21 outubro 2009

Carrie Prejean’s Battle Over Breast Implant Money

Carrie Prejean is warned by the Miss California officials to pay up, or pay dearly. The pageant officials say returned money will be put to good use.

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has been through a lot. First, racy pictures of her appeared on the Internet. But, Donald Trump, head of the Miss World Organization, told her she didn’t have to step down.

It seemed like things were looking up, until Carrie Prejean received word that she would lose the crown after all — but for a different reason.

Miss California officials say Prejean failed to uphold her duties as the state rep, shirking public appearances and making unauthorized appearances of her own. But, Prejean’s camp says that just isn’t true, and that she was really fired for speaking out against gay marriage.

A lawyer for Prejean says the events were not required: “There is no indication that those would be official events that pageant winners would actually wear their tiaras and sashes,” said Charles LiMandri in a statement defending his client.

So, after her ousting, Prejean sued. And now, K2 Productions — the company that directs the pageants — says Prejean failed to return a very valuable item during the break up: the $5,200 they gave her for breast implants.

“We are saddened by the necessity to file a counterclaim today against Carrie Prejean,” pageant co-director Keith Lewis said in a public statement to the press Monday. But, he wants to make sure everyone knows it’s not about the money. “Our claim is not about financial reward, and all profits awarded will be donated to a charity that promotes the values of our organization.”

No word on how Prejean’s camp intends to respond.


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