23 maio 2010

Miss USA 2010

Rima’s family chats candidly about the Arab-American beauty queen http://www.masala.com

Miss USA, Rima Fakih with her family in America
Miss USA, Rima Fakih with her family in America
picture: Photos courtsey of Fakih family
Rima Fakih, 24, is busy preparing to take on the universe now that she has been crowned Miss USA. The Lebanese born, American raised beauty, took the prestigious title last week (May 16) and is gearing up for the Miss Universe pageant in August. But Fakih is no ordinary beauty queen. Since news broke worldwide that the girl from Michigan is in fact a practicing Muslim and Christian, the reviews about her crowning have been mixed. So we sent our Ahlan! Live insider to discover the story behind Rima Fakih, the Arab-American, Miss USA.

Born October 2nd 1986 in a village in the south of Lebanon, Rima grew up as a small town girl. But in 1993 her family made the move from Sarifa to New York. Here she enrolled in primary school and stayed in the big apple for the rest of her school years. Unaware of what her future held, the yet-to-be-discovered starlet moved to Dearborn, Michigan where she undertook studies in Business Administration with hopes of completing a Legal Education. But her further studies have been put on hold following her recent rocket to fame.

So what does the family of this Arab-American small town girl think about adding a Miss USA to the brood? ”We were not surprised at all of this result, we all know that Rima has a loveable personality and a powerful charisma,” said her sister, Rana. Her aunt continued the conversation while giving her guests traditional Arabic sweets to celebrate this occasion. “Rima put our heads high, and made all of Lebanon proud”.
It’s not every day you get the president of your country singing your praises. But fortunately for Rima, she even has the support of the President of Lebanon, Michel Sleiman. He congratulated Rima and her family by saying that he considers this win to be another positive and bright image of Lebanon worldwide.

But despite the encouragement from her nearest and dearest, Rima has faced many attacks from the media. As she is from Arab decent and a believer in the Muslim faith, the beauty queen despite being an American citizen has come under massive attack. “No one can deny her beauty, but it is a Lebanese one, not extraordinary or superb!” said a CNN Middle East reporter.

The media in Israel has also lashed out at Rima linking her with Hizb Allah’s terrorism group. Photos were published of her with Hizb Allah’s flag in a report titled “Miss USA: Lebanese associated with terrorism”.

Yet organizers of the event insist she’s one to watch and a serious contender for the Miss Universe crown. Donald Trump who has joint ownership of the pageant with television broadcaster, NBC said “she’s a great girl.”

So how did Rima feel the night her name was announced as Miss USA? "That's the same look that he gives them when he says, 'You're hired,'" on Trump's reality show "The Apprentice," she said.

Fakih will now go on to compete in this year’s Miss Universe pageant to held August 22nd.

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