16 agosto 2010

Men's beauty pageant with all women audience

Hong Kong has probably become the first in the world to put up a men's ‘beauty pageant’ with a live audience exclusively made up of women and an all-women judges panel. 

Men's beauty pageant with just women audience

However, pressure groups have claimed that the Mr Hong Kong contest to be held Aug 21 breaches the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and should be stopped or reformatted. The Sex Discrimination Ordinance says it is unlawful for a service provider not to provide goods, services or facilities on the basis of sex.

Legislator Wong Kwok-hing said the Federation of Trade Unions, Parents for the Family Association, Organisation of Justice and Equality, and Hong Kong Men's Concern Group have lodged a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission, terming the contest as ‘sexist’, the Standard newspaper reported.

"There were several men who queued up for tickets for the show but were refused," Wong said. "Unlike Miss Hong Kong, in which judges and the audience are both male and female, all judges for Mr Hong Kong are women."

Ten finalists from among 29 contestants will be interviewed, asked to show off talents and parade in swimming trunks.

In past shows, some women judges allegedly lost control during the parade and reached out to touch the men, Wong said, adding that there is no such contact between contestants and judges in female pageants.

The organiser, TVB, however, said the programme will be shown in cinemas and shopping malls. Men present in these places will also be allowed to vote.


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