26 julho 2009

Are the larger pageants beyond repair?

Co-hosts Billy Bush and Nadine Velazquez announce the 5 finalists competing for the title of Miss USA 2009 on Sunday, April 19, 2009 from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Theatre for the Performing Arts Las Vegas, Nevada. From left are: Kristen Dalton, Miss North Carolina USA 2009; Alicia-Monique Blanco, Miss Arizona USA 2009; Laura Kirilova Chukanov, Miss Utah USA 2009; Carrie Prejean, Miss California'USA 2009; and Maria Elizabeth Montgomery, Miss Kentucky USA 2009. © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Activists of the left have been at war with pageants for decades. In the old days, they marched outside pageant venues. Today, some of them are judges.

Activists have, in effect, been unable to beat pageants, so they have joined them.

As former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean can attest, if you say anything not in agreement with the leftist agenda, you’re cooked.

Here are examples of some of the most-recent headlines about Carrie:

Carrie Prejean: So you think you can sing? (Kansas City Star)

Carrie Prejean Caterwauls at Del Mar Racetrack (Bodog Beat)

Carrie Prejean Tries to Sing; Casualties Unknown (The Hollywood Gossip)

Prejean Attempts to Carrie a Tune (TMZ.com)

Hos & Horses (PerezHilton.com)

File This Under “Books You're Never Going to See Reviewed Here” (January magazine)

Gay-hater Carrie Prejean will write a book (Gay Socialites)

Fake-Boobed Dingbat Homophobe Carrie Prejean Lands Book Deal! (Wonkette)

In WeHo & Bidding A (Not So Fond) Farewell To Carrie Prejean (WeHo News)

The Miss Teen USA pageant is decided July 31. Like the Miss USA pageant, Miss Teen USA is a Donald Trump outfit, as is Miss Universe.

What has to prey on the mind of every contestant – whether in a Trump pageant or one sponsored by others – is what will happen to them in the public eye if they are asked a question that requires them to agree with liberal activists. Do they go along to avoid being destroyed or say how they really feel?

It is almost impossible for a reporter to gain an interview with a contestant in a major pageant. Considering the fallout from Carrie answering a question, one can understand why.

I’m looking forward to Carrie’s book in November. It will probably represent the most-honest insider assessment of pageants we have ever read.

In the meantime, perhaps the answer to continuing the United States’ long pageant tradition is to ignore the big guys and concentrate on local contests, where less money, ego and political correctness are on the line.

Author: Michael McGuire


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