12 dezembro 2012

Miss Brasil 2012, Gabriela Markus, no Miss Universo 2012

Parabéns, Gabriela Markus

5o. lugar no Miss Universo 2012




Gabriela Markus, Miss Brazil Universe 2012, 4th runner-up Miss Universe 2012.

fonte: http://missosology.info

What was the most special moment that you lived there in Vegas?It was the final parade, indeed! That emotion just by being there, participating in the Miss Universe contest, and be able to put into practice everything I had prepared for a year, was unforgettable.

Had a curious scene, something funny you saw happen behind the scenes? Yes. One day, we had a rehearsal which was very tiring, all the girls were very sleepy. Suddenly, in the middle of one of the choreographies, we realize that lacked a girl. We called her and she didn't show up, we started looking and we found her asleep on the floor under the seats of the rehearsal. It was very funny and everyone laughed.

The Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser, is electric like that she seems to be?Yes she is, is always laughing, talking, doing something. 
I talked a lot with her and we became friends too!

Who was your best friend containment?Marcelina Vahekeni, Miss Angola. We were roommates, so our union was bigger! But I did many other friends, such as Paraguay, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey... The list is big, I had a very good interaction with all of them. In the contest we don't call ourselves by the name, it is easier to call the country because we use all the sash, then it becomes more practical.

What did you think of your ranking?I was very happy. I always said to my mother and my sister that I was going to Las Vegas to enter the top 5 because 
I wanted to come face to face with the judges, answer the question and it happened.

And how was your parents reaction?My mom was a little sad because she thought I deserved a better place, but my father did not. 
He was super excited, happy. And my brother was delighted with everything.

You thought you would come so far?I was very prepared, confident. I worked hard to get here. I went there to win and gave the best of me. 
My greatest victory was to see the entire Brazil rooting for me. Everyone was very supportive, even people who didn't like me before began to support me.

What did you think about the victory of Olivia Culpo, Miss USA?I thought she would be among the top 5 and maybe she could win, but was not sure.

You saw that she tripped before the evening gown competition?They came with me to comment, but I haven't seen anything. 
I never watched any videos, but my sister recorded everything.

You and Olivia were friends during the MU season?No, because she was the hostess, she had much more to do with the other girls, more interviews, so she was always busy.

Do you think the fact that she's american ended up favoring her victory?I don't think so. She was able to win, really.

Even being shorty?Yes, she's 5'6" i guess, but she has a very pretty face.

Would you do anything different?I haven't yet seen the video, but I don't regret anything. 
I was there in body and soul, I knew what I was doing. I remained very calm all the time.

How was the night before the big day?We slept very little because the winner neither back into the room, so Angola and I spent the night packing everything.

Are you frustrated?Absolutely no. I wonder why that made me stay the 4th runner up, the criterion that was used by the judges, but it was a very good position. 
Of the 88 girls, I was placed in 4th runner up. Perhaps if I had been in a better position, but if I didn't have that support from Brazil, I wouldn't be so happy.

There is a taste of victory in the air?Sure. I was in Las Vegas the same person I am in Teutonia: simple, determined. 
And prided my country well. What more can I want?

What are your plans going forward?Work hard, do parades, campaigns, social projects mainly with children, that I really like.

Are you dating?Yes, I'm very happy right now.




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