08 agosto 2009

Former Miss coaches Universe-bid Diana


By Lorna Nolan

Saturday August 08 2009

FORMER Miss Universe Ireland Lynn Kelly could be the secret to the success of this year's Miss Universe pageant hopeful, Diana Donnelly.

Model Diana (20) was coached by Lynn before she jetted off to the Bahamas recently, where she's currently competing against hopefuls from around the world in a bid to become the next Miss Universe.

Lynn explained that she found the whole experience daunting last year when she took off for Vietnam alone to compete in the 2008 contest, and claims she doesn't want Diana to suffer the same fate.

"Because I was the first one ever to win Miss Universe Ireland, I didn't really have anyone to ask their advice," Lynn said.

"I was one of the only ones out there who didn't have anyone with me, in terms of a national director, my parents came over but they didn't really know anything about the pageant, so there were definitely highs and lows.

"I've been helping Diana as much as I possibly can and I've made her a list of everything she should bring so that she's well prepared when she goes over there.

"I think she's going to do really well, she has me for the advice, she's a beautiful girl and she has all the ingredients to win, I have my money on her, anyway."

The Assets model also threw a dinner party for Diana and a number of their agency pals at her new apartment near Citywest.

Lynn wined and dined the group in what doubled as a house-warming party and a going-away bash for Diana.

Prior to this, Lynn spent a year living in an apartment in Citywest with her boyfriend Robert Barr, which was one of the prizes awarded to her when she won the Miss Universe Ireland contest last summer.

According to Lynn: "We've just moved into the new place and I can't stop buying bits and pieces for it, everywhere I go I see something else I want."



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