04 dezembro 2010

Miss Great Britain girls defy the snow to strip off

The beauty pageant entrants braved sub-zero temperatures, posing in skimpy swimsuits for the Miss Great Britain contest in Somerset. http://www.metro.co.uk

-Miss Great Britain girls pose for a quick photo, the festive Santa hats providing little warmth. (pic: Getty)
Temperatures have plunged as low as -2C in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset over the past week, but that did not stop Miss Great Britain hopefuls from stripping down to their swimsuits for a photocall.
The scantily-clad girls posed on the beach in just bikinis and a sash. 
Some braved high heels while others donned fur-lined boots for warmth.
Sub-zero temperatures are being experienced all over Britain this week as the cold spell continues, travel chaos has ensued with the government admitting that once again not enough salt has been stockpiled to deal with the extreme weather.
Those wanting to keep a close eye on snow developments can do so via the #uksnow map, which compiles reports of where it is snowing in the country via Twitter.

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