20 agosto 2011

Ready for the Universe

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Fresh from a 10-day 'polishing' in Colombia, 2011 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Shamcey Supsup is now in Brazil deadset on bringing home the country’s third Miss Universe crown.
“I thrive on balance. I am a person who knows that winning means being responsible for the task that was handed to me, but still it should be handled with fun and a zest for life. When I won the (Binibini) title last April, I knew that the journey to become the next (and the third) Filipina Miss Universe would be very challenging, but it will be an endeavor to be enjoyed.”
That was 2011 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Shamcey Supsup’s parting words three weeks ago before she left for Sao Paolo, Brazil, to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant on Sept. 12, where reigning queen Ximena Navarrete of Mexico will crown her successor. Will Shamcey be “it”?
She personifies the beauty-and-brains type, having graduated magna cum laude from UP and topped the Architecture Licensure Examination
“I know that if I’m crowned Miss Universe, it will open doors not only for me but more so for my country,” added Shamcey, 25, who epitomizes the beauty-and-brains type, having graduated magna cum laude from UP and topped the 2010 Architecture Licensure Exams. “Becoming Miss Universe will be the gateway to make a significant mark and contribution to making things better for my country. Moreover, I can show young people like me that nothing is impossible if you have the drive and the willingness to learn and do your part to make the world better and a more beautiful place.”
In the weeks after she won Binibini, Shamcey underwent courses on personality development and public speaking, attended Spanish/Portuguese language classes, did rigid gym workouts, fielded incisive questions during interviews, took up good-grooming lessons (visual poise, hair and make-up, etc.) and took (pieces of) advice from past Binibinis on how to keep that “winning/fighting” spirit up.
Two days before she flew to Colombia for a 10-day “polishing” course on her way to Brazil, Shamcey gave us a clearer idea of the stuff she’s made of by completing the following sentences:
I hate people… “who are fake and deceiving.”
I avoid people… “who pull others down just to get on top.”
My greatest pleasure is… “doing what I love to do, which is learning new things every day.”
My worst moment is… “knowing what to do but not having the freedom to do so.”
My biggest fear is… “losing my loved ones.”
I pray for… “safety and good health for me and my family.”
The most important person in my life is… “my mom.”
If I were to be reincarnated as an animal, I would be… “a bird, so I can fly high above the mountains and the seas.”
My most traumatic experience was… “being stuck in a ship during a typhoon.”
I deal with gossip by… “not repeating them.”
The one thing I can’t live without is… “my phone.”
Am I afraid of growing old?... “No, aging and death just make life worth living.”
The type of guys who turns me on… “are those who make an effort to know my family and friends.”
The type of guys that turns me off… “are guys who smoke.”
My philosophy in life is… “do the right thing even if it gets you in trouble.”
I lose my temper when… “things get out of my control.”
When I’m alone in my room, I fantasize about…“having magic powers and casting spells here and there.”
If I were somebody else I’d be… “Jose Rizal. I’m curious how his brain worked.”
I am happiest when… “I find time away from work and the pressures of the world.”
I am saddest when… “I don’t get to see the people that I love.”
My ultimate goal is… “to keep on making goals and achieving them.”
What I like about myself… “I’m a student of life. Every day I learn, the world is my classroom.”
Face to face with God, I’d tell Him… “what an all-knowing God He is that He created such beautifully-complex beings such as we humans.”
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  1. Acho a Miss Filpinas muito preparada e com chances de chegar no TOP 5




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