16 dezembro 2009


Plans, for welcoming home Miss World, Gibraltar’s very own Kaiane Aldorino on Thursday afternoon are now complete and as previously announced, Kaiane will arrive at Gibraltar Airport at 4 pm on a private jet chartered by the Gibraltar Government.
No. 6 announced yesterday that Ms Aldorino will be met by the Chief Minister Peter Caruana and members of her immediate family.

Members of the public are invited to greet her from a special enclosure on the airfield next to where the aircraft will park. People wishing to attend at the airport must arrive at the terminal by 3.30 pm at the very latest, as they need to be bussed out to the airfield.

At 4.45 pm Kaiane will parade through Main Street, from Casemates Square to Cathedral Square in (weather permitting) an open-top car.

At 5.30 pm she is programmed to appear on the balcony of City Hall to receive the acclamation of her very proud fellow citizens. Gibraltar songs will be sung by Francis Chipolina and Nathan Payas.
In the evening, Mr Caruana will host a reception in Kaiane’s honour attended principally by her extended family and circle of friends, Miss Gibraltar contest organisers and helpers, and previous Miss Gibraltar winners.

There will be a fireworks display from Detached Mole at 8 pm to mark Kaiane’s stunning achievement for herself and for Gibraltar, said No. 6.

The Government is also making arrangements to provide Gibraltar flags and confetti to thousands of people to use during the parade.

No6 says it will release all Government non-essential employees on Thursday at 3.30pm to enable them to attend the Miss World home-coming. It requested all businesses in Gibraltar “who are reasonably able to do so” to close on Thursday between 4 pm and 6 pm to allow their staff to take part in this very happy and proud occasion for

Gibraltar. The Chamber of Commerce has already urged businesses to release as many employees as possible but backs shops remaining open in the critical leadup to Christmas.


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