15 dezembro 2009

Miss Scotland

Health vow ... Katharine Brown

MISS Scotland's many highlights from her Miss World trip included...

  • Meeting the South African President Jacob Zuma.

    Kat said: "Oh, that was amazing. I felt really honoured to shake his hand. He was such a nice, friendly man."

  • Having the third best body in the world at the Beach Beauty contest.

    Kat said: "That was a real boost for me. They liked my Scottish skin."

  • Performing her Brooklyn To Glasgow rap song in the Talent section.

    Kat said: "I had a ball doing my rap. And I ended up teaching all the other girls the words, so we could all rap together."

  • Getting a suntan at Christmas time.

    Kat said: "That was very decadent. I know how cold it was at home, and here was me lying in the sun in December."

  • Seeing her mum, who came over to support her.

    Kat said: "Nothing beats your own mum turning up. She's the person you most want in the world to be there, and she was."

  • Making such good friends.

    Kat said: "The other girls were brilliant. They were beautiful, funny and witty."

  • And writing her Scottish Sun diary.

    Kat said: "I loved telling everyone at home who I was seeing and what was going on. It kept everyone up to date."

  • GORGEOUS Miss Scotland Katharine Brown has returned from her Miss World adventure - with a vow to help Scots kids get healthy.

    The stunning blonde has spent the last five weeks with 111 of the world's most beautiful women.

    But now the 22-year-old tennis coach, from Dunblane, Perthshire, says it's time to get down to some hard work.

    Relaxing at home yesterday with her new Maltese puppy Jack, Kat claimed she now hopes to concentrate on fulfilling her role as Miss Scotland.

    And she wants to use her sporting talents to help our youngsters get active.

    She said: "There's so much I want to do while I've got the chance as Miss Scotland.

    Golden glow ... Kat's third in the Beach Beauty
    Golden glow ... Kat's third in the Beach Beauty

    "I want to be a sports ambassador for Scotland. I want to help change the face of Scottish youth, by getting our young people up and out and active.

    "I'm a very focused girl and I worry about things like our obesity problem and bad diet.

    "The benefits of being sporty outweigh these problems, and I want to show everyone how they can enjoy their lives much, much more.

    "Being Miss Scotland is a privilege and I can either sit back and smile, or get out there and make it work for Scotland.

    "I want to be remembered as the Miss Scotland who made a difference - by leaving a unique legacy of better health for everyone.

    "With a positive attitude and a bit of backbone, I can use this to change lives and that's always been my mission.

    "Miss Scotland's back and she's looking forward - let's go for it!"

    Leggy Kat had a rollercoaster ride in South Africa - coming third in the Beach Beauty event but failing to make the final 16 of the main Miss World contest last Saturday.

    However, she brings home treasured memories and an address book full of new friends from around the globe.

    She said: "Miss Indonesia, Miss South Africa, Miss Barbados, Miss Dominican Republic - oh, the list is endless.

    "They're all such great girls that I'll definitely be keeping in touch to see how their lives go forward.

    "We had so many laughs together, even though the atmosphere at times could be tense and competitive.

    "But we all came though it smiling, and I'm now looking forward to Christmas and New Year and my future."

    Miss Scotland 2009, Katharine Brown
    Perfect President ... Kat with Jacob Zuma

    Katharine's mum Marlyn, 59, had travelled to Johannesburg to watch her stunning daughter representing Scotland on the world stage.

    Kat said: "Knowing my mum was in the audience made it very special for me.

    "She's a headmistress and this is the first time I remember her ever taking time off work.

    "But she wouldn't have missed this for anything.

    "South Africa is a very long way from home, and having mum there for the finals meant a lot for me.

    "I was determined to do my best and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

    Kat insists she will never forget her time in Johannesburg - despite the hard work.

    She added: "It was a whirlwind journey. Time spent there went so quickly because there was a lot of rehearsals, preparations and formal events where we met local dignitaries and were interviewed for television.

    "We were up early every morning and sometimes didn't get to sleep until the wee small hours.

    "I didn't realise how tired I was - I slept nearly all the way back. I think I've been living on adrenaline for weeks, and now I'm home I'm so pleased to be relaxing for a few days.

    "But I've loved every second. So many girls would have done anything for this opportunity. I know how lucky I am.

    "I love my country. I'm fiercely patriotic and I felt very honoured to be representing Scotland. I didn't win, but I was there giving it my best shot, and that's what mattered."

    And Kat was still cheering when Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino, 23, lifted the coveted Miss World title.

    Miss Scotland 2009, Katharine Brown
    All smiles ... the Miss World contestants meet schoolchildren

    She said: "She's a beautiful girl. I was disappointed not to bring the Miss World trophy home, but so were 110 other girls.

    "But we were THERE, so we were all winners, and I had my moments too."

    Katharine was a popular figure in the Miss World global village.

    She said: "I was in the Miss World Talent Show finals with my rap Brooklyn To Glasgow.

    "It went down so well, all the other girls wanted to learn the words and sing about Brooklyn To Glasgow. It was incredible.

    "I was also one of the top 12 girls in the World's Top Model contest - and I was third the Beach Beauty round.

    "I honestly didn't think I stood a chance against all those bronzed tans.

    "I'm a pale-skinned Scottish lass, and they loved it."

    And she laughed: "I even met the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and he was lovely to me.


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    "And in the end I was rated in the top six to win by the bookies - so I can't really complain, can I?"

    "I'm thrilled to have represented my country, and I didn't let anyone down.

    "It was such a blast from start to finish.

    "For the finals, I was wearing a stunning Amanda Wakeley ivory gown and my pink sparkly 'lucky shoes' and I felt a million dollars.

    "But to be honest all the girls looked amazing.

    "Imagine seeing 112 of the world's most beautiful women all together in the one place.

    "We were all on an incredible high, and the buzz was fantastic.

    "I think I only came down to earth when we were boarding the plane home - and realised how exhausted I was."



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