31 julho 2009

Hoang Yen to go to Bahamas with dragon ao dai

17:14' 31/07/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese entrant at Miss Universe 2009 will bring a special ao dai to the Bahamas tomorrow, August 1.

She will fly to the Bahamas on a night flight, which takes off at 11.30. A representative of the Hoan Vu company and Yen’s manager, Duong Truong Thien Ly, will go to the Bahamas in mid-August to support Yen.

Yen and 88 other contestants will kick off activities of the biggest beauty contest in the world on August 5.

The first runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2008 will carry 40 sets of clothes to the Bahamas, including casual wear, night gowns and ao dai, designed by Nguyen Cong Tri and Dinh Van Tho.

The night gowns for Hoang Yen were inspired by the ocean and stories of mermaids. Of 12 key fashions for important events in the Bahamas, the most significant are two night gowns and the ao dai for the final night.

The ao dai, which is the national costume, is inspired by Vietnamese dragons. This ao dai is decorated with flying dragons made of yellow crystals on black lace. The ao dai is accompanied by a black silk scarf with tassels made of white crystals.

Hoang Yen will bring small gifts to her friends at the pageant and an embroidered painting for the charity auction.

Miss Universe 2009 will have different activities, such as swimwear, traditional outfit, night gown competitions, a charity auction to raise funds for HIV/AIDS patients, visits to famous tourist sties in the Bahamas and meetings with local officials.

The final night will take place at around 8am, August 24 (Vietnam time) and be aired live on NBC channel. Miss Universe 2009 will move to New York to live in an apartment with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA for one year. The new beauty queen will participate in some outreach campaigns and charity activities.

The prizes for Miss Universe 2009:

- A crown and jewelry designed by Diamond Nexus Labs

- A luxurious apartment in New York, plus accommodations and travelling expenses

- Salary for one year from the Miss Universe Organisation

- Free use of night gowns designed by Carlos Alberto, footwear by Nina Footwear, swimwear BSC Thailand and a 2-year scholarship worth over US$100,000 at the New York Movie Institute

- Free beauty care services and right to be a photo model for the world’s top fashion photographer Fadil Berisha

- Functions in major movie, music events in the world



Miss Singapore blooms

The outfit was designed by second-year fashion student Zhang Xiaoqing. -- ST PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM

THE verdict is out.

Miss Singapore Rachel Kum will be bearing some major flower power at the Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas this month. She will wear a dark pink silk- satin and chiffon gown which has a giant Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower, attached to the back.

Designed by second-year fashion student Zhang Xiaoqing, the outfit was one of 10 designs put forward by students of Raffles Design Institute in a national costume competition.

For the first time in a Miss Singapore Universe contest, the choice of the costume was put to an online vote on national service portal www.ns.sg.


Inscrições abertas para o concurso Beleza Espírito Santo - Miss Terra

31/07/2009 - 11h14 (Erik Oakes - gazeta online)

foto: Gabriel Lordêllo
Débora Lyra
Débora Lyra, a vencedora do Top Model Mundial 2009, é dona do título de Miss Terra 2008

O Concurso Beleza Espírito Santo - Miss Terra abriu as inscrições para as jovens capixabas. O evento será realizado entre os dias 15 e 18 de setembro, no Centro de Convenções de Vila Velha.

Para participar do concurso, a candidata deve ser solteira, ter entre 18 e 25 anos, altura mínima de 1,67m, não ter sido casada e nem ter filhos. A primeira colocada do Beleza Espírito Santo - Miss Terra receberá mais de R$ 20 mil em prêmios, como joias e tratamentos estéticos.

Além dos prêmios, a vencedora concorre ao Miss Terra Brasil, organizado pela Look Top Beauty, de José Alonso Dias - coordenador de Natália Guimarães e Débora Lyra -, que acontece em Belo Horizonte, em fevereiro de 2010. Já a segunda colocada irá representar o Estado no Miss Brasil Latino, em Pernambuco, no mês de novembro.

As inscrições podem ser feitas até o dia 05 de setembro no endereço rua Carlos Martins, n° 1295. sala 02, Jardim Camburi, em Vitória. São necessárias três fotos: uma de rosto, uma de corpo e uma de escolha da candidata. Mais informações podem ser obtidas pelo e-mail thpromocoes@yahoo.com.br, ou pelos telefones (27) 3082-0308 / 9311-1443.

A vencedora do concurso em 2008 foi a Top Model Mundial 2009, Débora Lyra. No Beleza Brasil, a capixaba ficou em 4º lugar.

De acordo com Débora Lyra, o concurso é uma grande oportunidade para as meninas que querem seguir carreira de modelo. "As capixabas estão com tudo. O Estado é bastante promissor no quesito beleza, simpatia e conteúdo. Nós temos tido grande reconhecimento em concursos. É o momento ideal para quem quer ser modelo profissional ou participar de várias competições", afirma.


