27 outubro 2010

Make a Miss fortune

By Derek Mcgovern 27/10/2010

What a strange country we live in. When it comes to electing a leader we get to choose between three people and got lumbered with two.

When it comes to Miss England the judges get to select from 58 girls, all of whom plan to achieve world peace by wearing swimsuits.

Miss World takes place in China on Saturday. Once a highly-anticipated event watched by millions around the world, it is now much less of an occasion, partly because of heightened awareness of political correctness and sexual equality and partly because a lot more revealing images are easily accessible on the internet.

England will be represented by Jessica Linley, a 21 year-old law student from Nottingham, who is a 50-1 poke. She says she has a good chance of winning, subject to terms and conditions.

Predicting the winner of Miss World is notoriously difficult but that hasn't prevented a professional like me putting in the research.

I can reveal money has poured in for 3-1 favourite Miss Norway after she guaranteed herself a semifinal place (last 25) by winning Top Model 2010. I wouldn't put anyone off Miss Puerto Rico. Anyone lucky enough to be on her wouldn't appreciate it if I did. She is also guaranteed semi-final status and can be backed at 8-1.

Miss World 2010 (Hill's): 3-1 Miss Norway; 8-1 Puerto Rico; 9-1 Brazil; 12-1 USA; 14-1 Slovakia, Botswana, Russia. Also: 20-1 Ireland, Scotland; 50-1 England.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/columnists/mcgovern/2010/10/27/make-a-miss-fortune-115875-22661110/#ixzz13Y8sZTAn


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