18 junho 2010

Beauty finds her purpose in life

Last updated 05:00 18/06/2010
 Lloyd, left, with Magdalena Schoeman
LIFE SAVER: Christchurch diabetic Amy Lloyd, left, has a new insulin pump thanks to a fundraiser organised last year by Miss World New Zealand 2009 Magdalena Schoeman.

Miss World New Zealand 2009 winner Magdalena Schoeman says her involvement in the beauty pageant has given her a new passion.
The Christchurch model was inspired to run a charity fashion show based on the Miss World theme "beauty with a purpose".
She wants to make the show, Celebrating Life, an annual event to help young diabetes sufferers in Canterbury buy insulin pumps, which cost about $10,000 each.
Schoeman's first show last year featured gowns she wore at the pageant and raised $2200 towards a replacement insulin pump for 16-year-old Christchurch schoolgirl Amy Lloyd.
"To see Amy in her situation having to still inject herself every day ... I mean it's unfair. Why can't she live a normal life like everyone else?"
Schoeman is looking for a major sponsor to expand the show and help other young diabetes sufferers.
New Zealand has one of the highest rates of paediatric diabetes in the world, with 2500 children and young people living with the illness, according to Diabetes Youth New Zealand. The numbers are rising 10 per cent a year.
Lloyd has had type-1 diabetes since she was six and began using an insulin pump when she was nine. Last year, her pump stopped working and she had to start injecting herself with insulin eight times a day.
"I thought it would be cool, but I'd forgotten how horrible it was. My energy just got so low so I couldn't function like a normal person."
Lloyd said the pump drips insulin into her system through a needle point on her stomach throughout the day.
"I don't feel it but it's just a nice slow rate of insulin instead of having constant needles."
Diabetes Youth Canterbury manager Christine Murray said insulin pumps reduced the likelihood of developing diabetes-related health complications and gave better control over insulin levels.
Using a pump was a more expensive option because of lack of government funding. 
"People need to realise that there will be ongoing monthly expenses that they will need to fund themselves."


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