25 julho 2010

Phillipps Ready For Vegas

Yendi Phillipps - Contributed
Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer
Our 'artical queen' has made her return to the pageant scene after copping the 2010 Miss Jamaica Universe title a few weeks ago. Although a front-runner to win the title, Phillipps remained focused and driven, not allowing herself to be sideswiped by over confidence. Hearing her name being announced as this year's Miss Universe winner, Phillipps, despite what critics say, was overwhelmed.
"I actually went into the competition thinking that I was going to be judged the hardest out of all the girls because of my prior experience," said Phillipps.
Donning a one-shoulder, knee-length green chiffon dress that highlighted toned legs, the 25-year-old beauty shared her experiences and what she was looking forward to.
The former Miss Jamaica began by saying she was elated at being the new Miss Universe and confessed that the Miss World competition was very different from the Miss Universe pageant.
Phillipps is hoping to make Jamaica proud by highlighting and focusing on the talents of the nation abroad.
"I decided to enter last summer before I went to South Africa to gain a little more exposure to come back and enter Miss Jamaica Universe. I don't think Jamaica is given a fair shot despite us having beautiful women and so I thought with me getting the international exposure, having the experience from Miss World and having my body being better conditioned, that I was ready to give it a shot.
"I don't think there's a limit to life. This is what my dream and my passion is and I definitely feel content," said Phillipps.
Harsh criticisms
Since deciding to enter the Miss Jamaica Universe competition, the beauty queen has come under a lot of harsh criticisms from her detractors but is confident in her ability to represent her country well.
"I don't focus any attention on detractors. I just focus on the task at hand and on the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and being ambitious as long as you aren't cheating or breaking any laws. As a matter of fact, what I would say to anyone in life is that there is nothing wrong with dreaming," said Phillipps.
"I am very committed, almost too committed to the point where I no longer have a social life," she laughed.
Phillipps said she weighed 150lb in 2007 when she entered the Miss Jamaica World pageant. Today she is 128lb. That drop in weight has not come easily and is the end product of research and hard work.
"I have researched my industry in order to know what works and so now I have a nutritionist and I'm working towards my goal of putting Jamaica on a level playing field with the rest of the international contestants around the world," said Phillipps.
Kickboxing in the evenings and gym in the mornings, as well as eating five small meals per day was how Phillipps transformed her body into the svelte figure that she now has.
An important figure who helped to hone Phillipps into the woman that she is today is her mother. Phillipps' mother died when she was young but the model is sure the woman who brought her into this world would be very proud of what she has accomplished.

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