Ms Vice Mayor.
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Santo Domingo.-  After becoming the first runner-up in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant Ada Aimée de la Cruz abdicated her crown as Dominican Republic’s beauty queen to throw her hat in the political ring, and now prepares to begin a six-year term as an elected official her hometown Santo Domingo North.
"I’ve come to shatter the myth that beauty queens are airheads," said vice mayor-elect De la Cruz to AP, once the electoral authorities confirmed her win in the May 16 elections. At 23 she’ll become Dominican Republic’s first ex beauty - queen to assume an elected post on August 16.
The 6 feet tall beauty; who resigned her crown in March, one month short of concluding her reign to launch her candidacy, said she had to decide between "one more month of reign or six years of community work and professional experience in politics." in the country’s fourth largest city “I would’ve liked to hand over the crown to my successor, but I’m very respectful of rules."