07 junho 2010

The beauties of Miss World

Getting ready to Gallipoli for the final of “Miss World Italy 2010″. The competition kicks off tonight, May 28th and ends Saturday, June 12, the gala final night, when she will be elected who will represent our Pese the world final of “Miss World”, on 6 November in Vietnam. Corriere midday you can vote from June 2, the best of the web.
120 MISS – The Miss who will compete on the catwalk are 120 from all parts of the Peninsula. The girls are reaching the Salento these days, direct Bellavista Hotel, headquarters of the national competition. The election materializes in the picturesque Port area ‘Blue Salento’ of Gallipoli. Will be busy days for the girls, engaged in numerous tests of various kinds throughout the event. After being passed by the skilled hands of the group makeup and hair of Gil Bitch Kemon, there will be a step in front of the jury of quality. Under the lens of the jurors will not be only physical but also beauty and charm, talent, spigliatezza and cultural preparation.
Miss World Italy is the national selection of Miss World, the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. All participants are required to support rigorous selection designed to assess not only their appearance but also the personality. Competitors are aged between 17 and 25 years. Starting from a number of 10,000 participants, only 52 manage to enter the finals next June 12 at Gallipoli.
The patron of the competition, Antonio Marzano, wanted to reveal some important news event of the year that counts among its characteristics, as well as being a moment of spectacle, to be recognized as a valid instrument of Seasonal tourism the territory it occupies. One new feature is certainly the venue that will host the final evening, namely the large area ‘Blue Salento, in the picturesque scenery of the Ionian. At present the national final for the second consecutive year, will Giancarlo Magalli. Too many big names that make up the jury for the final gala, the president will be the presenter Lorena Bianchetti, there will then Jo Ring, Sofia Bruscoli the group Los Locos. During seratasono planned performances by some big Italian music and a surprise guest directly from the 2010 cast of “Friends.”


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