20 agosto 2009

I pray Ekta wins Miss Universe: Shriya Kishore

While Miss India Universe 2009 Ekta Choudhry is making every effort to win the Miss Universe crown, her close friend Shriya Kishore Femina Miss
Shriya Kishore
Femina Miss India Earth 2009, Shriya Kishore (TOI Photo)
India Earth 2009 back home is praying for her success.

Shriya reveals, “I went along with Ekta to the airport when she was leaving for the pageant. She is a very confident girl and was really excited. She had butterflies in her stomach, which is quite obvious. This is something she has been preparing for from a long time.”

Shriya is quite impressed with Ekta’s latest pictures appearing from the pageant and says, “Ekta is one girl who can carry off any attire stylishly. Very few people have this quality. Right from the national costume round to the swimsuit round, she is looking gorgeous in all the pictures. Ekta is a very versatile person. Though we are very good friends yet it's not that easy to read her mind, and that I think is her biggest strength. Whatever be the circumstances she remains unaffected and still be what she is.”

She further adds, “When I met Ekta for the first time I really found her chic and very classy. There is a positive glow on her face and spark in her eyes impresses you when you meet her. She is a rare person and a cherished friend.”

When we asked Shriya if she thinks Ekta would make it to the top at the Miss Universe pageant, this is what she said, “I really hope that she bring the crown home. In fact, I see no reason for her not to win the title. Still, I think there is some amount of luck is also involved, so let’s see what happens.”

“I am praying for Ekta and wish that she gives her best shot at the competition. If she wins the Miss Universe crown, she will be flying to New York next day. So I wish she wins and invites me also to New York,” Shriya concludes.

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