago Mental Health Examiner

Miss America 2009 (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
Miss Indiana, Katie Stam, is the new Miss America 2009. Since TLC took over the pageant they've tried to make it more relevant and more fun.

This year it included the audience counting a cliche'--the number of mentions of world peace and also to name the contestant with the best spray tan. That's a far cry from a contest that took itself way too seriously for most of its almost 90-year history.

1n 1921 when Margaret Gorman was crowned, the Miss America pageant gave the Golden Mermaid trophy to the overall winner. It's come a long way since then.

Remember the overly-coiffed bathing beauties of the 60s, 70s, and 80s? Beautiful young women, some of them looking like Stepford Wives, paraded without showing the essence of who they were.

Now, personality is expected and rewarded--just as it was in 1921.

The organization says the Miss America Pageant is a scholarship pageant and not a beauty pageant. But some people have a hard time with the distinction.

What about you? Do you think the Miss America Pageant is still relevant today? Was it ever? Do you watch the TV show? The conversation continues with you.

Eight beauty queens who met with controversy

The death of Brazilian model who hoped to represent her country at Miss World has focused attention on pageant contests and the women who enter them. Here are eight other beauty queens who hit the headlines for the wrong reasons:

By Matthew Moore

Marjorie Wallace

The first American to win Miss World in 1973, Wallace infuriated the organisers by dating a string of celebrities including Tom Jones, once claiming that "As Miss World I can get laid with any man I pick." She was stripped of her title after just three months because, in the words of the committee, she had "failed to fulfil the basic requirements of the job." Wallace went on to have a successful career as television presenter.

Gabriela Brum

Miss Germany had the shortest reign in Miss World history, resigning her title just 18 hours after being crowned in 1980 – the first year that entrants were judged on their personality and intelligence as well as beauty. She claimed that her boyfriend disapproved of the contest, but it later emerged that she had posed for naked photgraphs. She moved to the US and modelled nude again, this time for Playboy.

Chen Lili

The singer and actress from Sichuan province hoped to become China's first Miss Universe winner in 2004, but her application was rejected by Chinese competition officials on the ground that, as a transsexual, she was not a "natural female". Later that year she finished as runner-up in China's first Miss Artificial Beauty contest, which only accepted women who had undergone surgery to enhance their appearance.

Lesley Langley

Won the Miss World title in 1965 after being named Miss UK, but the British public was scandalised after tabloids dug up nude photos of the Weymouth-born model. She was only allowed to keep her crown because the pictures were taken before she entered the pageant. She now works as a receptionist in dental surgery back in her home town.

Valérie Bègue

The 22-year-old business student from the French island of La Réunion was banned from competing in Miss World after salacious photos – including one of her posing on a crucifix, and another of her eating yogurt – were published by a magazine. She was allowed to keep her Miss France 2007 title after the French public lept to her defence.

Laxmi Pandit

Miss India was forced to hand back her tiara hours after the ceremony amid claims that she wasn't as single as she made out. Pandit denied being married, but admitted that she may have "misrepresented" her marital status while buying an apartment in Mumbai. "In view of my incorrect statement... I surrender the Miss India World 2004 title with great personal regret," she said. Pandit's older sister Kal-pana was stripped of her Miss India-Universe crown in 1989 when it was discovered that she was a US passport holder.

Rosemarie Frankland

The first Miss UK to win Miss World in 1961 – when comedian Bob Hope placed the crown on her head – Frankland later became disillusioned with the beauty pageant industry and moved to the US, telling a newspaper: "Beauty queens are dressed up and paraded down the catwalk just so some fellow can get a quick thrill. They should shove it in the archives and forget about it." She suffered depression throughout her life, and died of a drugs overdose in 2000.

Kelli McCarty

The title of McCarty's forthcoming DVD release says it all: "Faithless: From Beauty Queen to Porn Queen". After winning Miss USA in 1991 as Miss Kansas, McCarty starred in several Hollywood films and had a long-running part in daytime soap Passions. But she was axed from the NBC show in 2006, and last year signed a deal with an adult production house to star in a hard-core films. "I enjoy acting, and I really like sex ... so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions," she said.


26 janeiro 2009

Eliana Quintero es la nueva Miss Atlántico

La ecuatoriana Eliana Quintero ganó el concurso de belleza Miss Atlántico Internacional, el sábado pasado.

La joven fue la cuarta finalista del Miss Ecuador 2008 y esta vez consiguió la corona en Punta del Este, Uruguay. Quintero vistió trajes de los diseñadores ecuatorianos Abel Lara (formal), Alejandra Morales (de baño) y Silvia Peña (típico).

