23 fevereiro 2011

We’re World class

THERE have been 11 Miss Scotlands since the title was relaunched in 2000 and they all have TWO things in common.

They're ALL beautiful.
And ALL of them reckon the highlight of their reign was competing in the amazing Miss World contest.
There have been four Miss World venues since 2000.
The contest has been held five times in China, three times in South Africa, twice in London and once in Warsaw, Poland. And our girls have LOVED them all.
Gorgeous KATHARINE BROWN, 24, our Miss Scotland 2009, remembers the sights, smells and tastes of South Africa.
She took on 120 of the most beautiul girls on the planet for the coveted Miss World title.
Professional tennis coach Katharine, of Dunblane, Perthshire, said: "It was the most amazing experience of my life.

Brit stars ... Nieve Jennings with Miss Northern Ireland
Brit stars ... Nieve Jennings with Miss Northern Ireland
"We travelled from London to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for three days, then onto Johannesburg for the most incredible reception and the final setting for Miss World. "We were on and off planes all the time, being escorted around by big beefy security guards and we stayed in hotels like palaces.
"We were on show every single day at one event after another, and then there were the rehearsals for Miss World.
"We were never alone. There was always 120 of us going everywhere, and we were treated like princesses.
"Everywhere we went there was the wonderful smell of spices and we were offered the most amazing food.
"Even now when I think back, it all seems surreal.
"It could get tense at times, but then something would happen and we'd all fall about laughing.
"You need a good sense of humour to get through this. There's always only ever going to be one Miss World and every girl has the potential - they're all so beautiful. My mum came to South Africa for the final and it was so thrilling for us.
"I'll never forget the way that everyone calls you by your country.
"So I was Scotland, not Katharine, and I was so very proud.

You Jo girls ... Stephanie in South Africa
You Jo girls ... Stephanie in South Africa
"I came home with the Miss UK title, so I was extremely happy. "The next Miss Scotland is in for the time of her life."
Stunning STEPHANIE WILLEMSE, 22, was just 19 when she waltzed off with the Miss Scotland 2008 title.
Model Stephanie, of Glasgow, said: "The Miss World experience was just fantastic.
"It was in Johannesburg and for me the best bit was the final night.
"We were all on stage when these children walked on carrying flags of the countries represented.
"When the Scottish flag was carried past I felt very emotional.
"I was thinking, that's for me - that's for Scotland. I felt so hugely honoured. When the judges were about to announce the winner, I was thinking, 'If it's me I'll pass out.' But it was the Russian contestant Ksenia Sukhinova who won.
"I was thrilled because she had been my pal all the way through and she was gorgeous."
Dancer and stunning model NIEVE JENNINGS, 23, of Glasgow, was crowned Miss Scotland in 2007.

On a Jolly ... Nicola in China
On a Jolly ... Nicola in China
China Photo Agency
She said: "Miss World was the best experience of my life. "Taking my Miss Scotland title and showcasing Scotland to the rest of the world was a real privilege.
"I was even asked by the Miss World people to open a huge Chinese TV show being broadcast to 1.6billion people.
"I sang Loch Lomond, which I recorded as a charity single and all of China fell in love with my song. I was asked to sing it everywhere."
Lovely NICOLA JOLLY, 29, of Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, became a TV presenter after winning Miss Scotland in 2003.
She said: "I was in Sanya, China, for the Miss World pageant and it was amazing. We had a lovely chaperone who was a good laugh and I have vivid memories of snowball fights at the Great Wall Of China.
"It was freezing - something like minus 20 degrees - and we were all building snowmen and having fun.
"It was all a bit mad because we were up early in the morning and still working right through until late at night.
"We had a few days in Hong Kong but the last 10 days were spent in Sanya relaxing and preparing for the finals.

Home match ... Aisling Friel with Miss England
Home match ... Aisling Friel with Miss England
"We were all given books and all the girls signed them. "It's surreal that I have messages from Miss Swaziland and Miss Namibia.
"And I came home with the Miss UK title too.
"It's an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world."
Pretty AISLING FRIEL won her Miss Scotland title in 2005 and still finds it hard to believe that she competed in Miss World in China.

Aisling, 28, of Glasgow, said: "I don't think I realised just how big a deal Miss World was when I was actually there - but now when I look back it blows me away.
"I came second in the talent section with my Celtic dancing.
"The winner was Miss British Virgin Islands who was the most fantastic singer. But coming second out of 120 girls was really something.
"We were told that millions would be watching on TV around the world. I suddenly realised that I was about to go up on stage and dance in my bikini.
"I was almost paralysed with nerves. My mum and sister had come out to cheer me on and it was only knowing they were in the audience that held me together. I'm now part of this unique band of girls and we all keep in touch.
"It's so lovely to look back at all my photos and I still pinch myself to realise that yes, that was ME!"


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