06 dezembro 2010

Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned

Monday, December 6th, 2010
A law student proved she had both brains and beauty yesterday when she was crowned Miss Great Britain 2010.

Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
Stunning Amy Carrier, 20, from Liverpool, was given the title at the finals – which broke 65 years of tradition as the crown was not passed on by her predecessor.
Miss Great Britain 2009, Sophie Gradon, 25, was banned from the prestigious ceremony after a series of blazing rows with organisers over a railway ticket fine.
But dozens of former champions, including Miss World Rosanna Davidson who handed Amy her crown, flocked to the event at Weston-super-Mare on Saturday.
Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
In the final – which returned to the pier for the first time in 50 years – the 12 finalists battled it out during three rounds.
Firstly, the contestants modelled Union Jack themed dresses they made themselves, before donning swimsuits and later evening gowns for the last two stages.
Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
Single Amy, who studies law at The University of Liverpool, said she was ”stunned” to win the title.
She said: ”I’m on top of the world. I was so in shock when they announced I had won. It was a great experience.
”I had never been on stage before or done anything like this. It was quite overwhelming especially with all the cameras.
”The competition is not just won on looks, it is also about intellect and strength of character.
Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
”There was some really tough competition and any of the girls in the final 12 could have won. I was stunned.”
She added that she will use her title to be a good ambassador for young girls and raise money for good causes.
Pretty Lisa Lazarus, 23, a part-time radiography student at Hertfordshire University was announced as first runner up in the competition.
And plucky Gina Basham, 22 – who was born with only one fully-formed hip – took the title of second runner up.
Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
Doctors told the pretty blond – who is Miss Birmingham – that she would be wheelchair bound for life but she proved them wrong after a series of operations.
Winner Amy, from Southport, near Liverpool, added that she was encouraged to enter the competition by proud mum Susan, 48.
She said: ”My mum found out about the competition and told me to do it, so I did.
Miss Great Britain 2010 winner crowned
”Mum came along to the final, with the rest of my family, and she was really overwhelmed when I won.”
The girls were selected from 57 hopefuls from around the UK – including divorcees and single mothers for the first time since the competition’s launch in 1945.
Organiser Liz Fuller, said the pageants had moved on from the days of simply judging contestants on looks.
She said: ”Nowadays it’s more about personality, character and talent.
”We want Miss Great Britain or any pageant to be the platform for the girls to achieve whatever their career opportunities or aspirations are.”

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