María del Carmen de Aguayo, de la Fundación Miss Ecuador, cuenta que la nueva Miss Atlántico está contenta con el triunfo. “Se arrodilló, se santigüó y después las 1 000 personas del público se pusieron de pie para ovacionarla”.

La segunda finalista del Miss Atlántico Internacional fue seleccionada Karina Pinilla Corro (Miss Panamá) y el primer lugar lo recibió Nazareth Cascante (Miss Costa Rica).

Quintero, modelo esmeraldeña, llega esta noche a Quito y mañana viajará a Guayaquil. Allí brindará una rueda de prensa.


25 janeiro 2009

Seymour's Katie Stam wins Miss America

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 24: Host Mario Lopez talks to Katie R. Stam, Miss Indiana, after she was crowned Miss America during the 2009 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino January 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Miss Indiana Katie Stam is crowned Miss America 2009 in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Miss Indiana Katie Stam during the Miss America 2009 competition at Planet Hollywood hotel & casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009. Stam later won the competition. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Miss Indiana Katie Stam, left, reacts with Miss California Jackie Geist, center, and Miss Tennessee Ellen Carrington as stam is crowned Miss America 2009 in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Las Vegas - Miss Indiana Katie Stam was crowned Miss America 2009 in Las Vegas on Saturday night, fighting off a throat infection, laryngitis and 51 other contestants to win the 88-year-old pageant's title.

The 22-year-old University of Indianapolis student became the first Miss America winner from the Hoosier State. She drew loud applause for her rendition of "Via Dolorosa" during the talent portion of the beauty pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Stam said she had trouble sleeping one night during the week while she took prescription medicine to fight the infection, but had her voice back by Thursday.

"I was feeling like myself again - I will never take my health for granted," Stam said.

The Seymour native strutted onstage in a black bikini and an off-the-shoulder, white lace evening gown. During the interview portion of the competition she decried the use of performance-enhancing drugs among professional athletes and discussed the definition of glamour.

"That beauty that you feel on the inside, it's that confidence, that radiance inside of you, that's what glamour is," Stam said.

Stam, who won a $50,000 scholarship, hopes to obtain a bachelor's degree in communications with a goal of becoming a television news anchor. She interned at WTHR in 2007 and began competing in pageants at age 15.

Stam was crowned by reigning Miss America Kirsten Haglund of Michigan and will soon embark on a year of travel and public appearances.

Her parents were in the crowd when she was announced the winner.

"I'm very proud of my parents. I'm very, very blessed," she said on stage.

Stam said she had one semester left in school - but didn't know when she would finish - and already was graduating debt free without the $50,000 prize. Stam said she might use the money for graduate school.

"I've been looking forward to coming to Miss America my entire life. I always knew watching the Miss America program that the contestants are just going to be so amazing," Stam told Eyewitness News in an interview earlier this week.

She competed with a platform of community service.

Her other campus activities have included chairing the student government's Service and Philanthropy Committee. She has organized fund-raisers to aid the homeless and the Ronald McDonald House at Riley Hospital for Children.

In October, Stam will direct UIndy's annual Super Saturday of Service, when hundreds of students perform volunteer work around the city at sites recommended by the United Way.

The first runner-up was Miss Georgia Chasity Hardman.


uary 24, 2009. REUTERS/Steve Marcus (UNITED STATES)

Miss Indiana Katie R. Stam (R) listens to host Mario Lopez before answering a question during the 2009 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada January 24, 2009. She was later crowned Miss America 2009. Kate Marie Grinold representing the District of Columbia looks on at left. REUTERS/Steve Marcus (UNITED STATES)

Miss Indiana Katie R. Stam competes in the evening gown competition during the 2009 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada January 24, 2009. She was later crowned Miss America 2009. REUTERS/Steve Marcus (UNITED STATES)

Host Mario Lopez, left, asks a question of Miss Indiana Katie Stam, right, during the Miss America 2009 competition in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Miss Indiana Katie R. Stam competes in the swimsuit competition during the Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada January 24, 2009. She was later crowned Miss America 2009. REUTERS/Steve Marcus (UNITED STATES)

2009 Miss America Pageant At Planet Hollywood Casino Resort
LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 24: Miss America 2009 Katie R. Stam poses for photos at a press conference after she was crowned Miss America at the 2009 Miss America Pagent at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on January 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

24 janeiro 2009

Modelo Mariana Bridi morre após 22 dias internada no Espírito Santo

A modelo Mariana Bridi, de 20 anos, que estava internada desde o último dia 3 após o agravamento de um quadro de infecção, morreu na madrugada deste sábado (24), segundo confirmou a direção do concurso Miss Mundo Brasil. "Mariana deixa muitas saudades, belas lembranças e um exemplo de ser humano que soube viver sua vida, ainda que curta, de forma intensa", diz o comunicado.

