08 fevereiro 2010

Controversial push for Miss Colombia to get a nose job

Ever since Natalia Navarro was crowned Miss Colombia back in Nov. 2009, she has generated controversy.

Reuters - Miss Colombia

Everything from her use of colloquial "street" Spanish to her physical appearance has come under scrutiny in her native Colombia, where beauty pageants and the cult of perfection inspire passionate debate.

But it seems that some are taking their constructive criticism too far. Many followers of the beauty pageant circuit in Colombia have joined together to campaign for Navarro to get a nose job to correct what they see as a larger-than-life schnoz before the Miss Universe competition happens in a few months. Some who are pushing the campaign have even referred to the 21-year old stunner's nose as an "eagle beak."

A Peek Inside Venezuela's Beauty Queen Factory

Navarro has (smartly) declined to go under the knife. On the Colombian television show El Lavadero she said:

"Me han preguntado y entiendo que siempre puedo mejorar, pero a mí me gusta lo natural. Donde todas nos empecemos a operar vamos a quedar igualitas, con eso no estoy de acuerdo. Con esta nariz gané Señorita Colombia, así que seré capaz de cualquier cosa."

Latinas in Miss Universe History

"They have asked me and I understand that I can always be better, but I prefer things that are natural. If we all start to get plastic surgery then we will all look the same and that I do have problems with. I won Miss colombia with this nose and I am capable of doing anything just like this."

Using your plastic for plastic surgery

We respect the way the Barranquilla beauty queen is taking the controversy in stride, but have to question a system where it is acceptable to demand that a woman undergo face altering surgery in the quest to win an essentially meaningless beauty pageant. What Navarro said about plastic surgery is spot on, what makes us all beautiful are all of our little differences.


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