Japan’s Miss Universe Won’t Wear Kimono Criticized as Obscene

By Masatsugu Horie

July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Japan’s candidate for the 2009 Miss Universe pageant will make adjustments to her costume after the black kimono outfit she had chosen was criticized as too revealing.

“Considering the opinions we got from many supporters and other people concerned, we decided to make the hemline of the costume longer,” IBG Japan, which operates the local Miss Universe contest, said on a posting yesterday on its Web site.

Emiri Miyasaka, a 25-year-old from Tokyo, who won Japan’s preliminary contest in May, disclosed her official costume, created by French designer Ines Ligron and Japan’s Yoshiyuki Ogata, on July 22. The pageant organizer and designers received complaints from more than 2,000 people, including one who said the kimono looked like “something a prostitute might wear,” according to a report today in the Sankei newspaper.


Croc tries to eat Miss Univer

Rachael Finch: Croc tries to eat Miss Universe
When Miss Finch was allowed inside Eric's enclosure to watch him being fed, the reptile, who was supposed to be enjoying a lunch of raw chicken at the time, lunged at her. Photo: GETTY

Miss Finch, 20, was touring a Northern Territory crocodile farm when a 5m saltwater crocodile named Eric took a fancy to her.

When Miss Finch was allowed inside Eric's enclosure to watch him being fed, the reptile, who was supposed to be enjoying a lunch of raw chicken at the time, lunged at her.

Startled by the sudden move, she jumped out of the way and ran to safety.

Later, the former model laughed off the encounter.

"As soon as I saw him move I got nervous," she said.

Miss Finch, who hails from Queensland, told the Northern Territory News that the incident was one of the more unusual events she has been involved in since being announced the Australian winner of the Miss Universe contest in April.

Charlie Manolis, Crocodylus Park spokesman, said Eric the crocodile had been removed from a river three years ago after he began "looking at fishermen the wrong way".

"He's a nice old croc, but I wouldn't like to be on the wrong end of him," Mr Manolis told The Brisbane Times.

"There's always an element of, you know, something not going to plan."

However, he said Miss Finch had not been in danger.

"We don't normally do that (allow non-trained people inside the enclosures)...but on special occasions we can go in and feed him with other people present with special security measures in place.

"He's pretty predictable. I don't think we would have seen the headline 'Croc Eats Miss Universe' in the papers this morning."

Miss Finch will now travel to the Bahamas to represent Australia in the international finale of Miss Universe next month.


Diana can't wait to see beau after Miss Universe

Diana Miss Universe Ireland

Diana Miss Universe Ireland

MISS Universe Ireland Diana Donnelly is set to enjoy a romantic reunion with her boyfriend of three years, Aaron Foy, the day she returns from Donald Trump's international beauty pageant in the Bahamas.

The young couple haven't seen each other for months, with Aaron currently based in Chicago, where he has been completing an business internship this summer.

The Assets model (20) explained how she and her other half have booked their flights home to arrive within minutes of one another, and says she can't wait to see him as they've been on different continents throughout her whirlwind win.

She is due to take off for the sun-kissed island of the Bahamas on Sunday, where she will remain for three weeks, as she goes head to head with 84 other girls, to represent Ireland in the contest.

"I'm so excited about it and a little bit nervous. I've been ranked at eighth place on some of the websites so I think that's a good sign," she told the Herald.

"My parents are coming over for the final week so I'm hoping I'll actually be able to spend some time with them while they're there.


"I won't be too upset to come home, though, because Aaron's arriving straight after me.

"Unfortunately he can't make it to the competition as he won't be finished on time, but it will be something to look forward to when I'm coming home," she added.

In addition to preparing for the contest in the coming days, Diana is planning to spend as much time as possible with her sister Danielle, who will be leaving for a year and a half to travel the world with her boyfriend next week.

According to Diana: "I have loads to do for the next few days but I want to spend as much time as possible with my sister before she goes away.

"I also have another dress fitting later on with Brendan Scully of Bscene, who's making my dress.

"I can't wait to see my outfit for the national category. I'm going to be dressed as a leprechaun with a green blazer jacket, Ireland shorts covered in sequins, and an orange tank top underneath," she added.

Yesterday Diana spent the afternoon having her hair done by renowned hairdresser Mark Doyle of Peter Marks.


- Lorna Nolan

30 julho 2009

Larissa Costa se prepara para representar Brasil no Miss Universo

Miss embarca para as Bahamas no próximo sábado, 1º de agosto.
Votação de internautas deve definir uma das 15 finalistas do concurso.

Do G1, em São Paulo

Larissa Costa representará o Brasil no Miss Universo, em agosto (Foto: Marcos Alberti/Divulgação)

A Miss Brasil Larissa Costa, eleita em maio deste ano, já está de malas prontas para representar o país no concurso de beleza internacional Miss Universo. Ela embarca para as Bahamas no próximo sábado (1º) para se juntar a outras 84 candidatas que disputam 15 vagas na final, marcada para 23 de agosto.

