17 janeiro 2010

Miss World to Provide Helping Hands to Haiti

Miss World Organization Chairwoman Julia Morley, left, and 2009 Miss World Kaiane Aldorino, speak to reporters in Seoul, Sunday, about visiting local heritage sites and a foster care center.

/ Korea Times
By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Incheon will soon become the center of activities for aspiring beauty, camaraderie and cultural exchanges with the opening of the Mr. World 2010 competition in March.

``Equally guys are as beautiful as women. There is Miss World, so why not have a Mr. World?’’ said Miss World Organization Chairwoman Julia Morley in Seoul, Sunday, about holding a beauty pageant for men.

The Miss World Organization is co-hosting the Mr. World competition with the Hankook Ilbo media group. The Korea Times is part of the media group, the host of the Miss Korea pageant since 1957.

``The world’s most desirable man’’ can be described as a James Bond type, who is not only physically capable of daredevil abilities such as skydiving but also polished in cooking, treating a lady and presenting themselves, she said.

Last November, five Korean candidates were chosen to represent their country in the upcoming event, which will bring together men from some 80 nations.

``Mr. World Korea is an extremely talented man,’’ said Morley about meeting Korea’s grand prizewinner Ryu Ji-kwang.

``He is very friendly; he’s handsome and has a nice singing voice. I think Korea has a very good candidate,’’ added 2009 Miss World Kaiane Aldorino.

Moreover, the event will be a chance for youths from different corners of the globe to engage in friendly cultural dialogue and to experience the host country’s culture.

``There are many aspects of Korea that we want to show the rest of the world,’’ said Morley.

``Incheon is a most exciting city, so new and capable. … It’s going to be an exciting effort to show, on our part and your part, what we’re doing.’’
She noted Korea’s ability to host international events as seen in the 1988 Olympic Games. The group is also relying on the United Kingdom-based Miss World Organization for know-how.

Incheon’s eco-friendly nature appeals particularly strongly to the ideals of the competition, she said. She also looks forward to visiting historical monuments and heritage sites with the Mr. World candidates, such as Namdaemun.

Aldorino spoke fondly of her first visit to Korea. ``I learned quite a lot about this culture, so much in such little time. I look forward to coming back soon,’’ said the beauty from Gibraltar

She particularly enjoyed her experience at a Buddhist temple, where she learned about the significance of the pig as a symbol of fortune, and Korean cuisine, which she insisted on consuming using chopsticks rather than a fork.

The tour entails, in addition to making preparations for the Mr. World contest, pursuing another important initiative: social welfare.

`` We have a lot on our plate with the tragedy in Haiti; we’re very much involved to make ourselves useful in that area,’’ said Morely, who is also head of the global children’s charity Variety International. Past and present Mr. and Miss World winners plan to provide hands-on help soon, she said.
Here, she visited the International Vaccine Institute, a research facility based in Seoul established under the auspices of the U.N.

``You’re making it possible to produce life-saving vaccinations, and we don’t realize how important Korea is in that respect,’’ she said about the institute’s potential role particularly in light of the earthquake in Haiti.

They also spent time with children at Star of the Sea Children’s Home, a foster care center in Incheon. ``It was nice to see they were well looked after,’’ said Aldorino.

But the visit was ``just an introduction,’’ said Morley, who added that she looks forward to building a more substantial relationship with the center in the future, such as providing diapers or a ``sunshine coach’’ (bus).

The Mr. World contest will run from March 12 to 27 in Incheon, Seoul, Gyeongju and other parts of Korea. The main contest will take place in Songdo, Incheon. For more information, visit www.mrworld.co.kr.



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