27 julho 2010

Beauty queen eyeing success at Miss Universe

It has been barely two weeks since 21-year-old, Tirelo Ramasedi, won the coveted Miss Universe Botswana crown, but she is already working around the clock in preparation for the international 2010 Miss Universe pageant to be held in Las Vegas, United States of America (US).

To date Mpule Kweleagobe has been the only Motswana to win the title, but the vibrant Ramasedi is hopeful of bringing home the revered Miss Universe title come August 23. Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, Ramasedi said she is excited to be participating in the Miss Universe pageant after Botswana's six-year absence. Botswana's last participation was in 2004, but unfortunately the country's representative, Icho Kealotswe was eliminated early in the competition.
Ramasedi promised to promote Botswana's culture and tourism as well as market its diamonds. "This is a platform where we can effectively market Botswana as there will be an audience of over one billion people," she said. Ramasedi said she has been working on ironing out her flaws. Her inaugural participation in a beauty pageant was not very successful as she was eliminated in the top five for failing to respond to a question from a judge during the 2009 Miss Botswana pageant.
Ramasedi, however, diligently answered the judge's questions at this year's Miss Universe Botswana pageant although there was some hesitation on her part.  She, however, said she believes in learning from her mistakes, which is what won her the Miss Universe Botswana title. "I've learnt how to recover from stage fright and I continue to practice addressing large audiences," she said. Ramasedi said so far she has addressed several gatherings.
She said she doubts she will choke when competing in the international arena because it is a different experience altogether.  "I like the idea of competing away from home because it puts me under less pressure," she said. She said it's a lot of pressure competing at home because your family members and friends are watching you whereas internationally you are alone and can concentrate better.Ramasedi is scheduled to leave Botswana on August 2 to attend a reception organised by the Botswana Embassy in Washington DC, US before leaving for Las Vegas where preparations for the finals will begin. If she wins, she will immediately be flown to New York, US where the Miss Universe headquarters are based and she will ultimately undertake her duties as the new queen.  On the other hand if she doesn't win, Ramasedi said she would come back home to continue pursuing her BA Degree in Science and Computer Information System at the University of Botswana. "I will also continue assisting Batswana wherever needed as I will still be Miss Universe Botswana," she said.  Ramasedi believes that as a Motswana woman, one has to be respectful of others and uphold Botswana's rich culture and heritage. "I also love smiling because I believe a smile can brighten up your environment and also make someone's day," she said. Ramasedi said she dislikes people who do not respect time.  Ramasedi revealed that she never imagined herself as a beauty queen when she was growing up. She said that unlike most of her modelling colleagues she never used to compete in pageants as a youngster, but was more of a sports person.  "I captained my softball and netball team and I was one of the best swimmers during my primary school years," she said. Ramasedi said her dream then was to become the first Motswana international gold medallist swimmer.  However, when she reached junior high school she could not pursue this dream because there were not enough trainers at the school ultimately leading to no competitions. Ramasedi, however, said she hasn't totally given up on her dream. "If it is God's will I will go back to pursuing my dream of becoming an international swimmer," she said.
The young lady from Mahalapye urged Batswana to give her as much support as possible. Batswana can access the Miss Universe website at www.missuniverse.com where they can rate her. Lots of ratings will make Ramasedi a topic of interest in the competition raising her chances of winning. Any financial sponsorship can be directed to Fairgrounds, Stanbic Bank account number 014 002 127 8500 Mos Syde Group.


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