Uma das vagas de finalista deve ser definida pela votação dos internautas, no site oficial do Miss Universo. Segundo a assessoria de imprensa da brasileira, ela está em terceiro lugar, atrás apenas das misses Vietnã e Indonésia.

Larissa Costa, 25 anos, representou o estado do Rio Grande do Norte no concurso nacional.


¿Perderá Miss Colombia de nuevo por cortarse el cabello?

¡Una reina sin melena no es reina!

Sí, la Miss Colombia Michelle Rouillard Estrada tiene un rostro espléndido y es favorita de muchos, pero el nuevo corte de cabello
le va a quitar muchos puntos.
Al parecer sus extensiones no aguantaron más
y la diva tuvo que recurrir a la tijera
Se ve linda, no lo negamos, pero la feminidad de la pasarela y el jugueteo de las chicas con su pelo estarán fuera de su alcance.
No tenemos la última palabra y aunque seguro llega a las finalistas no le alcanza para ser Miss Universo 2009.

¿Qué crees tú, perdió su fuerza con su nuevo look?
Mírala y decide... ¿Se ve más linda con extensiones o sin ellas?


Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch flees monster croc

Rachael Finch

Thrills and chills ... Rachael and zookeeper Tate Chambers flee Eric's cage / Stuart Walmsley

Rachael Finch

No crocodile smiles here ... Rachael Finch winning Miss Universe Australia 2009 / Tim Artlett

previous image Image 1/2 next image

MISS Universe Australia Rachael Finch met some crocodiles during her Northern Territory visit yesterday and had to run for her life when a 5m croc named Eric lunged at her.

The stunner told the Northern Territory News it was an incredible - yet scary - experience.

She said it was one of the more unusual events she had been involved in since being announced winner of the pageant in April.

"As soon as I saw him move I got nervous," she said as she laughed about her brush with the huge saltie.

The bubbly beauty visited Crocodylus Park in Darwin to meet some of the biggest crocs in captivity.

The park was established 30 years ago and is home to more than a thousand crocs from 30cm long hatchlings to massive adults.

Finch left Darwin last night to begin her trip to the Bahamas where she will represent Australia at the international finale of Miss Universe in August.

The former model from Queensland, beat 31 other finalists to win Miss Universe Australia - the award formerly won by Jennifer Hawkins, who then famously went on to become Miss Universe in 2004.

Model scout Henry Peterson encouraged Finch to enter the pageant after spotting her "underneath the wings of a Boeing 747 at Townsville Airport".

"When I first saw her I knew she was special," he said after she won.

No doubt the saltie, who liked the look of Finch more than his chicken, would agree.


29 julho 2009

Miss Perú Universo llevará traje típico inspirado en la diablada puneña para concurso en Bahamas

  • La flamante Miss Perú Universo, Karen Schwarz, luce vestido típico que llevará al certamen en Bahamas.
  • Lima, jul. 29 (ANDINA).- La flamante Miss Perú Universo, Karen Schwarz, llevará al certamen internacional que se realizará en las Bahamas una indumentaria inspirada en la diablada puneña, para su presentación en traje típico. Es obra del diseñador Ricardo Dávila, quien ha bordado el lago Titicaca en parte de la capa.

    Karen Schwarz viajará este viernes rumbo a Bahamas a participar en el Miss Universo, cuya final se realizará el 23 de agosto.

    “Viajaré con la consigna de traer la corona, me he preparado duro y prometo traer la corona que hace años ganó Gladys Zender”, comentó nuestra soberana.

    Competirá con 70 representantes de todas partes del mundo. Las bellas disputarán diversos concursos, entre ellos el de traje típico.

    “Este traje lo tenía en mente hace diez años y cuando Karen fue elegida me dije que ella era la ideal para lucirlo. El vestuario está inspirado en la diablada de Puno, en su capa tiene la imagen del lago Titicaca y en su preparación participaron 16 personas, entre bordadores, pintores y escultores”, detalló Dávila .

  • http://www.andina.com.pe/

Clair eyes Miss Universe title

Red rose ... Clair Cooper

Published: Today
STUNNING Clair Cooper jets off to the Caribbean next week to represent Great Britain at the Miss Universe contest.

And not only will the redhead beauty be flying the flag for the nation, she's also teamed up with the nation's favourite red top.

The gorgeous 27-year-old will be writing a behind-the-scenes blog from inside the contest starting next week.

Our girl will be lifting the lid on the bitching, shoe-stealing and nastiness backstage at the world's biggest beauty contest.

Pretty Clair says she'll be doing her best to bring home the award.

But has revealed she didn't even start competing until she was 18!

"I didn't start anything in the shape of modelling until then," giggles the London lass.

"I was ginger ... I mean of course I still am ginger. And I love it!

"But the sad fact is, kids are not usually complimented on their looks when they have red hair. I know I certainly wasn't.

"There was a bit of name-calling, but when isn't there at school? All kids go through it."