Mariana apresentou um quadro de infecção urinária, com febre e dores, que parecia simples, mas evoluiu para uma infecção generalizada na corrente sanguínea. "A paciente teve o quadro agravado com insuficiência renal aguda, com compressão dos vasos sanguíneos periféricos e com necrose das mãos e pés, causados pelo quadro de septisemia (infecção generalizada)", informou a Secretaria de Saúde do Espírito Santo em nota.

A modelo passou por cirurgias de amputação dos pés e mãos por falta de oxigenação das extremidades do corpo. Ela também precisou fazer uma cirurgia na tarde de quarta-feira (21) para estancar uma hemorragia no abdômen. De acordo com o blog da modelo, “Mariana teve o estômago retirado na última cirurgia, por conta da hemorragia interna. Infelizmente não apresentou melhora”. Ela também realizou seções de hemodiálise no Hospital Dório Silva.

Segundo contou o namorado da modelo, Thiago Simões, de 29 anos, Mariana sentiu dores lombares no último dia 30 e foi levada ao Hospital Antônio Bezerra de Faria. Lá os médicos diagnosticaram uma cólica renal e receitaram remédios para que tomasse em casa. Com a volta das dores, ela foi levada ao Pronto Atendimento do Hospital São Pedro, em Vitória (ES), onde exames constataram o início de uma infecção urinária e a modelo passou a madrugada internada.

No dia seguinte, ainda segundo o namorado, Mariana sentiu forte falta de ar e o estado se agravou para uma infecção grave. A modelo também foi internada no hospital particular Santa Rita, em Vitória (ES), onde os médios estabilizaram o caso, segundo Thiago Simões. Como não havia nenhum leito disponível na UTI do hospital, ela foi transferida para o Hospital Dório Silva e lá realizou as operações.

Após representar o estado de Sergipe no Miss Mundo Brasil de 2007, Mariana Bridi participou do Miss Bikini International 2007, quando esteve em Hong Kong, Taiwan e China. A modelo ganhou o prêmio de Mais Belo Corpo e ficou em sexto lugar no concurso que aconteceu em Xangai. Atualmente Mariana Bridi trabalhava como modelo no Espírito Santo.


Miss Três Lagoas está programado para 21 de março

O Concurso Miss Três Lagoas 2009 é uma parceria da Cia de Eventos com É Tudo Nóis Eventos.

O evento elegerá a representante da beleza feminina de Três Lagoas.

O concurso possui três categorias de participação: Teen (14 anos); Juvenil (15 a 16 anos) e adulto (17 a 25 anos) e o pré-requisitos para inscrição são: ser residente em Três Lagoas; solteira; sem filhos; não estar grávida; ter no mínimo 1,68 de altura para concorrer na categoria adulta; uma foto de rosto recente, autorização por escrita dos pais com firma reconhecida e cópia de documentos.

As inscrições são gratuitas e encontram-se abertas na Academia Oficina do Corpo. Para informações entrar em contato pelo telefone: 9926-5669.

A maratona de acontecimentos que antecedem o evento começa com a pré-seleção das participantes e na seqüência os ensaios preparatórios, visita à exposição de artesanatos da cidade; entrega de donativos ao Lar dos Velhos; entrevistas à rádios, jornais e TV; sessão de fotos, almoço de confraternização oferecido pela Pousada do Tucunaré onde ocorre a eleição da miss simpatia e outras atividades. Neste dia de lazer, são realizadas brincadeiras, passeios, muita diversão no parque aquático, amigo secreto, apresentação das candidatas para os convidados com a presença da imprensa. No decorrer do evento haverá um Desfile de modas e apresentações artísticas.

As vencedoras receberão faixas de 1º, 2º lugar; miss simpatia (eleita entre as próprias candidatas) e miss originalidade.

O tema do evento este ano será a “Amazônia” desenvolvido pelo talentoso artista Treslagoense Giovanni Piancelli que será responsável pela produção e coreografias do evento.

