14 fevereiro 2011

Jennifer Hawkins is getting only halfway there for now

Jennifer Hawkins
Jennifer Hawkins is a new face on travel show Getaway. Source: Herald Sun
GETAWAY has been cut in half by Channel 9 to boost ratings - but bosses have promised it won't stay like that forever.
Last week's debut featuring Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins was a 30-minute episode for the first time in many years. But Nine's director of programming, Michael Healy, said the decision was a "test" to give the channel more flexibility.
Getaway is one of Nine's most popular shows, regularly pulling in 1.2 million viewers.
"We will see how the 30-minute version goes," Healy told industry magazine Media Week
"Traditionally, Getaway launched after Easter, but for the last few years we introduced it at the beginning of the year and it will probably flip back to an hour at some point."


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