18 agosto 2010

Jennifer Hawkins at Lovable underwear launch Bondi Beach

A tightly packed scrum of photographers surrounded Jennifer Hawkins and a bevy of lingerie clad models at Bondi Beach this morning at the launch of a new line of Lovable underwear.
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A few dozen spectators had already assembled more than half an hour before the former Miss Universe arrived, but the snappers and video crew, who outnumbered fans by about two-to-one, had already secured a solid perimeter.
As Ms Hawkins and co stepped out of the silver sedan convoy and the models disrobed, the crowd surged forward to within arms’ length.
Paparazzi called for the underwear ambassadors to look left, right, up and down, while a small army of security and public relations staff struggled to maintain order.
A few in the crowd broke ranks to strike a quick pose with the models, one of whom took the opportunity to say “hi to Tim in Parramatta prison” through the Channel 9 news camera.
The whole commotion lasted no more than 15 minutes but onlookers milled about to discuss what they’d witnessed.
Sisters Brionie and Alexandra Thorpe battled two hours of traffic from South-Western Sydney to be there but said it was well worth the trek.
“I love her, she’s a great role model for everyone especially women,” Brionie said. “We wouldn’t do that for just any celebrity. I mean when else are you going to know exactly where Jen is and actually be able to see her in the flesh and everything?”
Josie Darcy said she decided to make the trip from Kingsford at the last minute because “she [Ms Hawkins] invited me down”.
“I saw her on Kochie (during Sunrise) and she said if you’re not doing anything this morning come down to Bondi Pavilion,” Ms Darcy said. “I’ve never seen her in person so I came down so I could report back and she’s gorgeous.”
Alexandra Thorpe said she and her sister already loved the brand but wasn’t sure whether anyone would be converted by the celebrity endorsement.
“They only had about 130 fans on Facebook when we looked last night and that seemed odd for a brand like Lovable,” she said. “I guess the exposure today would be good for them.”
The exposure was certainly good for Facebook popularity as the fan count had already jumped to 980 just two hours after the appearance.
Another spectator, Susan Fen, said she loved Jennifer Hawkins but wasn’t convinced by the marketing stunt.
“I think Jennifer is adorable but I don’t know about Lovable,” Ms Fen said. “Maybe for sport or a t-shirt bra but I like my underwear really sexy.”


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