O concurso acontecerá no dia 21 de Março, às 21 horas, e para animar ainda mais esta festa É Tudo Nóis Eventos promoverá um baile com a banda Aramaçã. Os ingressos estarão à venda na Estivanelli, Posto Parati e Midas Conveniências.


Niegan amparo a ex Miss Sinaloa detenida con presunto narco

Laura Elena Zúñiga Guisar. Foto: AFP

MÉXICO, D.F., enero 23 (EL UNIVERSAL).- El juez 14 de Distrito en Materia de Amparo en el Distrito Federal negó a Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar, ganadora en 2008 del certamen Nuestra Belleza, el amparo que sus abogados promovieron en contra de la orden de arraigo por 40 días obtenida por la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) en su contra.
Sin embargo, el juez sí concedió la protección de la ley para que Laura no permanezca incomunicada.

Además, en el fallo se establece que en el momento en que la sentencia se haga pública se podrán conocer los detalles, nombres y datos personales de las personas involucradas en el caso.

José Luis Legorreta Garibay, juez que conoció el caso, determinó negar el amparo contra el arraigo dentro de la Averiguación Previa PGR/SIEDO/ UEDICS/438/2008, en la que se investigan los nexos de la ex reina de belleza de Sinaloa con capos de a droga de ese estado.

Laura Elena Zúñiga fue detenida el 22 de diciembre por policías municipales en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, junto con Ángel Orlando García Urquiza, hermano de Ricardo García Urquiza, alias "El Doctor", presunto operador del cártel de Juárez, quien se encuentra preso en el penal federal de máxima seguridad del Altiplano.

Cuando fue detenida viajaba a bordo de una camioneta de lujo escoltada por seis sujetos en posesión de 2 rifles AR-15, tres pistolas, 16 celulares, 633 cartuchos de diversos calibres y 55 mil 300 dólares en efectivo.

Tras su detención, Alberto Enrique Guzmán Aguilar, abogado que la representa, promovió un amparo indirecto en contra del arraigo por 40 días solicitado por la PGR en contra de la sinaloense.

Las audiencias para definir si se otorgaba el amparo en forma definitiva se fueron difiriendo, pero el pasado jueves el juez Legorreta Garay emitió su fallo y negó la protección de la ley a Laura Zúñiga.

ROTATIVO de Querétaro

Miss Universo ajuda a combater a Aids na Nicarágua

Venezuelana participou de campanha em Managua.
Dayana Mendoza fez exame em clínica na cidade.

Do G1, com agências

Foto: Esteban Felix/Reuters

A Miss Universo 2008 Dayana Mendoza faz exame de HIV na clínica Xochiquetzal, em Managua, na Nicarágua. A modelo venezuelana ajuda a promover uma campanha para o combate da Aids no país (Foto: Esteban Felix/Reuters)


Actualizado Sábado, 24-01-09 a las 00:53
La venezolana Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universo 2008, se hizo hoy en Managua una nueva prueba del VIH, como parte de la campaña "Hombres de verdad", destinada a concienciar a los varones centroamericanos sobre la necesidad de protegerse de ese virus y el sida.
La reina de la belleza se hizo la prueba en la fundación nicaragüense Xochiquetzal, no gubernamental, la segunda que se realiza desde que recibió el trono en julio de 2008 en Vietnam. La primera se la realizó el año pasado en Nueva York, Estados Unidos.
La venezolana, de 22 años, de visita en Nicaragua para promover la lucha contra el VIH y el sida, extendió su brazo derecho a Sandra Vargas, responsable de la unidad laboratorio de Xochiquetzal, que le extrajo la muestra de sangre.
El resultado fue entregado 30 minutos después a Dayana Mendoza, que se lo reservó.
"Ya me hice la prueba del VIH y el resultado es confidencial, como lo es para todo el mundo", expresó la beldad, que invitó a los nicaragüenses a seguir su ejemplo.
Miss Universo 2008, que visita por primera vez Nicaragua, reafirmó que es la segunda vez que se somete a una prueba del VIH y el sida y que está dispuesta a realizarse el examen en cada país que llegue para promover esa campaña de lucha contra esa pandemia.
Dayana Mendoza llegó ataviada con vaqueros, camiseta y gorra con mensajes alusivos a la campaña para prevenir el VIH y el sida.
La venezolana, que culmina mañana su visita de cuatro días por Nicaragua, apoya la campaña "Hombres de Verdad", que es promovida por la Organización Panamericana de Mercadeo Social (PASMO) y pretende involucrar activamente a los hombres nicaragüenses en la lucha contra el VIH y el sida.
PASMO es una organización que forma parte de la red mundial Population Services International y que lleva a cabo programas de educación centrados en la prevención de enfermedades de transmisión sexual en todos los países centroamericanos desde 1997.


Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, from Venezuela, smiles after having her blood drawn for an HIV test at the Xochiquetzal Foundation in Managua, Friday, Jan. 23, 2009. Mendoza is on a five-day visit to Nicaragua to take part in a campaign to prevent AIDS. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix, Pool)

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, 22, shows her laboratory test result for HIV/AIDS to the media at the Xochiquetzal clinic in Managua January 23, 2009. Mendoza, from Venezuela, is in Nicaragua to promote a campaign against AIDS. REUTERS/Esteban Felix/Pool (NICARAGUA)

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23 janeiro 2009

Miss Universe Ethiopia & Miss World Ethiopia with President Barack Obama

From Tadias Archives

Published: Friday, January 23, 2009

New York (Tadias) - The photograph shown above was taken in 2005 in Washington D.C. and it shows President Barack Obama (then Senator) with Miss Universe Ethiopia (left) and Miss World Ethiopia 2005 (right). It was featured in the Hot Shots section of the July-August 2005 issue of Tadias Magazine.

Miss World Ethiopia 2005, Jiitu Abraham, was the first American-born Ethiopian to win this title. Here is an interview with Jiitu from the 12th issue of Tadias.

Jiitu Abraham

Tadias: How does it feel to be crowned “Miss World Ethiopia ”?

Jiitu Abraham: I feel blessed and honored. I fasted for two months prior to the competition. I asked GOD to make it clear to me if I should go, or if it was just going to be a waste of my time. I didn’t actually buy my ticket until 3 days before the competition. I am honored because I am the first American-born Ethiopian to win this title.

I was happy to see that organizers such as Andy Abulime, and the competition’s judges, were progressive enough in their thinking to understand that you don’t have to be born in Ethiopia to be an Ethiopian. The country of your birth doesn’t prevent you from taking pride or interest in the country that raised the parent(s) who raised you.

While I have received a lot of negative feedback from many, I stand my ground in believing that to be Ethiopian is something that you are born being regardless of your birth country, not something that can be given or taken away from you. With all the children being born to Ethiopian parents in the US and other countries outside of Ethiopia, there is no way that I can or will allow someone to tell me that we are not real Ethiopians, or not Ethiopian enough. We might have had different experiences growing up but that is what is going to make us a more eclectic and successful community. If encouraged and supported properly, Ethiopians, from all backgrounds, can come together and fuse their different life experiences and knowledge to better the social, economic, and political situation in Ethiopia. Being born outside of Ethiopia was not our choice, neither is being Ethiopian. It just simply IS our reality.

Tadias: Who is your role model and why?

JA: I have different role models for different aspects of my life. As far as life goes, I don’t have to look far for a role model, because my parents, Abebe Abraham and Azenegash Hailu Abraham, are my role models. They have showed me through their actions that the only way to achieve your goals is through hard work and determination. They taught me that there is no speed-pass to success. True success can only be earned through hard work. They also made sure to instill in me the importance of trying to live your life for God, because without him nothing is possible.

When it comes to pursuing a career in entertainment, I would say my role model has been Will Smith. I specifically remember one interview he did for MTV, in which the reporter commented on his acting and rapping talents. Will replied, “I might not be the best actor or the best rapper, but one thing I can say for sure is that I am the most determined.” That day I made this statement my motto. I repeated this statement to myself over and over again while competing in Ethiopia. I was so nervous. I was full of self-doubt.

The girls were so beautiful and all I can remember thinking was “You are out of your league.” But I had to keep saying to myself, “You might not be the tallest, the skinniest or the prettiest, but you CAN be the most determined.” Repeating this statement to myself over and over and over again, coupled with the constant verbal affirmation of my parents is what allowed me to give 110% to pursuing a life-long dream.

Tadias: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

JA: In five years, I would like to see myself as the President/CEO of my own entertainment company. The company would be focused on International Americans. I would like to help shape the media’s image of first-generation immigrants, like myself. Our experiences growing up are unique and have yet to be focused on by mainstream media.

Tadias: Name three things you can’t live
without… Okay, make it five.

JA: I am glad that you moved it up to five. I couldn’t narrow it down to three. First and foremost, I couldn’t live without my relationship with God. It is hard being young in the world today. There is so much more of a pull from the secular world than the religious one. It is easy for someone to get lost. I try to keep His word with me at all times, so hopefully when I am put in a tough position I can make a smart decision.

