31 julho 2009

Hoang Yen to go to Bahamas with dragon ao dai

17:14' 31/07/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese entrant at Miss Universe 2009 will bring a special ao dai to the Bahamas tomorrow, August 1.

She will fly to the Bahamas on a night flight, which takes off at 11.30. A representative of the Hoan Vu company and Yen’s manager, Duong Truong Thien Ly, will go to the Bahamas in mid-August to support Yen.

Yen and 88 other contestants will kick off activities of the biggest beauty contest in the world on August 5.

The first runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2008 will carry 40 sets of clothes to the Bahamas, including casual wear, night gowns and ao dai, designed by Nguyen Cong Tri and Dinh Van Tho.

The night gowns for Hoang Yen were inspired by the ocean and stories of mermaids. Of 12 key fashions for important events in the Bahamas, the most significant are two night gowns and the ao dai for the final night.

The ao dai, which is the national costume, is inspired by Vietnamese dragons. This ao dai is decorated with flying dragons made of yellow crystals on black lace. The ao dai is accompanied by a black silk scarf with tassels made of white crystals.

Hoang Yen will bring small gifts to her friends at the pageant and an embroidered painting for the charity auction.

Miss Universe 2009 will have different activities, such as swimwear, traditional outfit, night gown competitions, a charity auction to raise funds for HIV/AIDS patients, visits to famous tourist sties in the Bahamas and meetings with local officials.

The final night will take place at around 8am, August 24 (Vietnam time) and be aired live on NBC channel. Miss Universe 2009 will move to New York to live in an apartment with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA for one year. The new beauty queen will participate in some outreach campaigns and charity activities.

The prizes for Miss Universe 2009:

- A crown and jewelry designed by Diamond Nexus Labs

- A luxurious apartment in New York, plus accommodations and travelling expenses

- Salary for one year from the Miss Universe Organisation

- Free use of night gowns designed by Carlos Alberto, footwear by Nina Footwear, swimwear BSC Thailand and a 2-year scholarship worth over US$100,000 at the New York Movie Institute

- Free beauty care services and right to be a photo model for the world’s top fashion photographer Fadil Berisha

- Functions in major movie, music events in the world



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