It's obvious Clair has always had an air of confidence about her.

Not Hollywood hissy fit style confidence, but a cool edge which goes with the job of serial-pageant-queen.

She's witty, eloquent and downright likeable and while her looks are breathtaking - all flame-red hair, perfect porcelain skin and super long eyelashes - her brains have certainly helped her get to the top.

Clair works by day for a top music company, often trudging through muddy festival fields arranging big brand marketing across shows.

But swapping wellies for stilletos comes naturally to Clair and she loves the change of gear.

"Music is my first love, so obviously my job is really important to me, but beauty pageants started off as a fun hobby and then became so much more.

"While some people might think they are shallow, it's more than just looking pretty in front of a group of judges.

"The big selling point for me is all the charity work you get to do as well.

"When I won Miss London in 2006 I was asked to be ambassador for the Heineken Cup with rugby star Austin Healey.

"And if I win the Miss Universe title I'll be working in New York for Aids and HIV charities - that is what matters to me more."

Clair understands the attraction of her unique 'English Rose' looks to these competitions .

She said: "I know we are a multicultural society, which I think is great.


"But it doesn't get more English Rose than this - I hope they will see that I have something quintessentially British about me.

"All the girls are absolutely stunning. Beautiful black cascading hair, amazing tanned skin - you name it.

"So it's definitely good for me to stand out from the crowd.

"And I've got shape too - boobs and a bum - I think it's important that girls realise this is about celebrating womanhood, not anything like the fashion modelling androgynous look."

Clair prepares for months before the contests in between her hectic work schedule to make sure she is face, word and charity fundraising perfect.

"For Miss GB I had my outfit for the Little Black Dress round custom made in China .

"I also spent hours shopping for the right bikini and evening wear."

Clair says making a different to other people's lives is the best thing about what she does.

"I raised thousands for the Joshua Foundation through my work with them, they help young children with cancer ," she revealed.

"Miss Universe will be even more full-on for the whole three weeks as they are looking for someone they can work with for the year afterwards.

"The event itself is full of press conferences, photoshoots, visiting the different islands and then lots of rehearsal.

"If I scoop the title, I won't be heading home for 12 months!"

Clair has built a reputation of being level-headed at events and stays well away from the cat-fighting and bitching.

With a smile she adds: "While I know it goes on, most of the girls wouldn't dare be like that to me, as they know I can't stand it.

"That kind of thing goes well over my head too - I'm not bothered.

"This is going to be my last pageant. At 27 I'm considered an old maid anyway so I'd never spoil it with being competitive.

"I want to win, sure, but whether I do or not I am going out with a bang and not a nasty story about being a cow to other contestants!"


Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Bianca Manalo’s Lineage of Beauty

July 29, 2009, 6:51pm

Pamela Bianca Manalo, simply Bianca to friends, is an imposing presence both on and off stage. Standing regally at 5’10,” this 22-year-old Advertising graduate from Assumption College also works as Flight Attendant for Philippine Airlines. Bianca was recently presented to the press prior to her departure for the Bahamas where the next Miss Universe pageant will be held.

Bianca comes from a family of beauty queens, her older sister Kate Manalo-Hernandez being a former Ms. Philippines-World and an aunt, a former Ms. Philippines-International.

Aside from the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title, Bianca took home several titles, the most significant among them the Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice Award. Other titles she won include the Miss Natasha, Miss Philippine Airlines and Best in Swimsuit award.

Constantly striving for excellence, Bianca stood out in cheerleading during high school and college. She dabbled in modeling when she was 14 and also tried her hand at TV hosting. During her safety training as a flight attendant, she graduated at the top of her class.

Bb. Pilipinas-International Melody Gersbach, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Bianca Manalo and Bb.Pilipinas-World Marie Ann Umali will be competing in the most prestigious international pageants. They will be joining Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969; Margie Moran Miss Universe 1973; Aurora Pijuan Miss Internatinal 1970; Melanie Marquez Miss International 1979; Ruffa Gutierrez Miss World 2nd Princess 1993, Miriam Quiambao, Miss Universe 1st Runner-Up, 1999 and Precious Lara Quigaman Miss International 2005 in an impressive roster of beauty queens that the pageant has produced.

Now on its 45th year the annual Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant is a project of Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded by its chair, Ms. Stella Marquez de Araneta. The pageant was envisioned as a fundraising activity for projects that would benefit orphans and indigent families. Apart from producing the country’s best beauties as representatives in various international competitions, BPCI has been a strong contributor to nation-building. For over four decades they have provided skills training, educational workshops and mission work for marginalized sectors of society.


28 julho 2009

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza supports gay marriage

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza supports gay marriage
July 28, 9:43 AM

Howard Stern put the reigning Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza to the ultimate test on Tuesday morning’s edition of The Howard Stern Show. It wasn’t the traditional “take your top off” or “swallow the kielbasa” test that Howard Stern usually subjects his most beautiful guests to. This time, Howard Stern asked Miss Universe the question that made the most recent Miss USA pageant (almost) worth watching—the question that catapulted Carrie Prejean, to the front page of the blogosphere—the question of gay marriage.

