30 agosto 2009

Taking on Miss World

HOPING TO BE CHOSEN: Bright smiles and lots of hope were the prominent features among these local beauties as they vied for entry into the Miss World T&T pageant during auditions at the Caribbean New Media Group's (CNMG) Studio on Maraval Road, Port of Spain, yesterday. From left, Naila Felice, Merimer Fraser, Chinaka Nelson, Meagan Monsegue, Precious Piper and Jillian Nelson practised their beauty queen poses for the camera. Ten contestants will be chosen from yesterday's screening and will go on to take part in the local leg of the pageant, the winner of which will represent this country at the Miss World pageant in South Africa on December 12. See Page 4. -Photo: ANISTO ALVES

Over 40 girls came out this weekend to vie for the title of Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2009.

The girls who began rolling into the waiting area at the Caribbean New Media Group's (CNMG) studio on Maraval Road from as early as 11 a.m., ranged from ages 17 to 24. They carried with them an array of qualifications including degrees and diplomas in a multitude of subject areas.

A few of the Miss World hopefuls even boasted of being bilingual, while others were proud to list a plethora of talents which including acting, playing musical instruments and singing.

Despite the full range of 'tight bodies' and 'pretty faces' to choose from, the judging panel for the day said they were sticking with a list of predetermined criteria in which the girls had to gain overall high marks, or face 'the boot.'

Those who didn't get 'the boot,' would be guaranteed a spot in the local leg of the prestigious competition which is to be held on September 28.

However only ten spots were up for grabs. The judging panel comprised of new Miss World franchise holder, Michael Raghunanan; queen and model maker, Jacqui Koon How; designer, Allana Harley; communications specialist, Chester Lakatoo; famed photographer, Wyatt Gallery and representative of the Ministry of Culture, Hermia Cuffie.

With some contestants coming from as far as Point Fortin, it was evident that many of the girls would have to leave disappointed and try their hand again next year, but most girls who the Express spoke to said if they did not make it , they would still chalk the day up to experience and look at it in a "positive light."

Those who did get selected however will garner an immediate spot in the local leg of the prestigious competition and a chance to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the international pageant in South Africa on December 12.

The judges are due to finalise their selections tomorrow and release the information to the public the following day.


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