18 março 2010

WHO IS Mr World 2010?

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

``Jeongsin charyeo!'' (Wake up!)

The select members of the 2010 Mr World contest had never received military training before nor did they understand Korean. But the men seemed to have no trouble following the directions of a Korean Marine officer during a special training session, Monday, in Muuido, Incheon.

In this battle to become ``the world's most desirable man,'' the 74 contestants have pushed the limits of their physical and mental abilities ― from trekking the icy Mt. Deogyu, North Jeolla Province, Wednesday, to getting a whiff of local history in Gyeongju, Thursday, and all the while picking up Korean words here and there.

Competitors must display the virtues of an all-around modern gentleman ― someone who is not only charming and physically fit, but also intelligent, humanitarian and artistic.

The young national representatives will continue to challenge themselves by volunteering in a house-building project, Saturday; participating in a Korean food cooking competition, Sunday; and strutting down a runway in a charity fashion show, March 23.

The grand finale will take place on March 27 at Songdo Convensia, Incheon.

The Mr World 2010 contestants test their physical stamina doing pushups during a training session with the Korean Marines at Silmido Camp, Muui Island, Incheon on Monday. / Korea Times Photos by Cho Young-ho


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