15 junho 2010

Finger-wagging Miss Universe officials continue to embrace hypocrisy


Model and student Sophie Froment was forced out as a Miss Universe Canada contestant for appearing in ads for the cheat-friendly website, Ashley Madison.
So, another beauty queen hopeful gets the ugly boot.

Sophie Froment, 21, was sent packing as a Miss Universe Canada contestant after it was discovered she appeared in an ad campaign for the controversial infidelity website, Ashley Madison.

Sure, the ad was steamy, but are beauty pageant officials really in any position to throw stones? A big part of the Miss Universe pageant involves contestants prancing around on stage showing off a whole lotta skin wearing only slinky bikinis and stilettos in front of the judges and audience members.

Speaking with Sun Media’s QMI Agency, Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada, had this to say:
“Class is elegance is something we always maintain,� Davila said. “I am a little disappointed to see what is happening right now. I wish (Miss Universe Canada) could be a vehicle for people to promote humanitarian causes that are important to them.�

Ha! That’s rich. Humanitarian causes are always best served barely clothed, as I always like to say.

Meanwhile, the homepage for Miss Universe Canada features a photograph of a well-endowed model popping out in a teeny, weeny bikini.

Oh, right, what was that again about humanitarian issues? Sorry, got distracted by the sweeping hypocrisy there …

Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else out there??


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