Howard Stern took a cue from Perez Hilton and asked Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza if she would support the legalization of gay marriage. Mendoza danced around the issue a bit at first, stating that Carrie Prejean had the right to think whatever she wanted and “why should I care” what the second-runner up to the Miss USA crown thinks. When pressed further, Dayana Mendoza stated that she had several close gay friends in her life that she would like to see be able to spend the rest of their lives with the people that they loved.

Howard Stern cornered her on what has apparently become the most compelling pageant question of our generation: “Should gay marriage be legal?”

“Why not?” responded Dayana Mendoza.

Dayana Mendoza joked that if her stance on gay marriage conflicted with her Miss Universe title, she only has about a month in her reign anyway.

“Bravo!” called out Howard Stern Show openly gay guest announcer George Takei. George Takei (better known to Star Trek fans as the original “Sulu”) was one of the estimated 18,000 Californians to marry a same sex partner during the brief legalization of same sex marriage in California last year.


Miss Universe Supports Gay Marriage!


Take note, Mz. Prejean!

While visiting the Howard Stern show on Tuesday, Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza was slapped with a very familiar (and intelligent) question.

"Should gay marriage be legal?" asked Stern.

Mendoza's response: “Why not?”

She elaborated that many of her friends are gay and that she would like to see them able to legally commit to their loved ones for a lifetime.

Miss Universe even stated that if anyone had a problem with her opinions, she only has four weeks left in her reign.

Now, that's a beauty queen!!!


Miss España prepara el vestuario para optar a Miss Universo

Miss España prepara el vestuario  para optar a Miss Universo
Estibaliz Perira, vestida para Miss Universo 2009 / A. SEIJAS - LALINPRESS
Actualizado Martes, 28-07-09 a las 22:52
La coruñesa Estíbaliz Pereira, de 23 años, recién nombrada Miss España, sueña con convertirse en Miss Universo y ya ha preparado el «atrezzo» que le acompañara en la gala.
Miss España 2009 ha hecho público el vestuario que lucirá para el certamen, que se celebrará durante el mes de Agosto en las Islas Bahamas y cuya final será el 23 del mes. El evento será retransmitido en directo por NBC y la cadena Telemundo.

El vestuario con el que aparecerá en el concurso está diseñado por M y M Puerto de la Cruz, a excepción del traje de flamenca de Sara Benítez. Las joyas corren a cargo de la firma Liska, los relojes de Toro Watch. Y en cuanto al peinado y el maquillaje ha sido Marco Aldani quien puso a punto a la nueva Miss España.


Dayana con Howard Stern

Dayana con Howard Stern
El conductor le hizo preguntas picositas

Grosby Group. Prohibida su reproducción.
Dayana se mantuvo coherente ante los cuestionamientos de Stern.

28 de Julio de 2009

LOS ÁNGELES- Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universo 2008, asistió al show de Howard Stern donde habló sobre sus actividades de caridad con enfermos de VIH, campaña que ha realizado durante su reinado, y como era de esperarse, Stern no podía dejar de preguntarle, muy a su estilo, sobre el tamaño de sus heces fecales, lo que provocó pena en la belleza universal.

Dayana se mantuvo al margen

A un mes de despedirse de la corona, Dayana Mendoza vivió uno de los momentos más bochornosos de su reinado durante su participación en el polémico show de Howard Stern donde fue cuestionada, no sobre sus obras de caridad, sobre sus experiencias con el sexo anal y el tamaño de sus evacuaciones intestinales.


Dayana bajo el escrutinio de Stern

"¿Alguna vez has hecho heces fecales del tamaño de una botella Poland Spring?", preguntó seriamente Stern a Dayana.

Sin sentir pena y muy serena la Miss Universo respondió: "Ah, claro".

La mujer más bella del universo dijo no sentir vergüenza de hablar sobre esos temas: "Estoy orgullosa de mí misma".

Dayana Mendoza asistió al show de Howard Stern donde promovió su próxima aparición en Miss Universo 2009 que se llevará acabo en las Bahamas el próximo 23 de agosto.

Esta no es la primera vez que Stern tiene como invitadas a las representantes de la belleza, en 2002 contó con la presencia de la entonces Miss Universo Oxana a quien no sólo ofendió con sus preguntas, sino que la hizo llorar.

'Fashion is about wearing the right attitude'

Ekta Chowdhry, Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe 2009, speaks her mind on the outfits she plans to don for the Miss Universe pageant, her
Ekta Chowdhry
Ekta Chowdhry
early modelling days and her fashion fundas...

Kolkata connection
This is my first visit to Kolkata. I have admired the beauty of Bengali women as much as the works of Aparna Sen and Rituparno Ghosh. Of course, the mishti doi and rosogollas are always a favourite. This time around, my visit was strictly limited to Anamika Khanna’s studio where I had done to get my fittings done for the outfits that I might be wearing for the Miss Universe pageant.

