14 janeiro 2010

Miss Bahamas Organization Acquires Miss Universe Franchise


The Miss Bahamas Organization® (MBO) has acquired the Miss Universe franchise, making it the first organization in the history of Bahamian pageantry to hold both the Miss Universe and Miss World licenses concurrently. Under the theme Timeless Beauty, the pageant will select one winner who will compete in both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants – joining the ranks of Ava Burke Thompson - the only Bahamian woman to do so to date.

“This is an exciting time for us,” says MBO President Michelle Malcolm who never gave up on the vision of having both international franchises under her directorship. “By acquiring this franchise, we will now be able to crown one Miss Bahamas, and in so doing hopefully rid the Bahamas of all the confusion about which is the real national pageant system in the country,” she says. “Ever since our launch back in 2005, we were hopeful that the day would come when we could be managing both Miss World and Miss Universe in the Bahamas. And now that day is finally here.”

The 2010 pageant is set for April 25 and eligible young women are encouraged to apply to enter quickly as there is only a two-and-a-half-week window to do so before the pageant’s contestants screening and training regimen begins. The age limit has been raised from 17 to 18, which is the starting age of the Miss Universe pageant. Additionally, MBO’s minimum height requirement has been adjusted from 5’ 5” to 5’ 3” to allow for wider participation. “A few of our Regional Directors have been after us for a while to relax our height limits, so that they could have an easier time of choosing a representative,” said Miss Malcolm. Interested young women can apply online at MBO’s website www.missbahamas.net . “We are looking for the complete package,” she says, “someone who can make her presence felt at both international pageants, and hopefully capture one of the two crowns for the Bahamas.”

Strategic partnerships are being formed to ensure that the new Miss Bahamas receives a prize package like none before her. “Getting the opportunity to compete in both Miss Universe and Miss World is thrilling within itself,” says Miss Malcolm, “however that’s just the beginning of the amazing prize package that awaits our new queen.”

Plans are underway to make the historic 2010 Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant a grand affair. During the course of the events, past queens from both the Miss Bahamas and Miss Commonwealth Bahamas pageants of yesteryear will be honored. Additionally, they will be invited to play an active role in the Miss Bahamas Foundation, which will focus on raising money for charitable endeavors throughout the Bahamas.

The news of this acquisition comes on the heels of a stellar performance by Joanna Brown at the Miss World pageant this past December. Although she did not become a semifinalist, Joanna made her presence felt by placing 4th in the Beauty with a Purpose competition, and by becoming a finalist in the Talent Competition, and a semifinalist in the Sportswoman competition. “Joanna has set the bar very high for the queens who follow her,” says Miss Malcolm. “We expect no less than the very best a young lady has to offer, because that after all is what we are giving to her.”

Entrants should be beautiful in form and face, graceful, intelligent and charming, while possessing poise, a pleasing character, and high moral convictions. Candidates must be single, must not have children, nor have ever been pregnant or given birth. Minimum height requirement is 5’ 3” and maximum height requirement is 6’ 2”. Weight must be proportionate to height. Candidates should be of Bahamian ancestry, or citizens of The Bahamas. The Miss Bahamas Organization ® reserves the right to refuse an application or dismiss a contestant, using the Organization’s codes and regulations as the basis for its decision. Applicant must submit a headshot and a full body shot of her own choice for review with her application. The deadline for entry is January 29, 2010.


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