07 novembro 2010

Miss International 2010

The Miss International 2010 Coronation Night was intense! The competition between the lovely ladies representing their respective country was an interesting one. In the end, Miss Venezuela’s Elizabeth Mosquera won as Miss International 2010. The 19 year old stunner also received two special awards. The first runner-up title went to Piyaporn Deejing of Thailand and Si Yi Yuan of China.
Meanwhile, here’s the complete list of Miss International 2010 Semi-Finalists:
Mariela Aparicio (Costa Rica)
Florima Treiber (France)
Johanna Acs (Germany)
Neha Hinge (India)
Etsuko Kanagae (Japan)
Ko Hyeon-yeong (Korea)
Krista Eileen Arrieta Kleiner (Philippines)
Laura Spoya (Peru)
Aideliz Hidalgo (Puerto Rico)
Anja Šaranovi? (Serbia)
Desirée Panal (Spain)
Dilay Korkmaz (Turkey)
Ana Elizabeth Mosquera (Venezuela)

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