23 outubro 2010

GORGEOUS Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh is in China preparing for the Miss World final next weekend.


Raining queen ... our Nic soaking up the weather
The 24-year-old, from Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, is three weeks into the month-long competition with the 120 contestants ahead of the grand final at Sanya's Crowne Plaza on October 30.
Here's week three of Nicola's diary...
FRIDAY, October 15: Today we were supposed to begin filming the Beach Beauty contest at the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel. But the rain was absolutely lashing down, worse than a Scottish downpour.
I've made the semi-final - Top 40. We changed into bikinis anyway and Miss World Kaiane chatted to us about how we're finding the contest.
There was another downpour and that was the end of the Beach Beauty fast track for today. Disappointed we didn't find out who's made the final. Oh, the suspense!
This afternoon it was rehearsals for the final show. We've got two amazing choreographers who'll teach all 120 of us a dance to perform on stage. No pressure then! Thankfully they're patient with the non-dancers among us (ahem!). I actually think my co-ordination is improving.
We hit the supermarket for Diet Coke, sweets and chocolate, perfect for a girlie night in. It's like a huge girlie sleepover here.
SATURDAY: Beach Beauty was postponed again because of the weather. The judges know who the Top 20 finalists are but they're not telling.
I was one of ten contestants chosen to go to Hainan Island with Julia Morley - the organiser of the competition - and Miss World.
The trip was a perfect example of the Miss World Beauty With A Purpose ethos. We met local children and it was so emotional and heart-warming. One of the little girls grabbed hold of my hand and wouldn't let go. She was such a sweetheart.

Kidding around ... Nicola on Hainan Island
Kidding around ... Nicola on Hainan Island
Harry Page.
I spent my evening chilling out and emailing my family. I miss my parents and brother loads, but I'm going to have so many amazing stories to share once I arrive home. SUNDAY: The weather was still bad and the Beach Beauty and Sports fast-tracks were both postponed.
We went to a local mall and we were so excited because of the shopping. Our chaperones reckoned we were more excited than when we visited the Great Wall of China!
We also had the final rehearsals for the Diamond Dance, our final night routine. Everyone knows the moves by now and it was really looking slick.
MONDAY: Today was the last day of rain... yipee! I was loving all the sunshine we were enjoying before all the downpours. Beach Beauty will resume tomorrow - the suspense has been killing everyone.
This afternoon we visited a local Chinese temple but the minute we arrived the rain came down even harder. We got soaked within minutes but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. Thankfully I had my very patriotic red tartan brolly with me - I was the only girl who had travelled with an umbrella.
Back at the hotel, Julia came to watch a rehearsal of the diamond routine. I think she was impressed, phew!
She unveiled the dresses we'll be wearing to perform the routine and they're fabulous - white and jewel-encrusted. I'm really hoping we're allowed to keep them.
TUESDAY: We rehearsed for our Chinese Fashion Show today. It's on Saturday and is also when the Top Model fast-track will be decided.
The set looked absolutely spectacular and the costumes were very space-age with lots of gold and silver material.
I was in a gold bodysuit with a skirt over the bottom half and gold cuffs on my wrists and ankles - everyone looked really cool.
There was a huge shock today . . . after lunch they sprung the Beach Beauty fast-track on us.

Beach babes ... red-hot beach beauty event
Beach babes ... red-hot beach beauty event
The 40 of us who were taking part had to walk for the judging panel in our red swimsuits, and then we were whittled down to 20 for the final. I couldn't believe it, I made it! The event was won by Miss Puerto Rico but I was so happy to reach the final as it meant all my hours in the gym have paid off!
But the best thing was I could now start hitting the desserts as the trauma of the swimwear round was over.
WEDNESDAY: We had more rehearsals for the Chinese Fashion Show today. It was also try-outs for the Sports fast-track and I was super excited! Even if I don't make the team, it's great to be doing some exercise. However, it turned out to be pretty difficult.
We had to do as many sit-ups, step-ups, burpees and press-ups as we could.
I hadn't realised how much fitness I'd lost since coming to China. Unbelievably I was out of breath after two minutes!
I gave it my best shot, save for a minor fall over the step at one point which was quite embarrassing.
At least I wasn't the only girl to fall over. There were some amazing girls taking part... super fast.
As a treat in the evening we were allowed to go out for dinner.
A group of ten of us went and we had a great time. Organisers had given us vouchers to spend - thanks Miss World!
THURSDAY: Today we were split into groups and I went to see the Deer Looking Back Statue in Sanya - which is indeed of a deer looking backwards.
I didn't make the sports team, unsurprisingly, but our group was pretty good and they'll give a good fight to get to the final. I'm looking forward to it, despite the 5am rise tomorrow, but I think the girls who are competing have it a lot worse than me.
The Chinese Fashion Show is in two days so we've had several hours of rehearsals in the afternoon and after dinner too. Everyone wants to do well to impress the panel.


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