04 dezembro 2009

Pooja Chopra, Pantaloons Femina Miss World 200

Pooja Chopra, Pantaloons Femina Miss World 2009, met up with the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, during one of the Miss one of the Miss
World 2009 activities.

Pooja Chopra
Pooja Chopra, PFMI-World 2009 meets the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma at Joburg

At the meeting, the President expressed his support for the Miss World contest returning to South Africa, where he hosted the 112 contestants at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria, as part of the month-long Miss World festival.

“The Miss World contest brings nations of the world together and is an important platform for promoting unity and togetherness among all of us. This contest brings happiness,” he stated.

He also highlighted the economic benefits of hosting the Miss World festival, in particular tourism, and
recognised the contest for encouraging contact and cooperation among people of all nations. Pooja agreed with the fact that Miss World is a role model for her generation; the contest inspires girls to recognise opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The Miss World 2009 pageant will take place in Johannesburg on Dec 12.

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