17 agosto 2009

Aussie beauty Rachael Finch walking the talk

Rachael Finch

Stunner ... Rachael Finch / Pic: Miss Universe Organization Source: The Daily Telegraph

THE saying "put your best foot forward" might just do the trick for Australia's Miss Universe hopeful Rachael Finch.

Each young entrant was introduced during the first official round of judging in the Bahamas yesterday, with a quirky piece of personal trivia to accompany their time on the catwalk.

With the winner due to be announced on Sunday, Townsville girl Rachael was dubbed "clean as can be".

She strode confidently on stage as the host revealed: "Every night before Australia goes to bed she washes the bottom of her feet.

"This 21-year-old says she can't fall asleep otherwise.

"Australia says she really enjoys writing and hopes to one day author a self-help book for girls."


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