25 julho 2011

Three Plastic Surgeries Later, a Miss Brasil 2011 Victory

Priscila Machado, 25, of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil was crowned Miss Brasil 2011 on Saturday. 

Though beauty isn't what got her to the top, lipo, breast implants and a nose job got her in the door.
Twenty-five year old Brazilian girl Priscila Machado says that beauty wasn’t the only thing that won her the crown of Miss Brasil 2011 on Saturday, but three plastic surgeries seemed to help the cause.  Machado will represent Brazil in the Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo on September 12.
Machado told Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s leading daily newspaper, that she is not ashamed of her plastic beauty. “I think any woman who doesn’t feel right with their image should do it,” she said about her liposuction, breast implants and a nose job.
Despite the title, Machado said she doesn’t consider herself the most beautiful woman in Brazil. “I’m not the prettiest girl in Brazil, but I think I am the best prepared to represent Brazil in the Miss Universe pageant,” she told Folha. “I’ve been preparing for this for four years.”


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