03 janeiro 2010

Jennifer Hawkins Nude Photos For Charity!

03 Janeiro 2010Jennifer Hawkins Nude Photos For Charity!

Australian model Jennifer Hawkins has got her kit off for a series of nude photographs for a body image campaign for magazine Marie Claire.

The photos of the 26-year-old model are apparently 'untouched' by photoshop in order to try and promote positive body image among women.

The former Miss Universe winner spoke to the magazine about her figure, "I'm not a stick figure -- I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident."

The unedited photos of Hawkins are following an emerging trend of magazines deciding to use unedited photos. In October, Sarah Murdoch appeared on the front of Woman's Day un-airbrushed to promoted and embrace the beauty of ageing.

"I think when I'm retouched in photographs it's worse, because when people see me in real life, they go, `Oh, God, isn't she old?," she told the magazine.

The hot shots of Hawkins will raise funds for the Butterfly Foundation, an organisation that was set up to support people suffering from eating disorders.


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