Counting days
In another two week’s time, I’ll leave for Bahamas to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. More than a celebration of personal beauty, this pageant is a space where I can represent the richness of Indian culture. I am on a mission to make my country proud.

Bollywood calling
Right now, I am concentrating only on the pageant. As for Bollywood, I really need a tall hero to be cast opposite me since my height is 5ft 9 1/2 in.

Beauty and brains
I feel like reacting to debate over whether beauty queens have a thinking mind too. Why curb others’ freedom of expression?

Fashion fundas
Fashion is about wearing the right attitude. Eat right, exercise regularly, think positive and flaunt a smile — that’s fashionable for me.


Miss Universo dijo que su mejor recuerdo es el cariño que recibió de la gente

Dayana Mendoza consigue para Venezuela la quinta corona de Miss Universo | AP

La venezolana Dayana Mendoza dijo que no deja su puesto con tristeza pero sí con muchos planes que incluyen continuar con la labor humanitaria que llevó a cabo durante su año de reinado

Cerca de entregar su corona como Miss Universo, la venezolana Dayana Mendoza asegura que el cariño que le brindó la gente en los diversos países que visitó durante el pasado año es lo que más atesora de su reinado.

"Lo mejor ha sido el cariño sincero de la gente, el recibimiento que he tenido en todos los países que he visitado, que me han dado un poco de su cultura. Me han hecho sentir en casa", señaló a Efe Mendoza, que el próximo 5 de agosto viajará a Bahamas, donde el 23 de ese mes se elegirá a su sucesora en el Atlantic Paradise Island.

La beldad, de 23 años, dijo a Efe que no deja su puesto con tristeza y sí con muchos planes que incluyen continuar con la labor humanitaria que llevó a cabo como Miss Universo, que pondrá en marcha luego de tomar unas vacaciones.

"Tengo muchos planes pero, como cambio de opinión a cada rato, los tengo ahí. Todavía no he elegido nada. Me inclino primero a lo de las vacaciones, apagar el celular, olvidarme de Internet, la computadora y desaparecer y no decirle a nadie en dónde estoy", indicó en la sede del concurso Miss Universo en Nueva York.

Explicó que figura en su agenda realizar labor humanitaria junto a una amiga "donde sea".

"La idea es que queremos hacer algo que tenga sentido y con lo que podamos y no lo hago porque tenga la banda de Miss Universo 2008 sino porque soy un ser humano al igual que ella (su amiga), porque todos tendríamos que hacer algo y deberíamos de darnos cuenta de que con un poquito que uno ayude, hace una gran diferencia", agregó.

Afirmó que no fue difícil adaptarse a sus nuevas responsabilidades, de viajes constantes y cambios de horario, porque ya estaba acostumbrada como modelo, pero sí tener que separarse de su familia en Venezuela.

"Aunque hablas con ellos por Internet no es lo mismo. A veces quieres un beso, un abrazo, pero ya prontito", dijo al señalar que pronto se reunirá con sus padres en su país.

Mendoza, que le dio a Venezuela la quinta corona de belleza tras doce años sin conquistar ese cetro, después de que Alicia Machado lo obtuviera en 1996, aseguró además que ni los títulos de belleza ni la vida que ha tenido como Miss Universo le han hecho alejarse de los principios que su familia le inculcó.

Miss Universo, que fue coronada el 13 de julio de 2008 en Nha Trang, Vietnam, restó importancia a que se le considere la mujer más bella del mundo porque no son los atributos físicos los que más le preocupan.

"Soy la mujer más bella hasta agosto, luego llegará otra que será la más bella, y luego otra y otra y la que se lo crea es una tonta. Para mí, la mujer más bella es mi madre", comentó Mendoza, quien lucía un traje corto bombacho veraniego.

"Yo no siento nada diferente si me dicen que soy la mujer más bella o no porque soy un ser humano", argumentó al señalar que lo que quiere es que la gente le conozca como es ella realmente, no por sus atributos físicos.

Se describió como "una muchacha venezolana sencilla, de valores bien fuertes" y con una familia que le ha ayudado a formar su personalidad.

Dijo, además, ser "perfeccionista, bien explosiva, impulsiva, que quiere ser feliz, darle lo mejor a su familia y disfrutar de la vida".

La venezolana, de ojos verdes, recomendó a otras jóvenes la experiencia de un concurso de belleza, siempre y cuando no lo conviertan en un modo de vida.

"Hay chicas que van y concursan, y el año siguiente, y el que viene y el que viene y así pasan cinco años de su vida, pero esto no es una carrera. Te da empuje, aprendes, que es lo más bonito, pero es una oportunidad y Dios sabe lo que hace, si no se da, no se da", argumentó.

