30 outubro 2010

Why Manasvi Mamgai did not win the Miss World Crown ?

Miss India Manasvi Mamgai has failed to make it even to the top 20 of the Miss World .With her non selection the hopes of more than a billion Indian have come crashing down.
The 60th edition of the Miss World contest was held in China and Miss USA was eventually crowned Miss World 2010 yesterday. The Miss World contestants have been in China for more than a month , with many of them travelling all across China to promote the Miss  World 2010 event.
Manasvi Mamgai - The Himachal Beauty in Miss World

Miss India Manasvi Mamgai

The Miss World pagent has been jinxed for Indian girls and many of them have not really been able to give in their best shots at these International pageants over the last couple of years.  Some members had felt that Manasvi Mamgai would break the jinx but she too seems to have failed. It has been more than 10 years when Priyanka Chopra last won the crown way back in 2000.
High Expectations from Trainers and friends
Mansvi Mamgai’s friends and trainers had high expectations from her because she was the first girl in the entire history of Miss India to have won five subtitles in the Miss India pageant. Manasvi Mamgai had won the  miss catwalk, beauty with a purpose, girl with a golden heart, best skin, natural beauty in Miss India 2010. With all this going for her many of her trainers and judges felt she would be the best choice to bring back the crown to India.
manasvi mamgai bikini
Manasvi sizzles in a bikini swimsuit before the Miss World 2010
When Mansvi Mamgai won the Pantaloons Miss India contest in 2010 she said that she had created history by winning it but unfortunately it was not enough to help her break the jinx for Indian beauty contestants.
Racism in Miss World ?
Some Indians believe the Miss World contest judges are racist and only choose white Caucasian winners who fit their stereotype of anorexic blonde beauty that is peddled by thousands of cosmetic companies in the western world.
Manasvi Mamgai to now enter Bollywood ?

It is now most likely that Manasvi will enter the Hindi movies arena as she has already been approached by dozens of producers and directors who are looking for a fresh face. In an interview with NDTV Movies – Manasvi Mamgai has said that her dream role would be that of Rekha played in Umrao Jaan. She is also an accomplished dancer which will help be an asset for her in the Bollywood Industry.
Biography of Manasvi Mamgai
Manasvi Mamgai was born in Delhi on the 10th October 1987. but later moved to Chandigarh where she  finished her schooling in 2006 and then moved to Delhi where she was signed up by the Elite Model Management Agency India. In 2006  she went on to win the Elite Model Look India and also made her debut catwalk at the India Fashion Week 2010 .
She won the Femina Miss India World title on April 30, 2010. Her age is currently 23 and she has many accomplishments to her name even at this young age. Manasvi Mamgai’s Zodiac sign is Libra
Vital statistics of Manasvi Mamgai
The vital statistics of Manasvi Mamgai is 32-25-35.5 (inches) and her height is 173 cms which makes her 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Manasvi Mamgai’s Profile on Facebook

Manasvi mamgai has a profile on facebook and it can be accessed at the link below. She has a picture of herself with a lion as her profile picture. That should be enough to keep strangers away from this lioness !
Manasvi Mamgai's Facebook Picture with Lioness


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