19 dezembro 2009

Miss World


by Alice Mascarenhas

HAPPY CHRISTMAS: Nicholas and Shane from the Downs Syndrome Support Group were thrilled to meet Miss World – the moment certainly called for kisses.

Gibraltar simply can’t get enough of Miss World 2009 Kaiane Aldorino. At a reception at the City Hall where she met Special Olympics Gibraltar and the Down Syndrome Support Group, she was in constant demand – everyone wanted a photograph, not just of her but with her. Nicholas and Shane of the Downs Syndrome Support Group presented her with a kiss on both cheeks – Shane even asked for her telephone number: “I want to take her to dinner,” he smiled.

Carlos and Glen, Special Olympians from Special Olympics Gibraltar both had brief words expressing their thanks and well wishes for the new Miss World. And as if seeking confirmation that she was truly who she claimed she was, Glen finished his words and spontaneously turned around to Miss World and asked, “what’s your name?”

Special Olympian Douglas Pitaluga, had remembered to bring with him the Gibraltar Chronicle poster from last Thursday, and asked Kaiane to sign it.

Both groups showered her with gifts. Annie Risso of Special Olympics, and Annette Zammit of the Downs Syndrome Support Group, congratulated Miss World, and thanked her for inviting the groups to meet with her. Both expressed a wish to work with her during the course of the year. Special Olympics Gibraltar will be celebrating its 25th international events anniversary next year.

Miss World greeted them all with open arms – she had time for everyone. And remarkably she was still smiling even after the fiftieth photograph, waiting patiently to see if anyone had been left out.

The City Hall reception was hosted by Mayor Olga Zammitt who also passed on her best wishes, and was delighted to welcome Miss World. It was a pleasure, she said, “to host her here.”

Also present was Deputy Mayor Tony Lombard. Escorting her was Culture Minister Edwin Reyes, and the officials from the Miss World Organisation.

On arrival at the City Hall she had been welcomed by the Mayor at the entrance where she had been met with cheers and applause by the staff of the Housing Ministry, and Housing Minister Fabian Vinet. There were cameras flashing everywhere.

As she walked up to the first floor of the City Hall before she entered the parlour she walked around the inner balcony and in true Kaiane style proceeded to personally greet, hug and kiss, everyone. On her departure many had caught wind of her presence in John Mackintosh Square, and despite the rain quite a large crowd had gathered to meet her. Again she obliged, and seemed unperturbed by the scenes – and again she did not disappoint anyone.

First thing yesterday morning the party had made an official call the Chief Minister Peter Caruana, at No. 6 Convent Place. There she was shown for the first time the copy of the Gibraltar Chronicle. She was delighted to see herself on the front page.

Her third visit of the day was to the Gibraltar Health Authority and St Bernard’s Hospital.

Here she was met by Health Minister Yvette del Agua, and Joe Catania, Deputy CEO, – the reception she received on arrival was the same as at the City Hall. More kisses, hugs, words of congratulations and more photographs. She visited Maternity Ward – showing interest in all the newly born babies and their mums. In Rainbow Ward, the children all wanted to meet her. Then it was off to the Surgical and Medical Wards, and of course the Human Resources Department where she proudly pointed to her desk.

It was another full day for Miss Gibraltar but the afternoon was left for her family who at long last were able to finally have time with her, and to contemplate together the enormity of the past week, the year that is to come, and continue to relish the impact this young lady with such inner and outer beauty has had on the whole of Gibraltar. If there is one thing that was evident again today was the pride and satisfaction presented by each and every Gibraltarian of all ages and from all walks of life. Miss World has seen fit that she now enjoys Christmas and New Year with her family.

Event Director Steve Douglas said, being Miss World now gave Kaiane the opportunity to not only focus on things she maybe never dreamt of being able to focus on, mainly raising money and awareness for various causes, but it gives her the chance at first hand to see how they are implemented.

“For the young lady involved raising millions, and millions of pounds which will go towards different projects, is a legacy that no young person can ever dream of.”

During her reign this is the most important thing Miss World does but she will also have the opportunity to meet heads of states, film stars, etc. There will also be many functions – and over 50 countries to visit.


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