A la joven que sea electa Miss Universo en Bahamas le recomendó que "se dé cuenta que este es un trabajo como cualquier otro, que hay que ser responsable, estar presentable y pasarla bien. Cuando tu lo disfrutas se ve, la gente se da cuenta, lo disfruta contigo y puede apreciar quién eres tú, tu espíritu".

"No es pararse, buscar la mejor cámara y siempre estar sonriendo porque salir más o no en cámara no te va a hacer ganar, simplemente es ser tú y disfrutarlo", comentó.


27 julho 2009

Miss Asia Pageant 2009 Starts In Taiwan

89277189, Getty Images /Getty Images Entertainment

: TAIPEI, TAIWAN - JULY 26: (L-R) 2008 Miss Asia front three Belinda Yan,Eunis Yao and Lene Lai attend a press conference for Miss Asia Pageant 2009 Taiwan contest area opening at San Want Residences Taipei on July 26, 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. (Photo by Tungstar/Getty Images)

Mayra Matos presenta los diseñadores que la ayudan de cara a Miss Universe 2009

Mayra Matos muestra el ajuar que utilizará para representar a Puerto Rico en el certamen internacional. (Archivo)

lunes, 27 de julio de 2009
Actualizado hace 1 horas (04:43 p.m. )
Primera Hora

Mayra Matos, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2009, participa en un vídeo en el que presenta a los diseñadores que la está ayudando en si preparación para el certamen internacional a celebrarse el próximo mes de agosto.

Disfruta del vídeo, auspiciado por la compañía L'ebel, en el que la soberana boricua muestra su ajuar y algo más.


Ethiopian Beauty Queen Wins Best Female Model Contest

Tadias Magazine
By Tadias Staff

Published: Monday, July 27, 2009

New York (Tadias) - 24-year-old Kidan Tesfahun, Ethiopia’s Miss Millennium Queen, has been named Best Female Model of the World 2009 at a fashion modeling contest organized by Sukier Models International in Alicante, Spain, on 24th July 2009, her representatives announced.

According to the competition’s director and founder Sukier Vallejo Marte: “The contest was created with the idea of attracting new faces and talent for future projects both domestically (in Spain) and internationally…”

Tesfahun, who had previously represented Ethiopia at the Miss International 2007 and Miss Earth 2008, says her newly gained title adds confidence to her future prospects in the modeling industry.

“From here on I guess the sky is the limit for me,” the aspiring model said. “I have gained the professional acceptance I always knew I should have, and I am indeed grateful to the Almighty Lord for guiding me and making my dreams come true.”

She is the second Ethiopian model this year from the Ethiopian Millennium pageant to win an international beauty competition. Bewunetwa Abebe, 19, was crowned Model of Africa at the 2009 International Beauty and Model festival in China.

24-year-old Kidan Tesfahun - Best Female Model of the World 2009.

Kidan Tesfahun pictured here at the Miss Earth 2008 contest.


Nelsa Alves representa Angola no concurso Miss Universo2009

Miss Angola 2009 Nelsa Alves
Miss Angola 2009 Nelsa Alves

Luanda – A miss Angola 2009, Nelsa Alves, representará o país no concurso Miss Universo, a realizar-se no dia 23 de Agosto do ano em curso, em Bahamas, nas Caraíbas, indica uma nota de imprensa do Comité Miss Angola, a que a Angop teve hoje acesso.

De acordo com a nota do referido comité, Nelsa Alves embarcará na próxima quinta-feira, dia 30, para o maior e mais importante concurso de beleza do universo com a expectativa e o desafio de superar o sexto lugar alcançado por Micaela Reis em 2006.

Segundo o documento, Nelsa Alves, de 22 anos, vai durante 25 dias conviver com as demais candidatas ao concurso e membros da organização do certame com o intuito de ambientar-se e ganhar motivação.

Desde que assumiu a coroa da mulher mais bonita de Angola, Nelsa Alves tem-se desdobrado em distintas actividades de cariz social, desportivo, cultural e filantrópico, tendo participado em acções como a Campanha de Luta Conta a Sida, entrega de donativos à instituições desfavorecidas e a participação na segunda conferência sobre marcas.

Para chegar ao concurso Miss Universo, Nelsa Alves venceu os concursos de Miss Ingombota, Miss Luanda e Miss Angola 2009.

A propósito da sua participação no concurso Miss Universo, o Comité Miss Angola prevê realizar uma conferência de imprensa, no dia 28 de Julho, terça-feira, as 18H30, no restaurante Bay Side, junto à De Ana Spa, Marginal de Luanda.


26 julho 2009

Are the larger pageants beyond repair?

Co-hosts Billy Bush and Nadine Velazquez announce the 5 finalists competing for the title of Miss USA 2009 on Sunday, April 19, 2009 from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Theatre for the Performing Arts Las Vegas, Nevada. From left are: Kristen Dalton, Miss North Carolina USA 2009; Alicia-Monique Blanco, Miss Arizona USA 2009; Laura Kirilova Chukanov, Miss Utah USA 2009; Carrie Prejean, Miss California'USA 2009; and Maria Elizabeth Montgomery, Miss Kentucky USA 2009. © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Activists of the left have been at war with pageants for decades. In the old days, they marched outside pageant venues. Today, some of them are judges.