Secondly I would choose my family, my mom, Azenegash Hailu Abraham, my dad, Abebe Abraham, and my brother, Yohannes Abraham, a very handsome, Yale University student. They are my rock and my strength. I couldn’t go through all the ups and downs of life and pursue a career in the oftentimes fickle entertainment business, if I didn’t know that I will always have them there at the end.

Thirdly I would choose my friends, Dana, Betty, Tessi, Jen, Michelle, and Abbey, who are my extended family. They support me at my shows, encourage me to pursue my dreams, and most importantly, they are always there when I need to take my mind off a hard day’s work, and just have fun!

My fourth choice would be sweets! Some people have a sweet tooth, I, on the other hand, have sweet teeth (plural). If it were up to me I would eat sweets for every meal. I know my health-nut mom is cringing at this statement, but it is true. While I do my best to heed the health advice of my mother, I have yet to allow a single day of my adult life to pass without sneaking in at least one piece of cake or chocolate.

Lastly I would chose playing. While I love to get dressed up for a night on the town, I enjoy playing more. I love nothing more than spending a whole Saturday or Sunday swimming in a local lake, hiking in West Virginia, or biking. Actually, I just got back from a 3-day, 184-mile bike ride from Cumberland, MD to Georgetown, DC. It was wearisome but I enjoyed the serenity of being outside, in nature, without the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Tadias: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

JA: I was named “Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill to Israel.” While my father and I were in Israel, on a religious pilgrimage, the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avraham Hirchson, presented me with the title “Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill to Israel.” I also got a chance to meet with Senator Barack Obama, United States Senator for Illinois, and discussed my mission as Miss Ethiopia World. We also discussed ways in which to seek and gather public support and recognition for the foundation supported by the Miss Ethiopia World title, the Ethiopian Life Foundation, and its causes.

Hot Blog: Miss Ethiopia 2009 hails from Gambella


Miss France, en larmes, était "mal coiffée et mal habillée"

Chloé Mortaud, qui est franco-américaine, était à Washington avant-hier pour assister à la cérémonie d'investiture de Barack Obama. Très (très très) émue, la Miss France 2009 était en larmes en direct lors d'une interview à un journaliste de TF1.

Une séquence émotion... qui n'a pas vraiment touchée Geneviève de Fontenay. Dans une interview au Post.fr, la dame au chapeau n'y va pas avec le dos de la cuillère : " Chloé Mortaud n'était vraiment pas à son avantage. Vous l'avez vue hier (mardi 20 janvier, ndlr) à la télévision? Elle a très bien parlé, comme toujours, mais elle était mal coiffée, mal fringuée, elle n'a pas donné une image resplendissante de Miss France, alors que c'est dans ce type de représentation que l'écharpe de Miss France a une valeur". Et vlan.

Et Geneviève de continuer, incapable de résister à un petit tacle au passage pour Valérie Bègue : "Elle a eu une chance inouïe. Il y a deux mois, personne ne la connaissait et maintenant elle se retrouve invitée à l'investiture d'Obama... Je vous ferai remarquer que les deux seules Françaises dont on a parlées pour l'investiture, ce sont Ségolène Royal et Miss France. Cela prouve la valeur du titre de Miss France, c'est ça que je défends depuis des années. Et cette invitation n'aurait jamais été envoyée à Valérie Bègue... Les Américains n'en avaient pas voulu pour Miss Univers."

(Re)-découvrez la séquence de Chloé Mortaud en larmes en direct sur TF1 :

V.S. - jeudi 22 janvier 2009 à 12h14


Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, center, embraces Arelys Cano, left, and Leticia Sanchez, right, who have HIV, during a visit to Manolo Morales hospital in Managua, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009. Mendoza, from Venezuela, is in Nicaragua to take part in a campaign for AIDS prevention. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, 22, from Venezuela, poses with President of the Nicaraguan Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (Asonvisida) Leticia Sanchez (R) and Aracelis Canon (L), who are both HIV positive, after a news conference in Managua January 22, 2009. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas (NICARAGUA)

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, speaks with media during a visit to Manolo Morales hospital in Managua, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009. Mendoza, from Venezuela, is in Nicaragua to take part in a campaign for AIDS prevention. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, 22, from Venezuela poses for pictures after visiting patients with HIV/AIDS at a public hospital in Managua January 22, 2009. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas (NICARAGUA)

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