07 agosto 2010

Miss Australia

Miss Australia Under Fire for her Uggs

Posted on 06. Aug, 2010 by Emiliana Gareth in Entertainment

Miss Australia, who plans on wearing a pair of high-heeled woolly Ugg boots at the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant this month, is being accused of tackiness and animal cruelty and is urged to ditch the boots.

Jesinta Campbell has been asked by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) not to wear the boots because it was cruel and unethical. The wool used on her boots were sourced from mulesing sheep.

Mulesing is the process of removing strips of wool along with skin from the buttocks of the sheep in order to prevent the chance of a maggot infestation, referred to as “flystrike”

“Some people say that Ugg boots put the ‘Ugg’ in ‘ugly,’ but we believe that mulesing puts the ‘ugly’ in Uggs,” said PETA’s director of campaigns, Jason Baker.

PETA had stated that there are much more humane ways to prevent flystrike, and that they have successfully convinced many clothing designers to stop sourcing mulesed wool.

Campbell, 18, won the Miss Universe Australia title in June, but could not immediately be reached for comment. In a previous statement, she referred to her costume as “incredible”.


Miss Australia defends costume

Updated: 20:02, Saturday August 7, 2010

Miss Australia has defended her national costume while at the 2010 Miss Universe gathering at Los Angeles' Roosevelt Hotel.
Jestina Campbell's national costume selection has been met with controversy back in Australia, where it has been described as a 'national joke' and a 'travesty.'
The 18-year-old's dress was said to be inspired by the outback.
'Look, I'm very very proud to wear my national costume. I think there's some great elements there that really embody, you know, the Australian theme. We've got the beautiful Aboriginal print, we've got the gorgeous colors on the skirt. I think it's magnificent, it's something I'm very proud to wear and I can't wait to wear it on an international stage and let the whole world see what Australia is,' Campbell said.
'Everyone can say what they want whether it's positive or negative and you've just got to take it all on board and I'm really happy in the outfit so I think that's all that matters in the end of the day.'
Meanwhile, Miss Haiti, Sarodj Bertin was on hand to comment on Wyclef Jean's bid for the Haitian presidency.
'I just want to say to him, as to other people who want to help Haiti, well, really do something for Haiti. Have your project and plan it and just develop it by yourself so we can make sure that everyone has what they need in this moment,' Bertin said.
The Miss Universe Pageant will take place August 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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