01 novembro 2009

Born for the Crown


FROM ISSUE # 167 (November 2009) |

An extrovert Gemini, Zenisha was born to be in the limelight. Crowned as Miss Tamang in 2006, when Zenisha participated in Miss Nepal, she had a strong goal in mind – to perform her best.

She had won Ms. Personality and The Viewer's Choice award in Miss Tamang, 2006. And again in China's Beauty of the World, she was awarded Ms. Personality and Best Walk. With all the confidence and know-how, it was pretty much sure that Zenisha had the x-factor to be representing Nepal in Miss World. WAVE wishes her the best!

Beauty with Brains

Hricha Thapa is a true example of the fact that models are not just pretty faces but beauties with brains. Having won numerous titles before, Hricha, the first runner up of the Miss Nepal pageant, stands a strong chance of winning yet another crown at the Miss Earth pageant.

Ask a little girl what she dreams of becoming, and she'll instantly answer "Miss Nepal", if not doctor or teacher. And Hricha was no exception; she'd always been fascinated with the glamour of the stage and the winner's crown. "My friends and family encouraged me to participate," says the fair lady. She was the title holder of Ms Personality in Miss Teen 2003 and Miss Nepal 2009, and was one of the students in Vow Top 10 College Women Competition 2007. She was also crowned Miss Tourism Queen Nepal 2009. We wish her all the very best, make us proud!

Going high

"The charm of pageants is a high for me," says Kunchhang Moktan. Winning crown after crown has indeed become some sort of a hobby for this beauty. The key to winning, Kunchhang says, is sheer confidence. Because the top 10 contestants are pre-decided, getting the title depends solely on how you carry yourself on stage; it's then and there that you're judged. And how graceful she has been on the big occasions.

Her experience in pageants would tempt anyone to participate. From learning to dine like a royalty to strut like a pro, they turn from girls into ladies. Her popularity amongst Nepalis is obvious and she remains to be the 'Most Commented' cover model for WAVE! We wish success for all she does in life.


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