22 julho 2010

Charisma brings you Miss World title

M. Mijatovic | 22. 07. 2010. - 00:02h 

The reigning Miss Serbia, Milica Jelic, has begun her preparations for the world’s beauty pageant, as the date of the contest has been pushed a month ahead to 30 October. Also the 60th Miss World pageant has been moved from the initial host country of Vietnam and will be held in China, given the organizers in Vietnam have failed to provide sufficient funds or political support to host the event.
It has been a month since you took the Miss Serbia contest. How do you feel now that you have taken on a number of commitments that the title carries with it?
- “The feeling is really great, everything I’d ever dreamed of has come true. I have already begun my fitness training for the event. Also, I will be working on the language and the details about the host country. Charity work is highly regarded at Miss World pageants. So far we have organized a number of charity events – football matches featuring celebrity women with men as referees – Miroslav Lazanski, Nenad Okanovic and Farouk Ben Zina, the TunisAir’s representative for Eastern Europe. The Miss Yu company, in association with Pompea, will put together a similar event to be hosted by myself, while the proceeds of the campaign will go to persons with disability, predominantly children. The footage of the event will accompany me to the Miss World pageant.

Has your life changed since you became Miss Serbia?
- “A lot has changed. First, I have become a more prominent in the media – a public figure. People are stopping me in the street to congratulate me, journalists are interviewing me and I’m no longer an anonymous girl. This is everything I’d wished for and my dream is coming true owing to Miss Yu company. I want to become a journalist and Vesna has put me in touch with a media talent school, where eminent editors and journalists from Serbia and the region are teachers. I am really looking forward to it.”

What commitments do you expect to have in the period to come?
- “My first commitment will be to present myself to the media in Serbia as a person and to prepare myself as best as I can for the Miss World contest, which will involve a set of activities – both physical and the stylistic modelling of myself as Serbia’s ambassador of beauty. When I say stylistic modelling, I’m mostly thinking of the people who spent 15 unforgettable days in Tunisia and who enabled us to learn so much from them, and who helped turn each of us into a modern-day princess. Hair stylists taught us how to nurture our hair, which hairstyle suited which occasion and stylists taught us how to match materials and colours. We also had a short course in tennis, took rhetoric classes and also attended lectures on the history of civilisations. These are all the activities the finalists have gone through, but on which I will have to work even harder as Miss Serbia.” 

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