05 fevereiro 2011

Egypt turmoil upsets ‘Miss Germany’ contest

Egypt turmoil upsets ‘Miss Germany’ contest
Historic demonstrations in Egypt may not have toppled President Hosni Mubarak yet, but they did claim one glamorous victim: preparations for the “Miss Germany” beauty pageant. Twenty-four candidates aged 17 to 24 for the coveted title arrived in the Red Sea tourist resort of Hurghada last week for 10 days of catwalk and photoshoot training, topping up their suntans and relaxing. But now, they are going home to continue their training in their distinctly chillier homeland, because their families are worried, a spokeswoman for the contest told AFP. This is despite the fact there is no sign of the unrest on the sun-kissed beaches of the Red Sea. “It’s completely calm here. There are no problems, everything is running to plan,” Klemmer said. afp


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