Activists have, in effect, been unable to beat pageants, so they have joined them.

As former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean can attest, if you say anything not in agreement with the leftist agenda, you’re cooked.

Here are examples of some of the most-recent headlines about Carrie:

Carrie Prejean: So you think you can sing? (Kansas City Star)

Carrie Prejean Caterwauls at Del Mar Racetrack (Bodog Beat)

Carrie Prejean Tries to Sing; Casualties Unknown (The Hollywood Gossip)

Prejean Attempts to Carrie a Tune (TMZ.com)

Hos & Horses (PerezHilton.com)

File This Under “Books You're Never Going to See Reviewed Here” (January magazine)

Gay-hater Carrie Prejean will write a book (Gay Socialites)

Fake-Boobed Dingbat Homophobe Carrie Prejean Lands Book Deal! (Wonkette)

In WeHo & Bidding A (Not So Fond) Farewell To Carrie Prejean (WeHo News)

The Miss Teen USA pageant is decided July 31. Like the Miss USA pageant, Miss Teen USA is a Donald Trump outfit, as is Miss Universe.

What has to prey on the mind of every contestant – whether in a Trump pageant or one sponsored by others – is what will happen to them in the public eye if they are asked a question that requires them to agree with liberal activists. Do they go along to avoid being destroyed or say how they really feel?

It is almost impossible for a reporter to gain an interview with a contestant in a major pageant. Considering the fallout from Carrie answering a question, one can understand why.

I’m looking forward to Carrie’s book in November. It will probably represent the most-honest insider assessment of pageants we have ever read.

In the meantime, perhaps the answer to continuing the United States’ long pageant tradition is to ignore the big guys and concentrate on local contests, where less money, ego and political correctness are on the line.

Author: Michael McGuire


Miss Teen International 2009

Miss Teen Ohio Jessica Byington, 17, was crowned Miss Teen International ...

Sun Jul 26, 1:32 AM ET

Miss Teen Ohio Jessica Byington, 17, was crowned Miss Teen International 2009,

(PRNewsFoto/International Pageants)

Russian beauty queen heads for world record

Russian beauty queen heads for world record
Ksenia Sukhinova in Moscow / Photo: en.beta.rian.ru

Today, 04:03 PM

Ksenia Sukhinova, the winner of the 2008 Miss World beauty pageant, is confident she going to set a new world record in charity fundraising. She has been on a world tour for 6 months and has already raised over 25 million dollars, Russian website Glomu.ru reports.

Having made a brief stopover in Moscow, Ksenia took part in a photo session for the popular Face.ru project on July 24.

“I am right in the middle of my world charity tour,” Sukhinova told the journalists, adding she is sorry to have been away from Russia for so long and is really enjoying the shooting in the Moscow trade center Atrium which is taking place on such a beautiful sunny day.

“Shooting with exotic animals was our original idea, but it had to be put off, “ Alexander Korobkov and Daria Zatseva, the photographers responsible for the photo session, revealed. “Instead, we are going to have a romantic and airy session with Ksenia and soap bubbles. We wouldn’t like to share our professional secrets in advance, and hope everything will turn out right,”Alexander added.

After the Moscow shooting, the world’s beauty is resuming her world tour and leaving for Europe. “Ksenia’s schedule is extremely tight, with lots of shootings and other activities, “ Sukhinova’s director said. “We are indeed heading for a record!” he claimed.

Ksenia Sukhinova was born 1987 in Nizhnevartovsk. She lives in Tyumen, Siberia, where she is a fifth-year student at the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, studying cybernetic systems.


Miss World Peru 2009

Claudia María Carrasco Sarrio (Cuzco) was crowned Miss World Peru 2009 at the Paseo de Aguas Municipal Park in Lima. She will represent Peru in Miss World 2009 in South Africa on December 12.

Gracias, Javi Muñoz

Dos Miss España juntas en la pasarela


La pasarela de la Moda Adlib celebrada anoche en el Parque Reina Sofía de Ibiza tuvo un momento especial, cuando dos Miss España, una recién nombrada y una ex, Estíbaliz Pereira y Elisabeth Reyes, respectivamente, aparecieron juntas y solas sobre el escenario.
El único modelo de la noche, Joaquín Morodo, lució ropa de Piluca Bayarri en un desfile en el que durante una hora desfilaron 18 mujeres. Verónica Blume hizo las funciones de guía de otras modelos menos expertas y de los niños.
Los vestidos blancos fueron la tónica, aunque también hubo espacio para algunos colores, especialmente el morado, el azul, el verde y el fucsia. Hubo momentos de transgresión, de atrevimiento, como los móviles que, a modo de sombrero, portaban en la cabeza las modelos que lucían ropa de Tony Bonet para Bianca.





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