24 novembro 2009

We even play football during the preparations

Author: M. Radojkovic
24.11.2009 - 11:11

We even play football during the preparations

This year Jelena Markovic will represent Serbia at the Miss World Beauty Pageant which will take place in Johannesburg on December 12. Two weeks ago she went to South Africa to prepare for the competition with over one hundred beauties from the whole world. Jelena has written a diary in which she describes the preparations.

The preparations started in London and the girls are currently in South Africa. They have also visited Abu Dhabi where Jelena had a successful casting for a very important fashion week.
“Our first destination was magnificent Abu Dhabi where we arrived for the opening of the “Yah” hotel and opening of the fashion week. I was delighted because I passed casting and was included in the group of twenty girls who will do a fashion week in Abu Dhabi organized by Miss World Beauty Pageant,” says Jelena.
“We arrived in South Africa on November 14. There has been very good media coverage, there is even an article written about me published in a local newspaper. People here are fantastic, cheerful, they are always singing, playing, dancing,” our beauty points out not hiding her excitement.
Although they have numerous obligations during the preparations, Jelena says that they don’t find it difficult. She mentions a visit to “Shamwari Game Reserve” as a very interesting experience.
“I was fascinated by so many animals in one place. I spent most of the time with a little elephant and it liked my attention,” says Jelena who is also very good at sports. She managed to score a goal during a football game.
“After the visit to the Game Reserve, sports games were organized at the Nelson Mandela stadium. I have been selected to be among top ten athletes and I am the only one in the group who scored a goal. I competed in running and football,” says Jelena.
Jelena had a unique opportunity to meet the president Jacob Zuma who wished them warm welcome.


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