01 novembro 2009

Beauty queen in making


KATHMANDU, Nov 1: “Beauty queens are groomed not born,” remarks Sakil Kunwar. Just 17, Sakil is currently working to make his childhood dream come true. About three weeks back he had approached Hidden Treasure, the official organizer of Miss Nepal with the proposal of grooming this year’s FEM Miss Nepal Zenisha Moktan on make-up and hair, ramp walk and styling for Miss World 2009 that’s scheduled for December 12 in Johannesburg of South Africa.

Sakil who has previously worked as a make-up artist for a few commercial shoots, fashion shows and photo shoots for a Nepali lifestyle magazine is perplexed on what he should be termed as-- a make-up artist with a certificate or a self-trained personal beauty trainer.

“I guess a personal beauty trainer cum make-up artist,” he says.

A diploma holder in hair designing and professional make-up from VLCC, institute of Beauty, Health & Management in Delhi, Sakil is busy applying several strategies and training Zenisha to help her stand out amongst 105 beauty queens participating in the Miss World finale. According to the Miss World schedule, Zenisha is scheduled to leave for Johannesburg on November 5 to participate in the final event and 45 days long stay where she is to attend a gamut of events from safari to cocktail dinners. While there, Zenisha is all by herself to take care of her styling, make-up and hair.

Says Miss Nepal on Sakil, “He’s a perfectionist therefore at times it gets tiresome but all his grooming has helped me to perform to the fullest and brings out the best in me, whether on how to look presentable or dress-up according to the occasion.”

“Requirements for Miss World are completely different from Miss Universe or any other beauty pageant,” claims Sakil. The make-up artist says he has keenly observered beauty pageants since he was ten.

His first impression about Zenisha “difficult to handle” turned out to be quite the opposite during their grooming session and these days, both are busy working under tremendous time-constraint. And the relief is all Sakil’s, “she is a quick learner.”

The duo is working on styling Zenisha’s ramp walk and giving final touch-ups to make-up and hair grooming sessions. “Her hair is naturally nice. It’s just that it’s lymph.”

According to him, to add volume to Zenisha’s hair, ironing is mandatory. “If her hair isn’t ironed and hair serum isn’t applied, it leaves the impression that nothing has been done with her mane,” he adds.

Most of Zenisha’s dresses will be complemented by high puffed hair. This is to add extra height to her oriental features. “Though there have been comments that high puffs are démodé but when there’s that extra height, it boosts up the confidence level,” Sakil comments.

Besides puffs, Sakil and Zenisha are with the plan to trim her front mane into bangs and dye her hair jet black. The groomer concludes that black shining hair will make Zenisha stand out amongst the beauty queens from Asian region.

“No matter what your height or size is, in Miss World it’s all about standing out with the right vibe.”

As Zenisha will participate in several events Sakil is also coordinating with her in the wardrobe selection. “There will be at least three events in a day, so she has to dress accordingly and appropriately,” informs Sakil.

In the styling part of the grooming session, Sakil and Zenisha are pushing the envelope in terms of the use of colors in the latter’s wardrobe. “We are not limiting her wardrobe to basic brown and black. There are colors such as lime green, blue et al,” he adds. And the make-ups have also been selected accordingly.

Sakil has been time-training Zenisha to finish her make-up and hairdos as she has to do her own make-up and hair throughout her stay in Johannesburg besides the finale. “But she takes an hour just to complete her make-up,” he laughs and adds, “but as she has to deal with pressure, I am confident she is going to finish it within the time-frame.”

“Very Indian,” Sakil says commenting on the present make-up trend of the capital. “But as Zenisha has oriental facial features, it’s not going to work on her.” Therefore, Sakil has incorporated make-ups strokes in Zenisha’s vanity kit to accentuate her oriental textures such as almond eyes.

He concludes, “She is sure to leave her mark in the Miss World contest and next year when Nepal sends its delegate, the organizers will surely put an eye on Miss Nepal. She’ll be one of the stand outs.”

As for now, this would-be teenager stylist Sakil feels it’s a high time for a revolution in the beauty and fashion industry and promises to be more than just a particle of change.
“A major hindrance Nepal’s fashion and beauty industry faces is budgetary constraints,” he says.


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